Removing Moles by Electrosurgery, The Pros and Cons

What is electro surgery? It is a surgical procedure for the treatment of skin moles. The procedure is performed by a qualified health professional. It is also known as electrocautery.

How to Remove Moles Pain Free and Without Scars

              Mole Removal by Amoils The reason that it is called electro-surgery because it involves an instrument which is heated by electric current. The instrument is then applied to the moles to burn its tissues and cells. The health professional conducting the procedure may also require cutting off parts of the mole. As it involves surgical cutting and electric heat, hence the name electrosurgery.

You may also be administered local anesthetic to numb the area around the mole and eliminate any pain during the procedure. Once the area is numb, it is cleaned all around and then the heated blade or needle is put on the mole. This burns the mole and any remaining part is removed. Some doctors like to send a sample to the labs for any further investigation.

There are few things which you need to consider before opting for electro surgery.

1. Have a general checkup before the treatment.

2. Let your doctor know if you have any medical conditions.

3. You must inform the doctor if you are allergic to anything or numbing agents.

Once the procedure is completed and the wound is bandaged, you will be given some pain killers. Because of the local anesthetics you will not feel any pain, but it may occur once the effects of numbness are gone. Some people have reported a considerable amount of pain within a few hours of the procedure. It is therefore important to have some pain relief medication before you leave the doctor.

Pros of Electro-surgery

1. It is quick. Mostly one session is enough to get rid you of the skin moles. You do not have to wait for days and weeks for the mole to disappear.

2. It is risk free in the sense that you will be treated by a qualified professional who knows their job. All medical precautions should be taken before the treatment.

 The Cons

1. It is expensive. If you are not covered by the health insurance, it may be quite expensive. Some dermatologists charge exorbitant fees for the procedure.

2. It is not pain free. You may not feel the pain during the procedure due to the numbness of the area, but is painful once the numbness is gone. You may have to depend on pain killers for a few days.

3. It leaves scars. Replacing skin moles with scars is the not best alternative. Although, the cure of the moles is quick, it may leave permanent scars behind which may be uglier than the mole itself.

4. It may come back. Some people have reported that if the moles are deep down the skin, it may not burn all the tissue and it may re-appear after some time.

Alternatives to Eelectrosurgery

There are some over the counter products which are effectively treats moles without pain and scars. Using effective OTCs are usually a lot cheaper than the electro surgical methods. Read here how to remove your moles using H Moles.

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