9 Reasons Why I Used H-Skin Tag Formula to Treat My Skin Tags and Moles

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treatment for skin tags on eyelidWe always make choices depending upon many factors. It is absolutely silly to just leap before you look. In today’s age of information, we have so many options and choices that we may either make a wrong choice or may become the victim of indecision.

This happens because of the information overload. The problem with this “overload” is  that the information available is mostly inauthentic and unreliable.

When I was looking for an easy, pain free, quick and effective solution to my skin tags, I came across so much information that it was difficult for me to sift through the crappy content and find the real answers I needed. It was after a huge amount of time spent that I was able to make my decision.

I came across Natural Healing Oils by Amolis just by chance. It was a pure chance. However, I did not leap before I had a deep look at it. When I decided to buy it online, I had already made myself sure by reading all the reviews, the ingredients, the guarantee, the company’s profile etc.

Here are the main facts and reason that I chose H-Sking Tag Formula by Healing Oils.

1. It Works

This is the No 1 reason that I will go for any product. No matter how good the product is, how good the ingredients are and how excellent the customer service is, but if it is ineffective, all that other stuff is of no use to me.

I am sure it is not only me, but everyone else too. At the end of the day, we are not buying the claims; we are buying the solution to the problem.

H-Skin Tag Formula Works. I speak from personal experience. I have several tags on my skin all around my body. The two under my right arm were quite big and my partner was so averse to them.

I thought that I would get rid of them first and then turn towards the smaller ones. I applied the cream twice a day everyday. From the third day on they turned black and started to shrink.

By the seventh day, they both had fallen leaving small scars behind. I stopped applying the cream once they had come off. I went for the normal strength which is the first offer on the website. It shows its effect within three days.

The ultra strength version is more powerful and you will see results just in 24 hours. That also comes with free healing balm.

2. It is Natural and Safe

treatment for skin tags on eyelidThe ingredients in H-Skin Tag Formula are all obtained from natural and herbal sources. There are no harmful chemicals or substances which are detrimental to skin. According to the official site, the ingredients include butter of zinc, sanguinaria Canadensis, distilled water, mineral salts and vegetable glycerin.

Some people have even tried to use nail polish over the tags. I would not go for that because nail polish contains harmful chemical and substances.

3. It Works on Moles, Skin Tags and Scars

Some of the products available in the market work only either on tags or moles. Furthermore, they leave scars behind. I am sure that nobody wants to replace skin tags or moles with scars. All of us want to eliminate them not replace them with ugly scars.

The balm and the cream by H-skin Tag Formula even deals with the scars effectively. Once the moles and tags are gone, the healing balms will eliminate the scars left behind.

When I ordered my pack, I did not know that the three products offered are different in strengths. I was under the impression that these are just three packs of different sizes. In fact, these are different strengths.

The first pack is enough for 4 skin tags or moles and the results appear in about 3 days. There is a 30% offer on this currently on the website. It does not come with free balm. I went for this option by mistake and had to purchase the balm separately.

The Second option is for the Ultra pack witch is enough for 15 moles and tags. This is of higher strength and the results can be seen in one application. There is a 40% discount and it also comes with free healing balm.

The third option is called the Best Deal option. It comes with 50% discount and free healing balms. It is enough for 30 moles and tags and the results are shown overnight after one application.

Although, the site says that these options will remove 4, 15 and 30 moles or tags respectively, but my own experience says that the content in the tube is a lot more than that. I bought option No 1 which officially says to be enough for 4, but I treated with it the 2 big ones under my right armpit and 6 other small ones. There is still some left in the tube!

4. It is Pain Free and Cheap

treatment for skin tags on eyelidI have not used Tag away or Tag No more. One of our friends gave that a go and he reviewed those products not only ineffective but also highly stinking. The smell was nasty and unbearable. On the other hand, H-Skin Tag Formula does not smell or stink horrible.

It is virtually pain free. It does not give any burning sensation or extreme itching apart from the usual sensation which shows that it works.

There are some surgical methods available, but they are mostly painful, cause bleeding and even ineffective. Apart from that these methods are very expensive and cost thousands of dollars. If you buy option No 3, the cost per mole is not more than $1.

5. You Lose Nothing except Tags and Moles –The Money Back Guarantee- 90 Days!

Yes, it is guaranteed to work. They offer a Ninety days money back guarantee. I have seen some reviews by customers where they returned the product for some reasons and they were given full refund.

So if you buy it and are not satisfied completely or in the unlikely event, it does not work for, you imply return the unused cream and get your money back! So what do you lose? Nothing except moles and skin tags.

6. Treated a Million Skin Tags and Moles

The company has high success rates and claims to have treated more than one million tags and moles.

7. Backed by Hundreds of Customer Reviews

One of the many factors I consider before buying a product is the experience of the past users. I read reviews of the customers and see whether it worked for them or not

This is one of the best ways to find the effectiveness of a product. This also give us an in-depth insight to the customer’s dealings with the company. It tells us a lot about the product effectiveness, customer service, shipping, returns and so on.

8. The Company’s Website Huge Traffic

The company official website has has more than half a million unique visitors every month. This is indeed a huge of amount of traffic.

That shows the popularity of the product, people’s trust and confidence in the team.

9. They Have a Physical Address

amoils address and zip codeI will never buy anything from a company or website which do not show their physical address or just show some PO BOX address. I doubt that. I really do not trust the kind of business who are afraid to show their address and whereabouts.

Only fake, charlatans or people who just to rip off use either no postal address or just show post boxes. Healing Oils shows they real physical address where they are located. They are not simply hiding behind their computers.

Healing Natural Oils
5195 Del Mar Mesa Rd
San Diego, CA 92130


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