8 Reasons to Use H-Fissures to Get Rid of Excruciating Pain from Anal Fissures

h-fissure homeopathic formulaYou are here on this page for the reason that most probably you are trying to find a solution to the problem of anal fissures. Whether it is you or your dear ones, anal or rectal fissures are absolutely horrible and you definitely want to find out how to cure fissure permanently.

They are painful, itching, irritating and above all very embarrassing. To get rid of the anal fissures, there are mainly two options: surgical treatment and topical treatment

How to cure fissure naturally?

As regarding surgery, there is no doubt that, sometimes, it becomes necessary in case every other thing fails. Surgery has its own downsides and it is prudent to try something before you opt for surgical treatment.

Topical treatment or over the counter medication is a good option before invasive treatments. However, it is absolutely important to choose medication which is effective and safe at the same time. The biggest problem with most over the counter products is that these contain harsh chemicals which may create several other complications.

Homeopathic medication is known for having no side effects and a great way of how to cure fissure without surgery.

. Apart from being safe and natural, it is effective and is said to eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Another great benefit is that you don’t have to visit the homeopath. You can just order online and use it as a home remedy and treatment.

Among over the counter medication, in our opinion H-Fissures Homeopathic formula is the best for the following reasons.

1. It is Safe and Natural

Any product which does not work is of no use no matter how long is the list of benefits. H-fissure formula has been tested by so many users and it has been proven to work effectively. You may read reviews of people here who have already used it.

Not only that it is effective but it is safe to use. It is a pure homeopathic formula and contains all natural ingredients. All the constituents are manufactured according to the specifications in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) which are monographed for use as homeopathic ingredients.

2. Manufactured Under Strict GMPs

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices which refers to the regulations by FDA to ensure strict monitoring of the manufacturing process and facilities.h-fissure homeopathic formula

Identity, strength, quality and purity of products are the hallmarks of GMPs. It ensures that the product has been manufactured from quality raw materials under strict establishing procedures under reliable testing. The GMP facility where H-Fissures formula is manufactured is an FDA certified facility.

3. No More Painful Bowel Movements

It is horribly painful to pass bowls while having fissures around anus and the surrounding area.

Chamomile in H-Fissures assists in reducing the painful feeling associated with fissures. Another ingredient, Calendula Officinalis works as a remarkable healing agent.

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory constituent in the formula relieves the severe pain during bowel movements. There also anti-bacterial constituents which stops the spread of infection.

4. 90 Days Unconditional Money Back guarantee

The manufacturer of the product is sure to work that they offer a 90 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied for any reason. For any product to see its effectiveness and usefulness 90 days is more than enough time. Customers have a perfect peace of mind as they lose nothing and the guarantee is unconditional. It is a win win.

5. Ethical Business Practices

The company also used ingredients which are obtained from non-animal sources. No animal testing is involved.

H-fissures homeopathic formula is free from any pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and additives.

Furthermore, the product is packaged in glass containers to protect its quality.

6. Perfect Privacy

All products are shipped in plain envelope with no description of what is inside. This ensures to protect your privacy and any embarrassment.

7. FDA Registered

The product passes all the standards and regulation and is registered with FDA. This is an added surety that the product is manufactured and sold by trusty worthy company.

8. Past Customers Reviews

They have sold over half a million products and have a huge base of previous customers. Customers who have actually bought and used the product have testified its effectiveness.

Experience of the past customers is a real test for any product. Such personal report by a customer represent an actual and factual experience. The following reviews have been taken from the manufacturer websites left by their customers. However, these reviews have been simplified for the sake of brevity without adding or deleting any facts.

You can buy it here.


Judy D. Verona PA

This is a remarkable product for fissures. I am amazed at how fast it worked. 5 star!



Terry Williams – Australia

I have suffered from anal fissures for the last several years and have tried many local products with no effect. I searched online and came across your website. I wanted to try your product as a last resort thinking that if it did not work, I will suffer.

The great news is that the product worked right from the first application. You have a great customer care service, too. God bless you! And I will spread the word here in Australia!


Sandra – State not shown

O My God! This product is the best I had any in the last 7 months.


Evonne – Bedforshire, UK

This is an amazing stuff. I had two dreaded fissures for the past year. It would be horrible for me to go to the toilet. I stumbled on this website. As I am more inclined to try natural products, I thought I would give it a try.

I live in the UK and was expecting that it will longer to arrive. However, it took only a week to arrive here.

When it arrived, that morning I had a severe pain so could not wait to start it.

A week later, I am so much relieved. The fissures have started healing and I have no pain while in the loo. I will be ordering another bottle as soon as possible. I am so thankful to amoils.


Marie, Pasadena, CA

I normally am not in the habit of writing reviews for products. But I cannot resist to write one for this. It helped me get rid of my excruciating pain. I am so thankful.

I am also making some changes in my diet. I will be ordering another bottle soon just in case.


Gabriela – Argentina

increíble este producto. 100% recomendable. Al mes y medio de usar el producto me cura. Igualmente lo un tiempo más por si acaso. Excelente!! Muchas gracias.


Reeves – West Palm Beach, FL

This is the best product. I was sceptical first. I went to their website for months before I decided to buy. My doctor prescribed me so many meds but it did not work. I even had a colonoscopy.

I did not want to go the surgery route because of all the negative side. I am amazed at the effectiveness of the H-fissures formula. The results are quick.

Now I am sceptical about the doctors.

This product saved my life.


Michelle – Australia

It save me in time of great crisis. Agony was my life. People, friends and colleagues do not like to hear about this. I could not explain it anyone. When in the toile, it was like I was passing glass instead of bowels.

I searched through Google and stumbled upon your website.

I ordered it without any hesitation as I was so desperate.

It is a blessing for me. Thank you for developing this product.


Elnaz – Fairfield, CA

OMG! It is amazing. It worked the first day. I used to be in hospital once a week. It is so amazing, I cannot enjoy my martial arts again.


Lizzie, Davenport, Iowa

I had fissures during childbirth because of pushing and straining.

First, I was sent the wrong formula, the one for hemorrids. I was disappointed and had to return it.

The customer care sent me quick replacement. As soon as it arrived, I stated using it. It is a great success. I hope next time you are more careful in sending the right package.


Kevin Grier – Texas

It came with very complete and comprehensive instructions. After a week use, I feel like a new person. I have put the bottle in my bathroom cabinet so for easy access.


Joyce M – Florida

I had a chronic fissure and it did not heal by prescriptive medicines. My doctor advised me to go under surgery. I was stressed and I did not want to under surgery. I prayed to God to heal me. Maybe your product was an answer to my prayer.

I resorted to the internet and searched for some natural remedies. I came across your product and ordered it on Friday and had it on Monday. Superfast delivery. Within a couple of days I was feeling so good and going to the bathroom was no more a horrible experience.

While writing this review, it has been now 3 weeks and I am now 90% healed.

I believe God is healing me through your product. I do not believe why doctors are asking for surgery when there are such natural products. What is wrong with our medical profession?

I am thankful to your for caring about people.


Merry W, Fremont, CA

I had no idea why was there such a severe pain in my bottom. It was only when my doctor told me that I had fissures.

After a few medications prescribed by the doctor which were ineffective, I wanted to find a solution myself. After a thorough research, I decided to give this product a go.

The pain subsided within 2 days. Now after 3 weeks, there are no more fissures. I feel much better.


Chris D, United Kingdom

I suffered for six months some with flare ups. Thanks Heavens, I found the H-fissure. I also ordered the h-haemorrhoids.

It was embarrassing when the doctor was examining my butt. I would hate to go again.

I am a lot better!


Richard Leve, FL

I am giving it three stars because I receive it two days when I was expecting it next day.

The product itself is great and works.


David N. Cape Coral, FL

My mother found this while searching for some natural product for my condition.

I have so far used 3 bottles of 11ml each. It works.

Update Feburary, 2017

The No. of verfied reviews on the official site reached to 72. Click here to see all the reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions About Anal Fissures

What is anal fissure? What is its definition?

Anal fissure simply means a crack or a tear around the anus or in the anal canal. These are also called rectal fissures. Sometimes referred to as anular fissures.

What are the causes of anal fissures?

Following are the most common causes of anal fissures.

Straining during passing bowels
Large and hard stools
Inflammation of the anal area due to IBS
Tear caused during childbirth

What are the symptoms?

Anal bleeding

Several anal pain


What are the treatment options?

In severe cases, you should see your doctor. In case of normal cuts, you may use home remedies or over the counter products.

What are Chronic Fissures?

These are the types that are recurring. They usually have an underlying cause.

Can they be permanently cured?

Yes. In case of chronic fissure, the underlying cause must alos be treated.




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