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Eliminate Warts with Apple Cider Vinegar

How to remove warts

The internet is full of testimonials and personal experiences of people using apple cider vinegar on warts. Most of these testimonials or reviews come from people after they have tried other methods, medications or over the counter applications.

My own research of such reviews concludes that more than 85% people report success rate in their experience of treating warts with apple cider vinegar. So, for most people, the treatment simply WORKS.

There are three main reasons people generally think the cider vinegar cure is the right way to go. First, it is a natural remedy and does not involve the use of any chemicals. Second, it is cheaper than most other cures. Last, it is normally safe. Users generally do not report side effects other than mild burning sensation.

What You Will Need
Remove your warts naturally
You may need the following things before you use the remedy.

  • Duct Tap (optional)
  • Circular bandage (optional)
  • Cotton Ball
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

How to Apply ACV to Warts?

1. Soak a small piece of cotton ball and dip it in the acv until becomes fully soaked.
2. Put the cotton ball and put it on top of the wart. Wipe off the excess apple cider vinegar.
3. Peel the circular bandage and cover the cotton ball by placing it directly over it.
4. Put the duct tape over the circular bandage so that it holds the cotton ball under the circular bandage.

Repeat the above process daily. It works well on planter warts too. You may not need the circular bandage and the duct tap. Simply putting any sticky plaster over the cotton will also do the trick.

No research or scientific studies have so far supported the treatment. However, up to 85% people report success within two months. According to Dr Tom of Detroit Foot Pain it chemically but naturally removes skin. It creates irritation and stimulates the immune system.


“I have been trying different methods and used ACV method as suggested by others. Although it works, but it leaves nasty mark behind. Furthermore, it is not very comfortable and leaves the burning sensation.” Maria

“I had two genital warts and after much research, I used apple cider vinegar to give it a try. After a week time the warts turned black and were scabs before they fell off. However, it left a kind of deep wound mark. Last three days I have been seeing improvements in the wound mark. May be it will go in a couple of days.” Jackson

“I first saw two small warts appearing in my viginal area. I ignored them as I thought that these would go away on their own. They did not go, rather they got worse. It spread and even reached my bum area. I do not have any insurance or enough cash to see the doctor. I also feel it extremely embarrassing to see the doctor for my viginal warts. However, it tried a couple of cream and treatments sold on the internet. ALL OF THEM SUCK! They simply don’t work. Sorry, forgot to mention I had tried apple cider vinegar before but abandoned it for its stinking smell and burning. Now as I had no other option, but to go back acv. Bragg’s ACV does not cost too much, so I thought I would give it a try again. After using it for a week and bearing with the burning sensation, all of them have fallen except one big one. That one too looks like healing and falling off.
So ACV works! It is cheap too. The only downside is the nasty smell and burning sensation.” Barbara “I had two genital warts under my penis. I am extremely shy. Without telling anyone, I researched it on the internet and found that organic apple cider vinegar with mother works best. I bought a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar and soaked cotton in it. I then squeezed the cotton to remove the excess acv. I then applied it to the warts and pressing them a little. After that I applied adhesive taps over the cotton to keep the warts soaked in acv. I would leave the cotton for around four hours. Within a few days, the pain and burning sensation increased. I was a bit skeptical, but continued the treatment. The increased pain and burning was in fact a sign that acv was working on the warts. After two weeks both the warts fell. It has been around three months and I am totally warts free. My personal experience is IT WORKS.” Daniel Do You Have Any Story About Warts Treatment to Share? Please join the conversation by leaving you comments in the form below.

  • Nick

    I’ve used this method for verrucas. I was told it would take months to clear them but I did this every night – putting a small cotton bud on my foot secured with tape and after a few weeks it was gone. A few people mention an indentation or wound being left. This is a good sign and shows the treatment has worked. The wart lives under the surface and connects in to your body. The vinegar soaks right down into it killing it at the root. The whole of the wart then falls out – it can be quite large and is like an ice burg – there’s more under the surface than you can see on top. Hence the indentation is the space the wart was living in and not any damage caused by the ACD. I’m now using the same method for a genital wart and hope it has similar success as I eliminated the verrucas entirely.

  • Sure

    Went swimming with open cut between legs due to panties chafing me. Next day experienced genital warts breakout. Placed acv with olive oil on my hands and rubbed directly onto wart areas for two days twice a day. Warts left within 24 hours..marks of warts left within 48 hours. I had scheduled an appointment with my doctor for the third day but they were all gone by then so no need to go in for medicine. I do not have herpes wondering if it was contact in the pool or stress or HPV contact in the pool with so many strangers in the public pool that day. I don’t have HPV either. So I will get tested for all STDs again next month. Was just checked for them all last December. The outbreak was scary but it worked really fast with the ACV and prayer and olive oil to cut down on the burning sensation.

    • RebSan

      Prayer and olive oil! lol

  • Anon

    Hy guys, I was wondering if ACV is safe to use for warts developing inside the vagina, and how would I then apply it. Please help!

    • anony

      it is safe, I’ve done it a few times and have read about people talking about it. what i do is take a regular sized tampon, push it halfway through the applicator and soak it in acv and water (i used more water than acv because it does sting) Hope this helped! good luck!

  • Abrasax

    1 week used it, warts getting smaller than before but I think I should use it intensively to rid it completely.

    And it’s true! The burning sensation is painful.. And the smell is awful. But anything as long I can be cured completely. After apply ACV u better take Tea Tree Oil.

    Addition, drink VCO or whatsoever immune booster supplement to help your warts recovered quickly.

  • Robert Giay

    Noone should do this! This is total bullshit. It is an african number from Nigeria, you call it and they will charge a lot of money on your phone bill!

  • brnnrbr

    i was diagnosed with genital warts by a doctor a few days ago, and prescribed imiquimod, that being said i apply that 3 days a week at night but has anyone tried combining it with the vinegar treatment? im on the second day of the imiquimod and will apply that at night and use vinegar during the day, anyone think this is a bad idea or is it ok to combat it by both means?

  • CherryTree

    I spotted some bumps on my genitals around the final week of august. Googled it and found out it was genital warts. Panicked and went to the doctors the next day. She confirmed it was true and sent me to the dermatologist. Appointment with the dermatologist was 2 weeks later. So in the meantime i googled home remedy for warts as i didn’t want an outbreak by the time i met the dermatologist. I did the garlic paste first and it burned like crazy. The next day the skin around the genitals was raw so i stopped. And later on applied tea tree serum. It reduced the warts. Then my period came so i stopped. Continued treatment once period stopped. Still was not satisfied i tried the acv method since many have claimed its effectiveness. It burned yes, but it was bearable unlike the garlic paste. I would soak my pantyliner with the acv and sleep and remove the next day. I saw the warts turned white. I had 3 big ones and 3 small ones. During the day i applied the tea tree serum. The second night i continued the pantyliner with acv and slept. I also drank acv mixed with warm water. The nextday, the small ones had left a crater. And i saw the small warts stuck on the pantyliner. Was so happy. The bigger ones just looked like it was smaller. And when i showered and cleaned my genitals i could feel that some skin was coming off. After shower went to check and the skin on the bigger warts came off abit. So 3rd night i continued. It burned more maybe because of the crater. Was determined to kill everything to the roots. Then it was time to see the dermatilogist. Explained to her what i did. And she said the warts looked erroded and the genital area skin was raw so she couldnt do the cryogenic treatment. So i was to see her in another 2 weeks. So i continued doing the acv at night and tea tree serum. I am still doing the acv treatment although some new ones have emerged and since it is small it is easy to get rid, leaves a crater each time which heals with no scarring. Then i switched my day routine by applying betadine (providone iodine cream) and did acv at night. I read that you need to continue doing the acv for 2 months to clear everything. The big ones have reduced to really tiny bumps. Today i can see alot of small craters. So, you not see the bumps but after acv on the whole genital area you will see that there are some you cannot see. I am happy to say that this acv is working. Hoping it totally clears without any recurrence. Shall post another update once everything clears.

    • Arayma

      Such a detailed description, thank you. How are you doing now?

  • Itua Mercy

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