Your Stomach Is The Mother of All Diseases, Your Mind Is Its Father

stomach pain

You may not necessarily realize the implications of a balanced body and mind. You hear about the concept of mind over matter and the like, but you may not necessarily take that to heart.

There are so many things to consider when it comes to disease prevention and ensuring proper health, and when you break it down it comes back to balancing yourself out.

In the end you have to protect yourself against disease, but you must also understand where all of it comes from in the first place. This is the best thing that you can do to ensure that you act and stay healthy for the long term.

People tend to move past the idea that they are in control of their health. They assume that the things which happen to them are because of family history or undesirable situations.

The reality is that if you suffer from health problems, it is likely because of bad habits, the wrong lifestyle, and an imbalanced gut. From there it’s all about the mindset that you maintain—if you are negative and you aren’t properly nurturing your health then you are setting yourself up for failure.

It’s true that so many of the health problems and disease that we see come from the stomach and then work their way through the body.

If you learn to nurture that stomach and then embrace this picture of health with the proper mindset, then you are going to get much further.

Therefore it’s time to start learning what it takes to create the picture of health that you want and to understand why this is all within your control.

Everything Starts In The Gut

the digestive processThink about this for a moment and it will all start to make sense for you. Everything begins in the gut because this is like the gatekeeper to the rest of the body.

Whatever you eat has to go through the stomach for digestion. You get all of the nutrients that you need from the gut, and even your waste derives from the gut.

Everything that you do comes from the gut and the foods that you eat. Even the stress that you feel plays a role on how balanced the gut is.

Therefore if you are eating the wrong foods, if you are giving into stress, if you are not getting proper digestion or if something is interfering with the natural processes here then the rest will be all off. A healthy gut is everything!

Really and truly this is at the heart of so many things that we do, and therefore if you eat the right foods and work to take care of the gut then you will enjoy better health.

We tend to think of just gastrointestinal problems as being related to the gut, but it goes much further than this. If you don’t take care of your gut in the long term, then this is where the toxins build up over time.

This is where the bigger and more long term health problems tend to derive from. This is why you may feel sluggish, gain weight, why you may lack focus or energy, and why you may feel sick all the time.

Sure an imbalanced gut may lead to issues such as Chron’s disease, IBS, or even acid reflux—but it goes much further than that.

If you don’t learn to balance out that gut now then you are going to suffer from health problems in the long term because the toxins build up there and cause a compromised immune system and so much more. Balancing out the gut now will help you to achieve better health now and well into the long term as well!

Mind Over Matter Isn’t Just a Crazy Concept

human mindStart by understanding that it is about balance in every sense of the word.

It’s also very much about balancing yourself out mentally and emotionally. You get to control your destiny within health because it is just as much about your mental state.

If you feel good about the lifestyle that you create then you are going to be invested into it in every sense of the word.

If you suffer from pain or discomfort or face any issues, then using the idea of mind over matter helps. You can give into this and roll over and play dead so to speak.

You can allow the pain or discomfort to overtake you and give into it. You also have the choice here though to work past that pain and take better control over your health.

You can enjoy a better picture of health and therefore allow your mind to take you to the place that you want to be in. If you keep telling yourself that you are okay and relying upon some positive mantras then you are going to be so much better off for it!

You Get To Create The Lifestyle and Mindset That Helps You To Be Your Best

Now you understand that so many different health problems derive in the stomach. Now you can see why it’s up to you to create the picture of health that you want and desire.

It’s not always easy but the lifestyle which you create dictates what will happen to you moving forward.

If you learn to properly balance out the gut then you can help to prevent so many different health problems that you have been suffering from.

It goes beyond just the obvious gastrointestinal problems and it ranges into the bigger issues that you may have suffered from over time.

This means that you learn to actually fuel and take care of your gut as it is the gatekeeper to all of the health problems you may have faced over time.

You are only going to be as good as your gut is, and therefore this means that a proper lifestyle is what will help you to be your best.

Learning to properly take care of yourself means that you eat the right foods, exercise, get plenty of rest, take the right supplements such as a probiotic, and create that right lifestyle.

If you want to be your best you have to feel it and that means embracing this new way of life. You have to feel good about what you are doing each and every day.

You have to believe in these new methods for self care if you want them to protect you each and every day. It’s about mind over matter, but it’s also about creating a positive mindset to help you to truly be your best.

Understand that the stomach is the starter of all health issues, but the mind is like the closer or the finisher. If you learn to get control over all elements of your health in this manner, then you can enjoy a better long term picture—it truly is all within your reach if you learn to practice the best habits.

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