Why Should Bleeding Hemorrhoids Set Your Alarm Alert

Let’s say you cut your arm at work; bright-red blood begins to spill out, covering your skin. Are you worried? Of course, you are! Now let’s imagine that blood is coming from your rectal area.

Are you concerned? Hopefully, you are worried. Rectal bleeding is not an issue that you should take lightly. Any time you notice bright-red blood coming out of a sensitive part of your body you should seek medical attention. Bleeding hemorrhoids is common, but that doesn’t mean they’re not serious. Before we jump into what should concern you, let’s explain what a hemorrhoid is.

Understanding What A Hemorrhoid Is

h-hemorroidsHemorrhoids are blood vessels located in the anal area and inside the anus that has become swollen due to constipation, repetitive straining, pregnancy, and a host of other things. Hemorrhoids can develop on the outside of the anus and inside the anal sphincter. Hemorrhoids are a common issue across the globe. In most cases, hemorrhoids can be treated quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, there are some cases where surgery is needed to rectify the condition.
 Common Symptoms  

Most people who have hemorrhoids experience the same range of symptoms. Itching, burning, pain, discomfort, incomplete bowel movements, feelings of incomplete defecation, pressure, and bleeding are all symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. Most of these symptoms can be addressed with over the counter medications like H-Hemorrhoids all-natural hemorrhoid formula. However, when hemorrhoids become more severe, over the counter medications will not provide you with any type of relief.

When To Worry

Hemorrhoids bleed. It doesn’t matter if you have internal or external hemorrhoids, they’re going to bleed to some degree. The color of the blood is what you should be worried about. If you notice bright-red blood that indicates normal bleeding. When you notice dark brown or black bleeding, you should be alarmed. Dark brown or black blood on your toilet paper or in the toilet is a telltale sign of a variety of conditions. If you notice this, you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Know What’s Going On With Your Body

hemorrhoidsAny type of rectal bleeding should not be written off as just internal hemorrhoids. Rectal bleeding can indicate a host of issues like anal fissures, ripped or damaged tissue, and even infections in the rectum. The only way to get a proper diagnosis for your condition is to see a doctor. This is also the only way you’re going to find a treatment that works for you. Your doctor will likely place a scope inside your rectum to ensure that your bleeding is stemming from bleeding hemorrhoids. This will allow your doctor to identify what your condition is, and what type of hemorrhoid remedy will work for you.

There Is a Way To Treat Bleeding Hemorrhoids

While some cases of bleeding hemorrhoids may be serious; it’s important to remember that there are treatments available. From rubber banding to over the counter treatments, you have many options available. The best way to find the most appropriate fit for your situation is to see a doctor. Unfortunately, a doctor’s appointment isn’t always in the cards for some. Below, we’ll cover the treatment options available to you.

Over The Counter Treatments

H-Hemorrhoids Formula is an over the counter, all-natural product that targets swelling in the rectal area. By reducing the swelling in the irritated veins in and around the anus, H-Hemorrhoids Formula is able to reduce pain, discomfort, itching, and swelling immediately. This product is made up of homeopathic medicines and essential oils, making it a popular choice within the market. The main reason it is so popular is due to it not having any known side effects. Preparation H Ointments are also another over the counter treatment that helps alleviate symptoms quickly.

Rubber Band Litigation

Rubber band litigation is performed by a medical professional. Your doctor will place a rubber band around the hemorrhoid to cut off the blood supply. When the blood supply is completely restricted, the hemorrhoid will shrivel and die. This method is effective and reduce symptoms quickly for most patients. If you’re interested in this treatment, you should ask your doctor about it at your next appointment.


Sclerotherapyrequires your doctor to inject a fluid directly into the hemorrhoidal tissue. This chemical will help dissolve and remove your hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, this procedure is accompanied by a high risk of reoccurrence.

Hemorrhoidectomy – A Last Resort

Hemorrhoidectomy is a last resort for many doctors. When your hemorrhoid case is too severe for any other method of treatment, you’ll most likely need to have a hemorrhoidectomy. This is a surgical procedure that removes your hemorrhoids. Your doctor will administer a local or general anesthesia to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Most patients need stitches after this procedure. So you should expect to experience persistent itching and discomfort in the rectal area. However, this will heal quickly.

Take Care Of Your Bleeding Hemorrhoids

We’ve established that if you notice dark brown or black blood in your stool, the toilet, or on toilet paper that you need to see a doctor immediately. However, there are ways for you to assist in your treatment. Taking a warm bath for at least 15 minutes a day can help reduce the pain and swelling. In return, this will help to keep your hemorrhoids from any further agitation that can lead to bleeding. It’s also a good idea to keep the area clean at all times. If toilet paper is too dry for you to use, try using pre-medicated rectal wipes. These can be found at any pharmacy. You should also make sure that you always wash your hands before and after applying any treatment. Most importantly, don’t scratch. While it may be hard to stop yourself, scratching will only irritate your condition more. Scratching can also cause infections and more bleeding. Keep the area clean, dab instead of scratch, and you the healing process should happen quickly for you.

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