Why Not Eliminate the Causes to Cure Eczema on Eyelids Permanently

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Please note that I am neither a medical expert nor selling anything here. Just in a spirit of share is care, I am sharing with you some information regarding eczema on eyelids. If you have any question, please contact the website administrator.

It is itching. It is inflammatory. It is puffy. It is flaky. Humn… That is what is eczema on any part of the body is. More than that, it is ugly, too.

The worst of eczema, in my opinion, is the one that appears on eye lids and that under or around eyes. It not only hurts physically but also emotionally. If you are a woman, things feel even worse. Most women would agree with me that we hate to go out without putting make up around our eyes. For men it may not be a similar situation, although, physical hurt might be the same for both genders.

I personally feel that the emotional stress from eczema on the face or around eyes is greater than the physical one. It matters most. It also increases the stress levels and so making the condition worse.
Treat Eczema Symptoms Gently - Topical Homeopathic Eczema Remedy For All Ages
I did not suffer the condition myself, so I do apologise if you do not agree with my personal opinion. It is just a personal feeling and it could be wrong.

However, my personal feeling is based on an experience I went through. My daughter suffered from it for a few years unless I tirelessly tried to look for every possible solution. This was not less than a personal experience as I have practically seen her disappointed, depressed, stressed and even sad.

Medical doctors says that atopic dermatitis is genetic. It is surprising to note that I and my husband do not know of anyone who suffered from eczema in our families!

Yet, my daughter suffered from what they call genetic eczema i.e. the atopic dermatitis.

Apart from trying so many home and natural remedies, we tried a number of creams and lotions prescribed by our dermatologists. Regarding the home remedies, most of them turned out to be old wives tales. Some of them did help to reduce the symptoms temporarily, but that was not a solution to get us rid of the problem.

What did not work?

I am mentioning here a few of the many types of creams and lotions we used. There is a long list and it would be of no use to mention all. Here are a few of them which we used the most.


It is a cream which is prescribed for dry skin conditions such as dermatitis. There are some possible allergic reactions such as skin rash and burning sensation. It contains some chemicals and if you are a fan of natural products, this is not the solution. Furthermore, it works only when used very regularly. The effect is very short term.

Calcineurin inhibitor ointment are the creams or ointment that reduces inflammation. These creams or ointments are very good for eczema on eyelids or anywhere around eyes where topical steroids cannot be used for longer periods.

Calcineurin inhibitor is effective for moderate to severe condition. A positive point is that it does not thin the skin and is useful for people who cannot use topic steroids.

However, there are some downsides of Calcineurin inhibitor. These are available only on prescription. It has also been observed that its prolonged use may cause skin burning and sensitivity to sunlight. Again, it does not root out the cause of the problem.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

This is over the counter cream which is advertised as multipurpose ointment for dry, chaffed, irritated and chapped skin. It does not specifically mentions that it works for eczema. However, it does help to relieve the symptoms temporarily. It does not treat the root causes.  It contains Petrolatum, mineral oil, glycerine, pro-vitamin B5 and Bisabolol. Additionally, it contains a certain amount of lanolin alcohol. I personally do not like products containing alcohol. However, we did give it a try and found that it soothes the inflammatory condition for the time being.

None of over the counter and prescribed medication effectively eradicated the problem. During my research for a possible cure, I found that medical science is unanimous that there is no cure for eczema and that the only treatment you can get is to treat its symptoms.

I was convinced for a while and understood why all the creams and lotions only worked temporarily because they are not a cure. They just reduce the flare ups and symptoms. The underlying cause still stays. After some times, it re-emerges. Thus it keeps coming back between treatments known as recurring eczema.

I know that some of the prescriptive creams consist ingredients whose prolonged use could cause possible damage to the skin. Although, most over the counter creams claim to be natural and do not have side effects, I read these claims with a grain of salt. Big companies sell these creams commercially and they pass through manufacturing processes in factories. They are not prepared naturally. They go through heat, machines and processing. Sometimes, the process can be even chemical rather than mechanical. They may also add some ingredients to preserve them for longer periods of time. I am saying this because the product takes a considerable amount of duration to reach the final consumer. Most creams and lotions have an expiry date of more than 2 years from the date of manufacturing. How can these natural ingredients stay fresh in perfect combination for so long? This is a logical question. The only answer could be they add chemical preservatives to them.

Chemicals damage the skin. There is no disagreement on this. Also, if eczema is a reaction to certain soaps, chemicals, detergents, dust etc. then why won’t the chemicals in the creams adversely affect? Of course, they will.

As I said above that medical science says that there is no cure and initially I was convinced. However, my feeling like that did not last long. I believe for every ailment there is a cure. If we do not know of a cure, it does not mean that it does not exist.

When I look at the eczema skin, two things strike my mind: dry skin and bacterial infection. Is there nothing in nature just to defend against these two things? An affirmative answer to this question is the most unconvincing response.

I do not want to bore you with long stories, logic and debatable issues. I will come to the point straight. It is simply not possible that there is nothing to eliminate the root causes of eczema on any part of the body including eyelids and the areas under eyes.

After researching for a few weeks, I was convinced there was enough arsenal in nature to fight against the ailment and eliminate the root causes. I do not claim to have come up with a cure. But I do believe that it is far better to turn to nature and by doing so, we can successfully treat the condition. Since we tried these natural ingredients, my daughter did not have any sorts of symptoms for the last 14 months.

I am not selling anything. The following formula (if you can call it formula) is free for anyone to use it. I am also not going to elaborate on what each individual ingredient you are adding can do. If you wish you can further research on them. There is a lot of information available on the internet and in relevant books.

What You Will Need

 How to Prepare the Cream?

Crush the garlic into a fine paste. Mix all the other ingredients to it. You cream is ready. Apply twice a day. Do not use for more than three days. After three days discard the left over and make fresh lotion. Remember, it is perfectly natural lotion with no preservatives. So you have to make it fresh after every three days.

Within two weeks, you will see the skin glowing and the eczema gone. You may even use it on any other part of the body. Do not let it fall into your eyes as the garlic ingredient may irritate your eyes. Also make sure that you include garlic   only in very small amount.

If for any reason, it is difficult to obtain all the ingredients mentioned above, limit it to three: Extra virgin olive oil, manuka honey and garlic.

If you see any results, come back and share your results in the comments below.


I am not a doctor or a medical expert. All the above is just a personal experience in the family. It is for informational purposes and is no substitute for the expert medical advice. If you are in doubt, please consult your doctor.
 Kewi says:
My eye lids are so itchy. I do not have any itching anywhere else. Initially, I thought it would be because of make up so I did not put any make up for a week. But that did not help. I will try the above method to see if it works. Thanks for sharing.

Sophia says:
I also get eczema around my eyes, especially under it. I have not tried anything else apart from hydrocortisone 1%. Be careful, though. It is not for use on the face.
The lady in Boots warned me not to use it on my face. May be the face is too sensitive for it.
Try E45 cream. You may also try mixing vitamin E with extra virgin olive oil. It takes a bit longer but works.

 Isabella says:

H-eczema works wonder. It is so soothing and can be used on eyelids or under eyes. You must close your eyes while using it to protect your eyes. It should not fall into your eyes. Trust me it works very well. Click here to see more information.

Zoey says:

The main cause of itching on eye lids or under eyes is stress, I believe. When I was stressed I had even dark circles under my eyes. The lids and all the surrounding areas were so itchy. After dealing with stress, it has gone so better.

 Smith says:

Thanks for sharing the post. Worth a try.

 Jade says:

I tried everything like protopic, aquaphore, Vaseline and some home remedies. Nothing worked. I hesitantly tried H-eczema homeopathic solution and it treated. I love homeopathic medications.

Craig says:

I am also a big fan of homeopathic medicines. I had a bladder problem for eight years. After three operations, biopsy and microscopic examinations by doctors, it got worse. They even injected cystate to my bladder on a weekly basis. Apart from the horrible and painful experience, nothing happened. I switched to homeopathic treatment, it looks to work. I have seen some results for the first time. Sorry my comment has nothing to do with eye lids or eczema but just thought to share.

Gerrad says:

A great post and very informative. It is very encouraging that there are so many natural and safe ways. All we need is a little digging.

Susan says:

No matter whichever medication you use, homeopathic or others, make sure it does not fall into your eyes. Absolutely important.

Terry says:

Wow, I really like this post. Thanks to peashealth.

Liz says:

Have you heard of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream? I have not used it myself, but I see claims that it works within a few hours and that it is a miracle cream.

Cheeky Monkey says:

Ha-ha, miracle cream. There is no such thing call miracle cream. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream only reduces the pain and flare ups. It is not a cure or even a treatment. You just get a very temporary relief. I have also read somewhere that the ingredients it contains are no good for skin at all.

Bilal says:

I would suggest to use cold pressed organic coconut oils or organic manuka honey rescue cream. They are naturally anti-bacterial. They are not only effective, but do not contain not harsh chemicals to damage the skin.

Dave says:

I like the idea of using the above formula. The post is too long and boring. Sorry, but you could simply say all in a few words.

 Donna says:

I live in the UK. I have puffy, red and flaky eyelids. My GP always prescribe me Zerocream which helps somewhat. But it is not the solution. It is so embarrassing to go out with my flaky, red and puffy eyes. The homeopathic formula is worth a try. I will be trying it soon and report back any results.

 Mag says:

If you live in the UK, you should try Boots Lubricating Eye Ointment. It helps a lot. It is a bit expensive, though.

 Hammer says:

I tried everything now and then for five months. After using so many creams and lotions, I came across the Deep Penetrating Light Led Therapy System. It is so amazing. I know that it cost $300 and the device looks like a scam. But before I bought it, I had done my homework and understood the science behind it. It is a wonderful system. It works. It is a less expensive and home version of the spa. My eczema disappeared in a few days. It also works on sore joints and muscles with so many other benefits as a bonus.

Onelung says:

This is an incredible post. I agree with you that it takes a lot of time for a product to reach the final consumer. It is, therefore, almost impossible to get it fresh unless some form of preservatives are mixed with. For instance, imagine when olives are harvested, then crushed, the exported, then bottled, then packaged and stored. Then sourced by the manufacturer of natural products and then stored and used in the product making. Then again it takes a good amount of time when the finished product reaches the consumer!

 Tao says:

It is a lot of hassle to go through buying all these oils and then making the lotion at home repeatedly. Also, you may not find good quality oils, butter and honey for low price.

If you buy all these ingredients, it costs a lot. Manuka honey is quite expensive and so are organic oil. Do not think that you can buy them cheap at the supermarket. Oils sold in the supermarket are very low quality. They are often processed, refined and void of any useful micro nutrients.

 Wade says:

The above formula looks good, but it is involves a lot of hassle and it is expensive. The best cure or treatment is the homeopathic treatment. It is a unique way of combining natural stuff. It does not have any side effects. Moreover, it is supported scientifically. Homeopathic formulas are introduced by experts in their respective field.

 Matato says:

My 2 cents is save yourself from the hassle and save yourself money. Go for a reliable homeopathic product. H-eczema homeopathic formula is a good option.


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