Why is Supermarket Not the Best Place to Buy Olive Oil From?

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These days it is a lot easier to get things from any of the nearest supermarket. No doubt, supermarkets are great places to get your shopping under one roof. Big supermarkets also offer online shopping and free delivery. It is often easier just to use your digital basket rather than your physical push cart. Theses big stores are very convenient in many ways, but they do not sell great stuff all the times.

They are generalists and stock anything which comes their way or which they see that customer demand exists for. They do not specialize in one particular area. They are jack of all trades but master of none kinda people. When it comes to olive oil, I will don’t recommend picking it from the shelves of any of these “all under one roof” shops. There are a couple of reasons which I have mentioned here.

Top 3 reasons not to buy your olive oil from the supermarket

1. Bright lights

They display the bottles in the shelves under bright lights. We know that olive oil best storage place is in dark places to keep their freshness and flavor. Supermarkets do not have arrangements to specifically put oil bottles where there are no bright lights. You normally find them in the oil sub-section under grocery. Other grocery items may be OK on those shelves, but olive oil is not. This adversely affects the quality of the product.

2. Not possible to taste

The only and effective way to find out the quality of Olive Oil is to taste and sniff its flavor. Shops, especially dedicated to oil or other natural health products may give you the facility to taste before you buy. They have open bottles of a wide range available to test and taste. This ensures you buy only the best quality, fresh and your favorite flavor. On the other hand, bottles in the supermarket are displayed for sale only without any arrangements for test or taste. So, if you are in a specialty store for your purchase, always ask for advice and opinion. It will not cost you a dime but will definitely help you in choosing the best extra virgin olive oil.

3. Lack of passionate staff to help you choose

Specialist shops have passionate staff to help you choose the best oil you want. At such shops you can discuss the origin, age, the type of olive, the color and many other things. Some shops have expert and trained staff advisers offering their free advice on the oil that is best for you. On the contrary, you do not find any trained or passionate staff at the supermarket who are able to answer your questions. All you can do is rely on the labels.

What if I do not have a specialty Store nearby?

You still can get the best oil even if you do not have any specialty store nearby. Just use the internet! I know that you will not be having the chance to taste them or get advice. However, several specialty sites have a good range of varieties like Tuscany, Greek, California etc. Also you can read reviews of the previous customers who relate their actual experience of the product. Some sites often advice over email, chat or phone. If are not satisfied after reading descriptions and reviews of the product, pick up the phone or shoot them an email before you buy.

If you have no other option except the supermarket then just pick the one which are the best quality. Pick up the bottles from the farthest deep end of the shelves i.e. from behind the bottles. This will ensure that you pick a bottle which was possibly away from bright light with minimum exposure. Also make sure to read labels. Learn how to read labels and it will help you choose the best oil possibly.

Where do I buy from the Internet?

There are many places where you can buy online. Places like Amazon UK or Amazon US also sell them over the internet.

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