What Causes Rosacea to Flare Up? Read How to Avoid Them

how to avoid rosacea triggers

There are many causes which can cause Rosacea to flare up in your body. It can vary for people according to their body types and the symptoms which one may have to flare up the Rosacea; the other person may not have the similar one. It is always better to know the causes and how to prevent it so that it does not affect your skin. The H-Rosacea Homeopathic Formula will help you avoid the flares up on the skin by identifying some of the important triggers and keep track of the symptoms as well. You will also be able to find the solution to the triggers which can prove to be useful and efficient to keep your skin healthy.

Triggers of Rosacea

Here are some of the triggers which can aggravate the skin:

Food and Beverages

You need to keep a strict check over your diet especially the kind of food you consume and the drinks. Some people love to have spicy and hot food to enhance the taste bud but watching the diet is an important part here. Hot drinks, tea, coffee, alcohol such as red wine and seasonings such as black pepper, red pepper, and paprika can aggravate the skin.

Intense Exercising

An intense workout can cause the body to heat up which can become a trigger for the skin. Make sure not to overdo while exercising in the flow. Try to be at a place where the temperature is normal while exercising. If you are working indoor, then make sure you are under air conditioned room. If outdoor workout, then the weather should be cooler!

Exposure to Sunlight

The direct sun rays do affect the skin, and a high ratio of people gets affected by Rosacea. Prefer to wear a sunscreen which is SPF 30 or higher. The sunscreen layer on the skin protects you from the scorching sun rays. Prefer not to be under the sun during the peak hours.


One of the main cause of Rosacea flares up is stress. Due to the busy life, people forget to manage stress and take tension of every little thing. Try to eat healthily and bring more greens in your lifestyle. Get enough sleep and do not intake much caffeine or sugar to maintain the stress levels.

Cosmetic Products

Females cannot live without cosmetic but prefer to use the organic cosmetic rather than the ones who have fragrance in them. Consider buying the products which are alcohol-free and the ingredients which may flare up Rosacea. If your skin is sensitive and dry, then make sure to use the products which are specifically for the sensitive skin.


The extremes of weather can also flare up the Rosacea. Whether it is hot or cold, it can aggravate the skin. Keep the skin moisturized and preferred to stay at the moderate temperature indoors. Do not sunbathe during the hot temperatures at all.

Avoid the Flares up

Here are some of the quick tips to avoid the flares up respectively mentioned above:

For Food and Beverages

Do not intake the steamy beverages and foods which may fascinate you when you are hungry or feel cold. Try the chili powder, poultry seasoning, and curry powder instead of using the seasonings mentioned for the flares up. Reduce the cups of beverages which you intake every day such as if you intake three then reduce to one cup a day.

For Excessive Exercise

Prepare a schedule to work out for a certain time limit every day. Make sure not to cross over that limit and wear light clothes through which the air can pass through your skin. Normalize the room temperature and then after warming up your body, keep the exercise moderate.

For Sunlight Exposure and Temperature

Protect your face and body from the sun. Wear full clothes if you have to step out during the peak hours. Cover your nose and cheeks with a light scarf in winters to avoid the extreme cold weather. In the humid days, stay indoor mostly and in air conditioned room. Keep the surroundings cool around yourself.

For Stress

Try to do the aerobics to manage the stress such as deep breathing, yoga, and indoor exercises. They are easy to do and does not consume your time as well. Keep it calm and know that it will pass just like other days have passed. Stretch often and relieve the stress by moving around or walking in the house or a park.

For Cosmetic Products

Check the ingredients before purchasing the products and compare them with the type of skin you have. Smell the item and if it has fragrance in it, then drop the idea of purchasing it instantly. Avoid the products which have alcohol in it as ingredients which may burn the skin. Do not use the powders to cover the blemishes but consult with a dermatologist for proper guidance according to the skin type.

H-Rosacea Homeopathic Formula may help you treat the cause for irritation on the skin and how you can manage to avoid it. The formula is made of herbal and natural ingredients which work on condition safely. If you are aware of the common triggers, then it will be easier for you to determine the symptoms which may be causing the Rosacea.

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