What are the Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar?

Negative effects

There is a general misconception regarding herbal remedies, treatments, products and recipes. The people in general think that they are completely safe. During a recent discussion on herbal remedies in contrast to drugs and medicines, 90% of the general people (non-medical, not related to health profession in any way) thought that herbal medicines will not harm you at all .They believe that the only disadvantage is that they may not work in some cases. In other words they are either effective with positive health benefits or ineffective with no harm.

The medical quarters, on the other hand, believe otherwise. They think that using such formulas, remedies or products are not scientifically supported and they pose potential threats to the body. During a recent meeting with my Urologists, he straight away advised me not to use any of the herbal sorts as they may harm me straight away!

Where does the truth lie? To me personally, both the views are extreme. The truth lies in between the two. Those who proclaim that there are no harms whatsoever, blindly follow the general concept of nature being harmless. The medical professionals will base all their claims on the existing or non-existence of scientific evidence. They blindly ignore the fact that science has not come to an end. What may apparently and superficially seem unscientific today may be scientific tomorrow.

Same is true with regard to the apple cider vinegar. Its fans swear by it and believe it be the cure all for any ailment or condition on the earth. Some limited scientific studies and massive anecdotal evidence suggests that there are many health benefits of apple cider vinegar. However, there are some limitations, disadvantages or what are normally known as side effects of ACV.

1. Interaction with other drugs

Doctors believe that it interacts with other drugs such as Digoxin, insulin or diuretics. The possibility is that after interaction with these drugs, it may reduce potassium in the body which is unhealthy or even dangerous at some point.

2. Teeth Enamel Erosion

Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and this high acidic content may cause erosion of the teeth enamel. Prolonged use directly from a glass or cup may adversely affect teeth and create dental problems. It is often recommended to use straws to allow minimum contact with teeth.

3. Gums Irritation

Some people report to have used a mixed solution for bleeding gums. However, the high acid in acv may cause gum irritation, itching and other related issues.

4. Damage to Stomach Walls

Proponents think that the acid in cider vinegar balances the overall PH content in the stomach. Consequently, it protects the stomach from releasing unwanted acids and thus eliminates acid reflux and other digestive problems. Doctors, however, warn that prolong use may show adverse effects on the stomach.

5. Lowered Potassium Levels

Fans of ACV claim that it is rich in potassium. So if you are low in potassium, acv comes to the rescue. Doctors again warn that repeated exposure to acv may actually reduce the levels of potassium in your body.

6. Other Side Effects

These include, osaphegal burn, swelling of the face, difficultly in breathing, redness and rash in skin etc. These side effects have been found to be very rare.

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