Understanding the Symptoms for Shingles

It may start out as something simple such as just not feeling yourself. For so many people who have shingles, they have no clue what they are facing or dealing with often until it is far too late. The problem is that if you had chicken pox it was more than likely earlier in life, and so you forgot about what those early symptoms really were. Now fast forward to the present day when you’re older and perhaps you have a harder time fighting off illness, and you may skip over the most obvious symptoms of shingles which can work against you.

This is where you need to really get to know your own body, for it can serve you well in the long run. If you notice that something just isn’t right or that you’re feeling sick and you suddenly develop a rash, you have to pay attention to that. You have to make your health a top priority and having proactive ways of coping with even the most serious health condition can serve you well. Therefore understanding the early symptoms of shingles can make the virus far less painful and uncomfortable for you as you move through it.

Some will say that when you have shingles it’s almost as if you are dealing with two weeks of torture. Whereas with chicken pox you know the telltale itchy blisters well, it may be a bit different with shingles. You will find that these early symptoms can show themselves sooner than you think, and the actions that you take to help can be instrumental. Understanding these symptoms can make your life so much easier, and so here are the most common to be in tune with and be aware of so that you can help your health and your life if you should experience any of these.

H-ShinglesA general sick feeling or sensation that something just isn’t right:  You know that you just aren’t yourself and it’s starting to scare you a little. It’s more than just a cold for you feel achy and you can’t really describe it, but this seems far worse than any bout of the flu that you may have dealt with. Many people will say that it’s hard to describe but they may feel just sick, but moreso than they have felt in the past. They’re not themselves, they are down and out, and they simply can’t get to feeling normal and so the cycle continues. This is an early sign that the virus may be setting in, so be in tune to something out of the norm like this.

Burning or itching of the skin

With chicken pox it is very easy to detect because the itchy bumps are unstoppable. With shingles however it’s an itching and burning sensation and you just can’t stop it. This may even start before the actual rash appears that you feel itchy, burning, and the skin is almost prickly and irritated. The rash may appear and worsen this but at the beginning it’s almost as if you are itchy and scratchy and there is no notable cause for it. Your skin almost feels as if it’s on fire, and this is shingles early on starting to show itself and there’s not much you can do except try to manage the discomfort.

A rash appears and spreads quickly and easily no matter what you do

This is a telltale sign of shingles and it can be a very frustrating one at that. You notice that a small area of skin may get red and irritated, and that the bumps appear above the surface of the skin. It does make sense since you have already had that prickly feeling but then suddenly it seems to get worse right before your very eyes. No matter what you do the rash spreads, the bumps appear, and their appearance actually worsens right before you. This is unbelievable because it’s like it’s happening without you being able to control it, and therefore you know that this is likely shingles. If you know the earlier symptoms, then by the time the rash shows up it may be easier to lessen your discomfort and so this should be a later symptom in the big picture.

 Headache, fever, and even stomach upset while you experience other skin issues

This is a really hard one to diagnose or even notice because it can be confused with other things. If you have the skin discomfort and rash but it is also accompanied by a fever, headache, or even a stomach ache then you know that something is up. These are usually the type of symptoms that accompany the skin irritation and therefore they don’t act alone, so be in tune to this and know that if these set in then the virus is alive and well and likely at its worst.

Blisters that don’t go away even with treatment and that worsen over a period of two weeks

You may try nearly any treatment that you’ve heard of in hopes of getting the blisters to go away. Turning to a natural treatment is always ideal such as H-Shingles formula by Amoils.com as it’s a healing oil that can really help in the long run. The problem is that since shingles is a virus sometimes you just need to let it run its course.

So turning to such remedies is always a good idea, but you may find that just letting the virus play out over the course of 10 days is what is key. Using a natural product such as a healing oil can however help if you use it early on and often, for it can lessen the duration and ensure that you aren’t in as much pain. Just be in tune to how the blisters develop and what can be done to make it less painful from the very beginning as that will prove to be quite important.

Yes blisters can be a very painful health condition, but the problem is that many people don’t notice the earliest symptoms. If you want to help yourself then pay attention to this virus early on and know what to look for, and now you have some helpful hints within your grasp. Know when something isn’t right and try to manage the earliest symptoms early on to help yourself to be as healthy as you can possibly be.

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