How To Get Rid of Turkey Neck Without Surgery

turkey neck solutionsIt is such a common problem that plagues people as they age or gain weight. It doesn’t look good but it is so easy to recognize, and therefore the dreaded turkey neck is not likely going to go away completely anytime soon. You may find that you are already predisposed to it due to genetics, but even then there are ways to combat it. You do want to quit the bad habits that may have lead to it such as eating the wrong foods or a sedentary lifestyle.

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Consider this another aspect of healthy living, and the sooner that you get this under control the more that this will work to your advantage. It may not necessarily come without any effort, but you do have the means by which you need to get rid of a turkey neck. If you are in tune to these methods and you make a concerted effort, then you can get rid of that horrible flabby extra skin that nobody wants.

It involves the right type of lifestyle, the very specific and targeted exercises, the desire to make effective changes, and of course a diligent and focused approach each and every day. These are the tips that will help to change the way that your neck skin hangs—and you may very well combat that turkey neck and feel good about this common problem moving forward.

Work On Your Posture

You may not necessarily think of your posture as an issue here, but it can cause a turkey neck to settle in. You want to be sure that you are standing and sitting up right. When you slouch it obviously causes problems in the shoulders and the back—but it can also have an indirect and direct impact upon your neck as well. When you slouch and you exhibit undesirable posture, then you are causing your chin to almost tuck into the neck. This will cause issues over time and will make your neck respond in a very unfavorable way.

You don’t want the skin to become loose or flabby and the only way to ensure that is to stand and walk tall, and to also exhibit this good posture when you sit as well. The more that you are mindful of this, the less that turkey neck will become an issue. You must also remember that exercise is going to help, and proper form and good posture is all associated with this. Make this a focus and then you can only get better from here and combat that turkey neck one day at a time!

Lose The Weight If Necessary

Yes it’s true that a turkey neck can come with age, and so many of us have suffered from that problem. You may also find however that if you are overweight or if you put on a few extra pounds over time, that the turkey neck seems to develop almost overnight. You may go from having a nice neck are to having that excess skin that seems to be stuck there forever—but a healthy lifestyle is the key to getting rid of it first and foremost.

You need to lose the weight if you have any extra on the body. This puts unnecessary strain on your body, and it is truly no different even in the neck area. Therefore if you lose the weight you will look better, you will feel better, and you will truly help to get rid of that turkey skin that has likely plagued you for far too long!

Flex and Stretch The Skin Around This Area

What would you do if you were trying to get rid of excess skin around the waist or thighs? You would exercise and pay special attention to the problem area, right? Well the same holds true here for you want to be sure to shape the skin and tone it using the right exercises. In the case of turkey neck you want to flex and then stretch the skin around the area to help whip it into shape.

Think of exercises such as smiling and pouting which can help you to accomplish this.
Even sitting in a chair and pointing your chin up towards the ceiling and then back down again can help. Think of exercises that will move the chin in and out as well as up and down. When you put this concentrated effort upon your neck area and the chin, then you help to get this skin to change. It may not happen overnight, but the more that you work this specific area and engage in targeted exercises, the more that you will help to get rid of the turkey neck in a really effective way.

Use The Right Product

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Try Pure Natural Oil for Neck Firming

Yes sometimes you need the right product to help you get rid of that turkey neck once and for all. It may be something that you start using early on or it may come with time, but the right product can really help to give you a lift figuratively and literally. A great product out there that targets the skin in and around the neck specifically is Simply Neck Firming Oil by Amoils which goes to work quickly.

You might think that this involves a lot of chemicals with a ton of side effects, but this is not the case. You are using essential oils and other natural products to help shape, tone, and restore the health to the skin in this area.  This means that you can get rid of the turkey neck and not suffer from any undesirable side effects. It’s such a welcome change, and therefore you may wish to try this product in conjunction with some of the other methods for getting rid of the turkey neck.

Though turkey neck is undoubtedly an undesirable condition, it’s very common. These methods and products can help to get that skin into a desirable state and ensure that this unsightly and undesirable skin is no longer an issue for you. Then you can feel good in the skin that you’re in once and for all!


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