Treating Spider and Varicose Veins on Your Face

cure fo rvaricose veins on faceWomen suffering from spider or varicose veins have a cosmetic concern and are eager to get rid of the problem. Face is the part of the body, which is naturally looked after the most. It represents the internal as well as the external personality of an individual. So apart from pain or discomfort, most women would want to treat their varicose or spider veins on face purely for cosmetic reasons.

And cosmetic reasons are the right reasons. Why? Because a discomfort may be both physical and mental. In addition, when both physical and mental discomforts are combined it leaves a greater negative effect on the overall quality of life.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery found that 50 to 55 percent American women complain about spider veins mostly for cosmetic purposes.

According to the Daily Mail, medical experts report that people having varicose veins mostly like will also suffer from thread veins. However, the reverse is not true, the paper adds.

There are also some suggestions for pulsed dye laser. Some people think that Vbeam is effective. It is due to its effectiveness that it is so popular. One treatment can give you some good results; however, you may have to do a series of three treatments for full benefits.

Because face is a sensitive area due to cosmetic reasons, some experts do not recommend sclerotherapy. For instance, Dr Sam Naficy who is a Facial Plastic Surgeon advises on RealSelf that you should see your physician to discuss IPL treatment for your facial spider or varicose veins. He does not recommend sclerotherapy on the face.

Dr Leyda Elizabeth Bowes of Bowes Dermatology says that IPL is very effective treatment and can repair the broken capillaries on the face. Additionally, it is safer as opposed to laser therapy, which have more side effects when it comes to treating the blood vessels.

Dr Jefferey, the Atlanta Plastic Surgeon agrees with Leyda that sclerotherapy is no good for face; he differs with her and thinks laser treatment to be the best option.

IPL is effective but it is also expensive. As mentioned earlier it may take up to three treatments and the cost of each treatment is between $250 to $350. So, a three session’s treatment will normally cost something around a $1000.

What about H-Varicose Formula?

Varicose veins on faceH-Varicose formula is a homeopathic formula, which contains only natural and herbal ingredients. The solutions is manufactured in the USA under strict GMP standards to maintain the highest quality. According to the manufacturer, the formula is safe to use on any type of varicose veins including those on the face. The solution works quite instantly providing instant relief.

Although, you may need IPL or surgical treatment depending upon your case, H-varicose formula is a worth a try as it costs only a small fraction of the IPL or surgical options. If the IPL or surgical treatment is unsuccessful, it is unlikely that you will get your money back. On the other hand, if you use H-Varicose Veins formula and you are not satisfied with the results, you get your money back. This guarantee is valid for 90 days after receipt of your purchase.

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