Top 5 Over The Counter Cream For The Relief of Itchy Vagina

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More than likely you don’t know what it is or how it started, but you want to know how to stop it. If you have ever suffered from vaginal itching then you know firsthand just how frustrating and debilitating it can be. You may be moving throughout your day when suddenly that itching sensation hits and you aren’t really sure what to do. The answer lies in figuring out what is going on and then trying a good over the counter cream or ointmentF to help you in solving the problem.

It’s very important to note one thing here and that not all vaginal itching is in fact a yeast infection. This is why you don’t want to try to diagnose yourself with a yeast infection, and why using a cream for the actual itching first and foremost will prove to be important. You may suffer from this itching simply because you changed soap or detergents.

Figure Out What is Contributing To The Problem

You may suffer from this itching due to a change in partners, due to an STD, or even due to a change in diet. Try to treat just the itching first with one of these creams, and see what that does for you. It may be all that you need and that’s simple enough to handle.

Vaginal itching doesn’t necessarily have to take over your life. You can put a stop to it with these creams, and there are many more out there to choose from than you probably ever realized. These are just a few of the top creams, but just walk down the aisle of a local pharmacy and you will see for yourself how many options there are.

Try to go for something that can treat the itching and help you to cope with any number of causes. Don’t go for something that is necessarily directed to yeast infections for it may not necessarily help you when you need it. If the vaginal itching persists then try these creams and then if they don’t work for some reason, then you can get into the doctor and figure out what is really going on—but these are a great first step to try out!

Top 5 Over the Counter Solutions

Though there are many of them to choose from, these are some of the best cures out there. These creams are easy to obtain, easy to use, and they may stop the vaginal itching far sooner than anything else you have seen. They are well worth a try!


vagisil creamThis is a name that has been around for years, and it is associated with vaginal itching and the prevention and cure of it all.

You can trust this product because it is gentle and yet it contains a number of active ingredients to stop that horrible itching quickly.

You want to use just a little bit at first on the outside of the vagina just to be sure that it works well for you.

Then from there you can move on and use it as needed, and it may be a common and frequently utilized vaginal itching cream—you can trust it and get great results for your itching too.


buy monistat from amazonDon’t let the name fool you for Monistat is often known solely for yeast infection cures.

You want to be sure that you gravitate towards the vaginal itching cream directly and that you don’t go for the yeast infection cures as your first line of defense.

The external itching cream is a great tool in helping you with this problem, and this comes to you from a name that you can trust.


buy cortizone 10It’s simple and yet it works really well for vaginal itching.

Be sure that you react well to it, but most women can safely use cortisone cream in and around the vagina if they suffer from itching.

Take the time to be sure that you are using a pure blend of it without any fillers.

You may even find that a touch of aloe is used which can help with irritation and may also stop the itching in a unique and wonderful way.

K-Y Cream and Products

k y liquibeadsYes K-Y has an entire line of lubricants, but you may also find that their vaginal itching cream helps you here.

Do take your time to select the right product from their line that helps with vaginal itching and not other issues.

You may find that using this in addition to one of their lubricants can even help with the prevention of the vaginal itching in the first place.

It’s a great line of products that has something for all different women’s health issues and needs.

Be Friendly, the Natural Cure

buy be friendly vaginal itch creamYou just might be surprised to know that there are some natural products that can help you, and they are easy enough to get.

One product that gets rave reviews from women who experience all sorts of vaginal itching is Be Friendly, and therefore this can be a great solution for women in this situation.

It’s gentle and safe enough to use in the vaginal area, and it can really be potent in helping to relieve the itching that plagues you and makes it hard to even function in your day.

This is more of a holistic or natural type of cure, but it may help to switch you over to such cures moving forward. Though you may be hesitant try for yourself and see how much it can work.

Try it on its own or even with something else that you are using from over the counter, and you may find that natural cures are your new “go to” solution moving forward.

Though vaginal itching may come about due to a variety of reasons and causes, you may very well help yourself in a great number of ways. It’s easy enough to help yourself but always be sure that you know what the itching derives from. It’s helpful to turn to all of these cures for some help so that vaginal itching doesn’t keep coming back or even take over your life. These are some of the best cures and creams out there, and so you can start here and see how they can help to calm the itching that has become problematic for far too long.


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