Top Essential Oils for the Natural Treatment of Varicose Veins

flowers naturalEssential oil is oil that is made by distillation or cold pressing through mechanical means. Essential oils contain the true essence of the plant they are derived from with many therapeutic benefits. As they are highly concentrated, a little amountof EO goes a long way. For the natural treatment of Varicose Veins, you may not to use a blend of several types of essential oils.

How to Use Essential Oils

Here are three ways that you can use essential oils for deriving health benefits.


Essential oils have pleasant aroma and have been used for centuries to uplift the spirit. You can either diffuse the oil or breathe in. Alternatively, you can rub it on your palms and just inhale.


E Oil can also be used topically which means you can apply it directly to the skin. The skin absorbs it quickly. Most massage therapists use essential oil to create a soothing effect and moisturizing the skin. It can be applied on the back of the neck, temples, wrists, palms, feet etc. It should be noted that some people might find them irritating. Just use on a very small part to test.


Dietary consumption means to take by mouth. For internal consumption, the oil can be added to water or your favorite juice.

Warning: Please make sure that you ask the expert or read the label and make sure that the oil is clearly marked for dietary consumption. Some cheap essential oils are adulterated and may contain toxic chemicals. Not only that some pure essential oil may be fatal because of its own constituents. It is therefore extremely important to consume the oil internally only if it has been clearly marked suitable for dietary consumption.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile Oil is has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to improve the blood flow.

Lemon Oil

Known for its therapeutic effect. It helps in circulation.

Ginger Oil

Stimulates circulation.

Frankincense Oil

Strengthens bloods vessels and helps circulation improve.

Most aromatherapists believe that a single type of essential oil is not enough on its own to treat varicose veins. You may have to blend several types in appropriate quantitites to make an effective solution. This may require an expertise and knowledge of the science of aromatherapy.

H-Varicose Veins Oil Homeopathic Formula
Prevent Varicose Veins Symptoms Naturally. Topical Homeopathic Product
This is not an essential oil but a blend of several types of essential oils. It is a homeopathic formula manufactured by Natural Healing Oils. The formula is obtained from pure natural ingredients without any chemical additives.

The benefit of using H-Varicose Veins formula is it is manufactured in the USA under GMP practices. As it is homeopathic, it does not have the side effects generally associated with conventional over the counter medication.

People who used the formula have reported to see very positive results in very little time. It soothes the pain and discomfort instantly. The company who sell the product offers a 90 days money back guarantee. In case you find it ineffective, you may contact the company for a return and you get a refund straight away.

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