Top Best Natural Treatment for the Cure of Shingles

Shingles is nothing to fool around with and therefore you want to know the very best treatment methods. Many health experts will tell you that it’s all about treating the problem through medication, but that’s not necessarily true. What you must remember is that shingles is actually a virus, and there is nothing that can treat a virus in the way of medication. The only thing that you can do is try to minimize the problem and therefore lessen how long it plagues you.
One of the most important things to remember is how to get to the actual blisters and lessen the pain that they bring.

While chicken pox is all about the itchy blisters, shingles is about painful blisters that can be debilitating in nature. You want to try to heal those and therefore cure the problem, but also keep in mind that it’s a virus that you can only do so much to work through. If you can keep this at the forefront of your mind and use methods that are more natural then you can lessen just how long shingles are a part of your life. You may not necessarily be able to prevent the problem, but if you know how to manage it then that’s an essential element.

Here we look at the very best treatment methods for shingles and as you will see they really don’t involve any medication. Keep that as your motivation and then use these to help you to work through the problem on your own, and help to lessen just how horrible of a hold shingles may have on you. If you can be mindful of this then you can ensure that this virus doesn’t create a horrible medical condition moving forward—and the key is to get rid of the painful blisters once and for all!h-shingles natural treatment
•    Change your diet: There are some foods that may actually contribute to the pain that shingles may bring, and this is really important to know. Citrus fruits or acidic foods like tomatoes or tomato sauce, garlic, chocolate, sugar, and even cruciferous vegetables like brussel sprouts can all contribute to the problem. The only way to manage this is to get rid of these things in your diet while the shingles are alive and well. Focus on a healthy and balanced diet full of lean proteins and fruits and vegetables which may help to lessen just how long the shingles virus is alive and well. Diet really does matter, and you see that here so learn to get rid of the foods that may hurt you and focus on the best foods to help you through the problem for good.

•    Try to keep the area clean and dry: You do want to use a moist cloth to help blot at the blisters, but otherwise you want to keep the area clean and dry. Get rid of any excess moisture and be certain that the blisters don’t get dirty or irritated. Avoid any lotions or other possible sources of irritations for they may make the problem worse. Keep it clean, keep it dry, and learn to work with the blisters rather than irritate them and make them worse for you.

•    Use a cloth dipped in apple cider vinegar: You want to be gentle and try this out on a small area before you get too heavily involved. In this instance you want to use a cotton ball or even a cloth that has some apple cider vinegar on it ,and then blot the blisters and the affected area. Then when you see that it helps on a small area you can continue this on the blisters to help make you more comfortable ,and also to help heal the problem through this natural and effective method.

•    Visit the chiropractor: You might not think of this as your first stop to help deal with the pain and discomfort of shingles, but it should be. Just having one adjustment may help to get rid of any toxins that have built up in the body, and that may help to naturally heal the problem. The chiropractor may help in this way and without any medication or unnecessary methods. Do remember that this is a virus and therefore any help that is offered naturally will help to ease the pain and therefore cure the blisters.

•    Take the supplement colloidal silver orally: This is a supplement that has a lot of natural healing properties. Taking this orally particularly when you are suffering with a flare up from shingles can help to ease the pain. It may actually lessen the length of time that you suffer with it and may help to naturally cure it. Be sure that you are aware of the dosage but try to take it up a notch when you have shingles. Combining this natural treatment with a proper diet can really work wonders where shingles are concerned, and this is how you heal faster and more efficiently.

•    Use a natural product to help treat and ease the pain of shingles: You want to keep yourself comfortable while you suffer through shingles but you also want to work to cure it as quickly as possible. Though there are some medications out there, you might find that a more natural cure is the way to go. One such product is H-Shingles formula by It’s a natural healing oil that you can safely apply to the area which will ease the pain and discomfort but also do so safely. Try applying it a couple of times per day once you are sure that your body reacts properly to it. Then see if it helps to lessen the effect of it, and therefore make shingles a thing of the past. Whenever you can treat it on your own using something natural such as this, you know that you have a winning combination.

Shingles can be a horrible medical condition brought on by a virus that you probably didn’t even realize that you had. The key is to manage your pain and discomfort and therefore work your way through the painful blisters. These methods will help you to do just that and may therefore treat and even cure the shingles quickly and easily. If you want to be your best then use these and see how much better you feel, all by using the best possible treatment methods out there without turning to medication that won’t do a thing for a virus anyway—natural can often be more effective and now you see that for yourself!


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