Top 5 over the Counter Products for the Removal of Skin Tags, Moles and Warts

Why Over the Counter?

Some people define real beauty to be large, dark black or blue eyes. Others think beauty lies in the beautiful, sparkling and shining hair; while there are others who vote for absolutely gorgeous looking beautiful eyelashes.

Beauty cannot be ascribed to any single part of human body; it is a balance of the whole body – each part separately symmetrical on its own contributing to the overall harmony of the whole.

However, it is undoubtedly admitted by beauty experts, aesthetics and admirers of beauty that skin is the most important factor in contributing to the overall beauty. Smooth, soft, shining and healthy skin is utterly essential.

Skin tags, moles, warts etc are some of the most common problems of skin. They not only seem embarrassing, but also kill the beauty of your skin.

This article lists some of the popular over the counter products and creams available for the treatments of skin tags, warts and moles. We noted the claims of the manufacturers and tested them against the feedback provided by people who actually used and reviewed the product. At the end of the post, we also concluded the best product while maintaining our objective and unbiased position.

Amolis Natural Healing Oil Mole and Skin Tag Remover – H-Skin Tag

healing oils by amoils skin tagsThis grabbed the best position among all over the counter products. According to the manufacturer, it works on all moles, tags and warts – even the very stubborn ones. Its strong herbal formula works through effectively and eliminates the problem from its root.

All the ingredients are organic and herbal which makes it safer to use on the skin. It does not leave any scars on the treated area. When used according to the manufacturer instructions, Amolis Natural Healing Oil is highly effective to kill tags and moles.

What Do Customers Say?

This is the most widely used and reviewed among all the products. At the time of writing this post, it was reviewed by around 500 customers. Roughly 54% customers were very happy to have purchased the product. They termed it effective and working. 33% customers found it to be just effective and working slower than normal. The rest i.e. 13 % said it was ineffective and did not work.

The following review is one of the above 200 fully positive reviews by a previous customer. I have paraphrased the review to exclude any unnecessary details.

I am giving it 5 starts simply because it works. It does what it claims. It is very important to use it according to the directions and you will get amazing result. I had two applications and it took four days for the complete removal. I was worried about the healthy skin around the tags, but it did not affect it although I was not very careful. It turned black before it fell off.

The customer service at Amolis oil is great and all queries have been answered promptly. Best of all, I did not worry much in case it would not have worked as my purchase was guaranteed for 60 days!

It has been three years now and all the moles and tags have disappeared. There are no more scars left. When closely examined, the area still seems a bit lighter than the rest but it is not noticeable.

Skin tags and moles are really not funny. If you are seriously thinking of going the OTC route, then Amolis natural healing oil is an option to consider.


  • Pain free
  • 60 days guarantee
  • No scarring
  • Safe
  • Works as fast as in three days
  • Herbal ingredients

Best of all, the manufacturer is confident that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If the product does not work, you simply return the empty tube and get a no hassle refund. Click here to see buying options.

Tag No More

Tag Away TreatmentThis product has been clinically tested for the removal of warts, moles and skin tags. It does not contain any harsh chemicals. The product manufacturer claims that it is completely pain free and safe. The Cedar Leaf Thuja occidentalis is effective against skin disorders in a natural way.

The only problem with Tag No More is that it takes a lot longer than DermaTend. As DermaTend may take only a few days, Tag No More may take several weeks to show its effects.

Most previous customers found the product disappointing for its ineffectiveness. On close scrutiny we found that it was mainly the “length of the time” that was responsible for the blame. People want quick results. Unfortunately, Tag No More does not work quickly. It is very slow and the treatment should be extended to several weeks.

Customers who used it with patience have reported very good results. They reported having got rid off the tags and moles without any scars, patches or pain. If you are patient enough to continue the treatment for several weeks, then it is a cheaper option. For quick, safer and fast removal consider Amolis natural healing oil above.

Mason Vitamins Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure Australian Oil Pharmaceutical Grade

Tea Tree Oil is very anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It works great for itchy scalp, dandruff, nail fungus, bleeding gums, cuts etc.

When I heard about Tea Tree Oil working on Skin Tags, I wanted to give it a try myself. I have several on my body and tried the tea tree oil just on the one on the back of my neck. It took 5 weeks for the small tag to come off.

The biggest downside is that its smell is too strong. My wife found its smell extremely horrible and disgusting. The strong smell diffuses into the whole house. When I would apply the tea tree oil on my skin, I would stay away from her for at least 2 hours after its application.

Tag Away As Seen on TV

It is interesting to note that many products – right from herbal creams to electronics gadgets – bear the phrase “asMason_Tea_Tree_Oil seen on TV”.  This is not more than shallow attempt to attract people towards the product by impressing upon them that the product is very popular and that it has been aired by the media. This by no means guarantees the effectiveness and quality of the product.

Tag Away is also one of the so many as seen on TV products claiming to treat skin tags, moles and warts. While researching it on Amazon and elsewhere on the internet, it was noted that an overwhelming majority of customers were extremely dissatisfied with its results.

80% people found it not working while the remaining 20% were somewhat satisfied. Most customers noted that they followed the instructions rigorously for up to 8 weeks with no positive results.

Customers also found it extremely stinking with horrible odor.

Some customers found the money back guarantee useless as the company advises to use the cream for 6 to 10 weeks, whereas the guarantee expires after 30 days. Some customers reported that the money back guaranteed was not honored after they has had approached the company.

Tag Be Gone

This is another “As seen on TV” product claiming to fight against tags, warts and moles on the skin.  Most customers complained that this product has an absolutely horrible smell and that it did not work despite following the instructions. Most customers termed it as a waste of money and time.

Very few customers confirmed it to be working slowly. Those who claimed it to be working were of the view that they applied that product correctly and according to the instructions.


Apart from the above 5 over the counter products and creams, there are several other creams available online. These reviewed above are the most popular and have been used by a larger number of people.

According to our unbiased and unprejudiced research, we conclude the best product among all these is Amolis Natual Healing Oil. Majority of the people found it effective and working. The smell is not very strong and it does not take long to achieve results. Customers also found the company to offer high standards of customer service. The money back guarantee is for an extended 60 days period which is enough for the user to see the results of the product.

Click here to visit the official site for Amolis Natural Healing Oil.

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