Top 5 Essential Oils For The Cure of Shingles

You hear so much about essential oils lately, and with good reason. These are the heart of helping to heal a growing number of health conditions in a natural but very effective way. You may wonder how they work, but you should trust that there are some very powerful ingredients at the heart of them. If you can go in with an open mind and really do your research so that you know what you’re doing, then essential oils can help with just about anything including shingles.

Though there are some people who don’t believe or recognize just how powerful essential oils can be, you might find that they offer relief from the very painful blisters.

Shingles are very hard to deal with indeed because they can be very painful and often hit later in life when you are much more susceptible to them. If your immune system is down then you will find that this virus for which you could have been a carrier for years can result in a flare up of painful blisters, for which very little can be done to help with. As it is a virus there are no antibiotics or medications that can help, and that’s why turning to natural cures is undoubtedly the very best way to go.

Shingles Natural Treatment Alternative - Shingles and  PHN

It is important to ensure that you use the right essential oils, particularly for a condition such as shingles. You also want to be sure that you know the right way to use them and of course the proper dosage. If you get control over the process and really learn to use these in the right way, then essential oils may help to save you from all of the pain and discomfort that you might normally suffer from. It’s not always easy but these oils make for a wonderful way of coping with the problem and even helping to cure the condition much faster and with greater ease.

Try lemon as a topical application

You might not think of lemon as a natural healer, but it really has more uses than you realize. In the instance of lemon essential oil it can actually act as an antiviral and antiseptic as you would find in an actual medication. The best way to use it in helping to cope with the pain of shingles is to apply it as a topical directly to the site of the blisters. Start slowly with one area to ensure that your body tolerates this topical solution well, but then you can use it on all of the blisters to help soothe the pain. It may also be a great help in curing the virus and helping it to go away much faster than through other methods, which is key to your long term happiness.

 Turn to peppermint to soothe the pain naturally

Again you probably don’t think of peppermint as a natural healer, but it can have some great effectiveness here. Many who use it for shingles find that it can help with the mental and emotional pain of shingles just as much as the physical. Be sure to blend it with another oil such as lemon for true effectiveness and power. In addition to using it as a topical which works well, you may also find that diffusing it to use as an actual aromatherapy is a great way of calming your system and ensuring that you remain calm throughout what can be a very painful health condition.

 Sandalwood can be used at the heart of a good blend

You may not hear as much about sandalwood as you do about other oils, but it has a great potency here. You can use sandalwood as a topical or diffused, and it has a direct link to helping to relieve pain associated with shingles directly. This may actually be one of its primary uses, and therefore it has a good reputation amongst shingles patients. You have nothing to lose here, but do remember that it’s a bit more potent than other oils so go lightly and stick to proper dosage. Also blend with other oils to limit the potency and ensure that it doesn’t overpower, but that it does its job at helping to heal you in the best way possible.

 Ravensara is a great pain reliever

It’s best to mix this particular essential oil with others for a good blend. It works well with sandalwood and the others mentioned as well as with oregano. The best places to apply ravensara to is the back of the neck, down the spine, and then to the actual blisters as well. It can cause the length of the shingles virus to diminish and ensure that healing happens much faster. It may also help to act as a gentle but effective pain reliever which will prove to be very important with this condition.

 Go for a trusted product – H-Shingles Homeo Formula

Though there is a variety of oils out there that can help you through the painful part of shingles, there are some oils with proven track records. One such product is H-Shingles formula by which is a natural healing oil. It can help to soothe the pain and discomfort of the painful blisters, but it may also help you to get cured much faster too. It’s all about going with a trusted method and this is one of those products that people turn to time and time again, so it’s one to trust above all.

Though shingles can be extraordinarily painful you have to do your part to work through the pain. Essential oils can be a great way of ensuring that you keep the pain to a minimum and you work to find a fast and helpful cure. If you really can’t cope then you may want to talk to a doctor, but essential oils are easy and accessible to use and may give you all the help that you need in the end.

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