Top 10 Home Remedies for the Treatment of Acne

Are desperate to get rid of the acne? Are you getting married? Do you have to see someone? Are going to be in the party? But... that acne... read this

Natural treatment for acne

I suffered from severe acne attacks for several years acne since I was 15 years old. It affected my face, shoulders, back of the neck and even my chest. I tried several creams, medical solutions, pills, ointments and other medication including pills. I also used several homeopathic therapies. But to my utter disappointment, none of these worked. The best thing which helped me a lot to overcome the acne problems were simple things like lemon and honey. Since then, I have mentioned it to several people and it has worked for most of them. In order to pass on the benefit, I have enumerated some the home remedies which I used myself and some others were suggested by friends and family members who suffered the ailment during their lives. Get supplies for these remedies here.

1. Chamomile Tea

We all know the medicinal and curing qualities of herbs. This tea is naturally anti-inflammatory. Many users have suggested that it has significantly reduced their acne problem. You can buy here.

How to use it?

Method 1: Just take a bag of Chamomile tea and dip it in cold water for a few seconds. Once soaked, apply it to the affected area for 30 to 60 seconds.

Method 2: Take the tea out of the bag and mix it with mashed banana paste. Apply it to the skin using a clean cotton ball.

2. Mint and Turmeric Paste

Take some fresh mint leaves and some turmeric powder and mix the two by pouring little water to make a soft paste. Wash your face with warm water and let it dry. Apply the paste to the affected areas and leave it for around 15 to 20 minutes and then wash. Repeat it once a day. You will see results in a couple of days.

3. The Power of Lemon or Lime

Take some lemon juice or better to buy fresh lemon and squeeze it for juice. Apply it with clean cotton to the acne areas. Do not dilute the juice. It stings but in most cases vanishes in a few minutes. The vitamin C and anti bacterial properties in lemon have been reported to be highly effective in acne and pimples.

4. Tea Tree Oil

Take a few drops of tea tree oil and mix with water. Wash your face with the solution. Best time to do this home remedy is before going to bed at night. Make sure it does not go into your eyes. Also keep away the tea tree oil away from children.

5.  Mask your Face with Honey

Honey has anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties and works wonders in cases of infection, burns and cuts. Users report that it works best to make the skin less inflammatory and treat acne as well as the scars left behind. Several users have reported that they found their skin smooth and glowing after applying honey to their skin. The best results are achieved if mixed with sugar. Apply it for 30 seconds and then wash with cold water. (I used this myself when I was acne sufferer and it works best)

6. Aloe Vera Gel

The use of aloe Vera is one of the best natural home remedies for the cure and treatment of acne and pimples. Apply the gel on the areas of treatment and let it dry.

7. Vitamins Fight against Acne

Vitamins A and Zinc have the natural properties to treat acne. You may take supplement containing Vitamin A, Zinc and Niacin. I, personally do not recommend taking supplements for vitamins. The best course is to take fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts containing these vitamins. This will not only help to cure your acne naturally but also boost your immune system. Go for fresh vegetables and fruit instead of supplements unless otherwise advised by your medical professional.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of the cheapest and easiest of home remedies and natural treatments for the cure of acne and pimples. Please remember to mix it with water. Take only one part of vinegar with, at least, 8 parts of water. This is to make sure that it does not have any adverse effect. It is always recommended to apply it first on small area to test and if no adverse effects are seen then expand to other areas.

9. Witch Hazel

The tannin acid makes the hazel anti-bacterial and helps reduce inflammation. You can buy the witch hazel solution at pharmacies or online. Apply it with a cotton ball to the acne area.

10. Balanced Diet

Use a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables to boost your immune system. It has been reported that oily, fried, and spicy food leads to the flare ups. Avoiding these foods and replacing them with more healthy food will not only get rid you of acne but also improve your overall health. Regular exercise improves blood circulation and thus enables the body to fight against many diseases including skin conditions.

It is always best to apply any of the remedy to a small area to test it does not have any undesirable effect. If you do not see any allergy or reaction, proceed to other areas. Also remember to use small doses as excess of everything is bad. Sometimes, small and minor life style changes produce good results not only for skin conditions but it improves the overall health and quality of life. Exercise, lots of fruit and vegetables, healthy fats such olive oil are the simplest things to boost your health.

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