Top 10 Home Remedies For Shingles Pain Relief

Shingles can be a very frustrating, painful, and uncomfortable health problem. For so many people they don’t realize though that there are some simple home remedies to help manage the pain that is so common with this condition. You will be happy to know that most of these remedies you already have in the house or you can easily obtain.

Be sure to take it slow and apply it to one small area to begin, just to be sure that your body tolerates it well. Keep these remedies on hand and do your part to lessen the pain and ensure that you make it through shingles as easily as possible. These are the home remedies that can make the pain of shingles more bearable, even if just for a short time.

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1.    Calamine lotion

It worked for chicken pox and believe it or not, it can work wonders here. You can easily get calamine lotion at any pharmacy and it works wonders for helping to ease the pain of shingles. Just as chicken pox has a lot of itching associated with the sores, shingles has a lot of pain associated with the sores—and calamine lotion can really provide some necessary relief for both. It’s best to apply it using a cotton ball so that you can get it right on the source of the painful blisters and then use it throughout the duration of the shingles until the pain subsides.

2.    Cool wash cloth on the sores

It’s easy enough to do and yet so few people actually do this to help their pain. Keep cool moist wash cloths nearby and use them often to help manage the pain. You might not think that this can do much, but it will help you to feel more comfortable. If you use this in conjunction with one of the other methods, then it can work exponentially better.

3.    Baking soda

h-shinglesThe best way to utilize baking soda is to turn it into a paste by mixing it with water. Then you can apply this paste directly to the painful blisters that are associated with shingles. Go easy and be gentle so that you don’t irritate the scabs, but you might find that having baking soda in the house is a great lifesaver with shingles.

4.    Capsaicin

This is a natural pepper extract and it works wonders on soothing the pain and providing some relief. You can usually find it in cream form. You might find it in a pharmacy or you may have better luck at a health food store. This is a topical cream that can help to provide some relief from the pain, and it comes with little to no side effects. It’s easy enough to put some on the surface of the shingles and it may not necessarily lessen their duration, but they can provide some much needed pain relief from this very challenging health problem.

5.    Pain relief medication

You probably already have some Ibuprofen in your house, and this may be a preferred method of coping with the pain. The good thing about Ibuprofen specifically is that it also helps to relief any swelling that can be common with shingles. Though natural remedies are always a great way to go, sometimes you have to turn to a medication and opting for an over the counter type can really help to bring you some relief from the pain. As shingles can be debilitating to say the least, this makes for a great way of coping with the pain that can make getting out of bed hard.

6.    Aluminum Acetate solution

It’s harder to find but it works quite well as a natural home remedy for providing relief from the pain of shingles. When you find or create this solution you want to dab it over the surface of the shingles lightly. It may take a few minutes to kick in but it can make the shingles less painful and troubling, which is the end goal of any of these solutions.

7.    Essential Oils

There are some great essential oils out there, but you want to be sure that you opt for the right one. You might find a good blend such as H-Shingles formula by which is a natural healing oil. You may use other oils to help with the pain such as peppermint or even lavender but go slowly to ensure that it doesn’t irritate the site even more. Essential oils can also help you to relax when you feel the stress of coping with shingles in the first place, which is an added benefit.

8.    Cornstarch

It works much in the same way that baking soda does, but it’s a slightly different approach. Cornstarch tends to be a little bit easier to work with, and it can create a paste with water. You want to gently apply this to the top of the site of the shingles and experiment to see just how easily it goes on and how well it works. It may help you to cope with the pain and as long as it doesn’t irritate the shingles, then you are safe to use it for help throughout the duration.

9.    Burrow’s solution

It is similar to aluminum acetate, but it’s a slightly different makeup. In this case you can find this solution already pre-mixed and ready to help patients with shingles. It has great power in helping to relief the pain, discomfort, burning, and sometimes even the itching that shingles presents. Go slowly for this can be quite potent in nature, but it can be an excellent natural remedy to turn to when the pain of shingles becomes too much.

10.    Keep the area clean, cool, moist, and taken care of

Above all you have to ensure that the area is kept as clean as possible. You will want to scratch at or try to remove the scabs, but this will make the problem worse. Be certain that you do take the time to clean the area regularly and that you do your part to softly smooth over the area with a damp cloth. This will not only help you to stay comfortable but it may make the pain a bit less, which is the best thing you can do with shingles.

There’s no doubt that shingles can be a very painful and frustrating health condition. If you do have an outbreak and the virus takes over, always talk to your doctor first and foremost. Remember that it is a virus so most medications won’t work, but having these methods to help manage the pain and make the condition more livable is the very best thing you can do to lessen the impact overall.

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