Too Busy to Workout? Try the 10 Minutes Sessions

Benefits of 10 minutes workout

Every time a new national or international event takes place, people get motivated and are determined to make new resolutions. An excellent example is the general motivation people find after the Olympics. Many people resolve to take on new resolution and try diets, exercises and other such programs to work towards healthier life, well being and weight loss. Such determination and high spirit is also noticed at the beginning of each New Year. Every year million of people make new resolutions such as to quit smoking, eat healthy, take on new exercise and so on.

However, it has been observed that for most people such motivation is short lived. Within a couple of weeks, it dwindles away and soon after people abandons what they have resolved to pursue. This is, perhaps, very true in case of health, well being and weight loss.

There is a psychological reason behind such de-motivation and lack of spirit. People, in their high spirit, take tasks which they are unable to maintain consistently. They turn towards strenuous exercises and routines. After the passage of a few weeks and sometimes even days, their motivation drops and finally, they abandon in a “spirit of laziness” what they had started in the new spirit of motivation and resolution.

If you have been the victim of such impulsive decision and failed in the past, you need not to worry. Most people fail because they find their new routine too strenuous and time consuming. We are living in a busy world and for many of us it is hard to find time for such activities on a regular basis.

Experts advocate that more viable and long lasting successful plans are those which are less strenuous, short, and less intensive.

Breakdown Routines into Smaller Chunks

It is wiser to break down big tasks into smaller pieces. This makes it a lot easier to carry on persistently. This breaks the task but not the motivation. Further, you do not have the excuse of not having enough time to do it. For example, if you are unable to do a 30 minute exercise at once, break it down to three smaller periods of ten minutes each. Psychologically, you will be ready to take it on as it is only a 10 minutes job. This is easier to manage and more practical to execute.

Exercise Based on Shorter Duration is More Effective and Healthier

Some people may think that a 10 minutes exercise may not be effective. This is not the case. In fact, it is the opposite. Recent studies have shown that a shorter but regular exercise routine is more effective and healthier than longer and more strenuous activities. In a report published in the New York Times, Dr Gaesser reports that a 30 minutes workout based on “10×3” formula is easier and far more effective than a single session of the same duration.

According to a review published by National Institute of Health, old and middle-aged people who live sedentary life and make sudden decisions of intensive activity, have higher risks of heart attacks. also makes a similar observation that people active moderately on regular basis do not get heart attacks.

The Taiwanese scientists conducted a study which began in 1996 and ended in 2008. Men and women numbering 416175 participated in the study. The scientists concluded that those who regularly worked out for 15 minutes had lowered their risk of cardiovascular diseases significantly. Those who were inactive increased their risk of death by seventeen percent in contrast to those who worked out for 15 minutes.


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