The Deadly Link Between Sugar and Cancer

negative effects of sugar

You might not think that eating too much sugar is a big deal. We are conditioned from a young age to believe that a little treat here and there is just fine. The reality is however that eating sugar can put you at risk of developing health problems down the line.

Though many people may not want to believe it, they are putting themselves at risk of developing cancer later in life if they eat too much sugar now. The connection and link between sugar and cancer is very real, and it’s time to understand how it all works. It may help you to stay away from sugar for good and to ensure that you focus on clean and healthy living.

Cancer Cells Feed Off of Sugar

Eating too much sugar can create a very acidic environment within the body, and that’s dangerous in and of itself. This is not good as cancer can come about due to excess acid in the body, and that’s exactly what sugar is contributing. As if that’s not bad enough, cancer cells are created off of and feed from sugar. It’s like you are feeding a monster because the more sugar that you eat, the more that you are putting yourself at risk of cancerous cells developing.

If you have family history of cancer then you are already at greater risk. Even if you aren’t the fact is that if you are changing up the environment of and processes within the body, then you are helping to create and foster cancer cells. These precancerous cells are then in existence and waiting there—and sugar gives them just the fuel that they are waiting for.

They will feed off of this and grow and multiply, and this can quickly turn into a tumor. It’s a very scary scenario but every time that you are introducing sugar you are giving the body exactly what it needs for cancer to grow.

This Substance Can Be Stored As Toxins

Sugar infographicThe body simply doesn’t know what to do with certain substance. The body doesn’t properly digest or break down substances such as sugar. This is not a food full of nutrients that the body needs. This is a substance that has so many risk factors attached to it, and the body just perceives it as a foreign substance. If it’s not going to break it down and utilize some of it as fuel, then the body can’t compute where it goes or what it does with it.

That ultimately means that the body will store this somewhere in your system—and it will be stored as a foreign substance or a toxin. Over time these substances do become toxins that are just held there with nowhere to go. This can easily translate to cancer cells and lead to the disease if you don’t properly cleanse the system. So think about that when you fool yourself into thinking that perhaps sugar is not such a big deal.

If you eat enough of it, and the body doesn’t break it down or know how to process it then the end result can be deadly. This can form the beginning foundation of cancer cells because you have loaded yourself down with something that is nutritionally void, potentially dangerous, and which can lead to long term health problems overall. You know that toxins or poisons are not desirable in everyday life, so you certainly want to avoid them in your diet and that starts with sugar.

You Are Likely To Lead An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Here’s the reality of the situation—if you eat a lot of sugar then you are probably not taking great care of yourself. If you are eating clean or at least focused on a healthy and balanced diet then you aren’t eating much sugar at all. You may have eliminated sugar altogether or at least recognize the negative impact it can have upon your health. If however you are eating a lot of sugar, then none of this is likely a concern.

Those that eat a lot of sugar either don’t realize the negative impact or may not care. They may eat a lot of unhealthy foods and they may gain substantial weight over time. If you are obese and you are carrying around excess weight, you’re putting strain on the body. This in and of itself can really put you at greater risk of developing health problems down the line which include heart problems, diabetes, and of course cancer.

A sedentary lifestyle, an unhealthy diet full of sugar and processed foods, and bad habits can cause you to become obese and unhealthy. This all makes you much more likely to develop cancer at some point in your life. The only true way to work towards prevention is to learn how to take better care of yourself. If you can create a healthy foundation that is free of sugar and other harmful substances, then you are much more likely to prevent cancer in your future. It’s that simple and yet that complex all at the same time!

It Causes Your Hormones To Get Out of Whack

Think about what happens when you eat something really sugary sweet and this can start to make more sense. You eat something and you feel immediately satisfied, even full. You are content and may even experience that “sugar high”—but just a little while later it all comes crashing down. You start to feel sluggish, hungry again, and suffer from almost a “hangover” as the positive effects of the sugar wear off.

What is happening in your body is that your blood sugar levels, your insulin levels, your metabolism, your natural body processes are rising and falling and fighting to keep up. You introduce something that seems to make you happy, but the body is working hard to keep up with this. The end result is that you plummet when the sugar wears off, so imagine what that is doing to your body.

It’s not good, it’s definitely hurting you, and it’s making you sick. This is all the foundation of cancer and so many other health problems because it’s unnatural to your body and the way that it functions. Try to remember that anything that works against your natural body process is not a positive thing. Sugar is not your friend, and over time it will cause you to gain weight and suffer so much more.

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