The 4 Worst Unhealthy Cooking Oils

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You probably think that you’re doing yourself a favor if you cook for yourself. You try to find the best ingredients and include the healthiest possible options out there. This is all great, however if you aren’t cooking for yourself then you are cutting yourself short in a major way. The problem is that not all cooking oils are made equally—and that is a major distinction that we need to understand if we are to enjoy better health.

You want to understand what your cooking oil is giving to you or taking away. Though you might think that “good fats” or fatty acids are a good thing, it is possible to eat too much of a good thing and this is never truer. You will find that if you use the wrong cooking oil this can essentially lead to diet sabotage—and the rest is horrible history for your health and your waistline!

Know what you are getting and really get into the habit of reading labels. Even if it’s a blend, if it combines with the wrong ingredients then you are only hurting yourself. You want a pure oil that features only the right ingredients that helps you to get and stay healthier. You want to be sure that you use the cooking oil that will benefit your health and really help to highlight your cooking.

If you choose right then you enjoy a pleasant experience—and if you choose one of these which are the worst cooking oils out there, then you may be causing yourself far more harm than you ever realized before. Stay away from these oils, for as you can see they are never going to benefit you and may actually hurt you quite a bit. These are the oils that hurt your health, and may sabotage even the healthiest of dishes.

1. Palm Oil

palm oilThough it may add a nice taste to your food, it’s not doing a thing for your health. It is actually making your health far worse and therefore it is never a good idea to use this oil. There are many restaurants that use this because it’s easier and may be cheaper in bulk, but it is full of saturated fat. You are not going to gain anything from eating it, but you will hurt your health. Just stay away from palm oil and you are doing yourself a favor.

Though not a lot was known about palm oil in the past, it is at the heart of so many foods that are high in trans fats. It’s simply not worth the risk and therefore if you want to protect your health you want to stay away from this one. Do yourself something good by removing this from your diet and you will feel so much better and avoid the unhealthy trans fats that should be removed from everybody’s eating plan for good.

2. Vegetable Oil

veg oilHere’s the thing, it may not be the absolute worst oil out there. The problem is that there are so many other healthier options that actually contributing to making you look and feel better. Sure you get a nice clean taste with vegetable oil, but that’s about where it ends. You want to try to remove this from your cooking because it just adds fat and calories that you don’t really need, and which will ultimately hold you back.

If you are going to take in fat and calories through a cooking oil then you want to get something out of it such as fatty acids or other healthy nutrients. You won’t get that with vegetable oil unfortunately, so it’s not worth the investment. You want to try to go for something healthier and though vegetable oil may be cheaper or more accessible, it most certainly isn’t doing anything to make your health or your life better.

3. Corn Oil

side effects of corn oilLet’s remember that at the heart of it, corn is actually a starch. You see that even when corn is used in oil form and therefore you know that nothing good is going to come out of this. You want to steer away from this oil because it introduces far too many fatty acids, and yes this is a possible thing. When you introduce this high of a concentration of fatty acids, then it’s only ever going to lead to inflammation within the body.

Over time this can lead to weight gain and related health problems, and therefore it’s easy enough to eliminate this one oil which does nothing good for your system. Corn oil is still used on some foods that are deemed unhealthy, and therefore it’s really no wonder that this is one of the first cooking oils that you need to get rid of in the here and now.

4. Grapeseed Oil

grapeseedThis may be a controversial addition to the list, but it’s true that this is not the right oil for your cooking or eating needs. This has a very high concentration of fatty acids; as a matter of fact it’s higher than any other oil out there. What that means is that over time this can lead to inflammation within the body which is an undesirable condition.

If left alone, this can actually lead to other bigger problems such as obesity and even heart disease in the long term. Be sure that you understand that the health benefits are outweighed by the potential risks with this oil. If you have been using grapeseed oil or a grapeseed oil blend, then find a better alternative such as olive oil, coconut oil, or even avocado oil.

There are far too many healthy cooking oils out there that there is really no excuse to use these unhealthy options anymore. You want to be sure to educated yourself on these oils so that you stay away from them, and you want to make better choices for your cooking and eating. That way you make wise investments into calories and fat, and you actually get the most out of the foods that you eat which benefit your health now and well into the long term.

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