Surgical Methods Used by Dermatologists to Remove Skin Tags

Skin Tags and Surgery

Skin tags are small bits of flesh that hang down the skin on various parts of the body especially, neck, underarms, eyelids etc. According to medical quarters, these tags are benign and do not pose any health problems. People would like to remove them mainly for cosmetic reasons if they grow on places like face.

healing oils by amoils skin tagsMany people use home remedies for the treatment of skin tags, and the results, for the most part, are promising. Generally, these remedies are safe and easy to administer. However, care must be taken before going for home remedies. Everyone may not able to use the methods at home. Such people may need to resort to professional and qualified health professionals to take care of the tags on the skin.

In order to remove the skin tags using surgical methods, you will need to visit the dermatologist personally. It is, therefore, important to do your home work and obtain enough information about the procedure.

There are several surgical ways and we mention here some of the most common procedures used by the dermatologists. After reading this article, you will be able to decide and discuss with your dermatologist the procedure you want to take.

Surgical methods for tags removal are minor procedures. Do not be afraid of the word surgery or surgical methods. You will not undergo any major operation or general anesthetics. The dermatologists may use some specific tools specially designed for the purpose.


This is a process in which the undesired skin tissues are burned using some specialized tools. Doctors have used the procedures to burn some outgrowths in the nose to stop bleeding and other related problems. The same procedure is applied to burn the skin tags.

The procedure can be quite painful if the area around the skin tag is not numbed. Dermatologists may use local anesthetics or other methods to numb the area to reduce pain and distress. They may also prescribe some pain killers as the pain may increase once the numbness is gone.

Some people use the procedure at home. We recommend not executing the procedure on your own. It is strongly recommended to obtain the services of a qualified health professional to avoid the associated risks. If you have skin tags on sensitive areas such as eyelids, penis or vigina, it is absolutely essential to either use safe creams and remedies or refer your case to a qualified health practitioner.


Cryotherapy or cryosurgery is a method in which the skin tags are frozen using liquid nitrogen. The dermatologist will apply the liquid nitrogen to the tags until they are snow white. It may take a few weeks for the tags to fall off.

There are mixed reactions about cryotherapy.  Some people have reported it promising and less painful as compared to cauterization. Other people have negatively reported. It takes longer and is not instant like cautery.

Cryotherpay also remains distressing all the time till the tags fall off. Some people have reported that they do not fall off even after a couple of weeks and they had to use other methods to deal with them.

Tying with String

This is an aged old method used by people at home. This cuts blood supply to the tags and they eventually fall off after a few days. This is also known as the dental floss method.

You may ask why you should go to dermatologists to tie the tags. If you have a few tags, you may consider it doing this procedure yourself. However, if you have many tags, it is advised to obtain the services of the professional. It may take ages to tie the strings around a couple of tags. Professional can do the same job efficiently and faster.

 Excision or Cutting off

This is the most instant method. The surgeon uses scissors, blades or clippers to cut them off. This involves bleeding and pain. However, the surgeon may numb the area to reduce pain. They may also apply some chemicals to stop the bleeding afterwards. Depending upon the number and severity of the wound, you may be also prescribed some antibiotics.

Should You Go to a Surgeon Then?

Skin tags removal is easy, but difficult! Some people find it so easy that they will shave it without even realizing it. Other will just take a blade or scissors and clip them off. Others may not even dare imagine doing it all by themselves.


If you fall in the later category, you may turn towards something like as  natural healing oil which can be used in the comfort of your own home without any pain or discomfort. natural healing oil is guaranteed to work according to the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers money back guarantee on the product.

If you are someone, who would absolutely not touch any health issues on your own, then it is best to go for a professional.

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