Speed Up Your Metabolism with This Drink and Lose Weight

There are many detox drinks which help you speed up the metabolism and you will be able to lose weight quick but it is not necessary that all the drinks suit you. Here is one recipe which will help anyone lose weight and will suit anyone. It is refreshing and best recipe to make your metabolism work faster to digest food and break with providing nutrients for healthy lifestyle.

Things you need to make this drink:

  • Water – a full Jug
  • Lime – 2 slices
  • Mint – 1 cup
  • Cucumber

How to make this drink

Add water into the pitcher and place the lemon slices in it. Now add mint as it is and the cucumber slices. Let it chill in the refrigerator for an hour and then you can have this drink twice a day after food. You can make it once in a week and have it the whole week long regularly.

Know about The Minty Drink

The main tip to make this drink work for you is to have it on daily basis for effective results. The ingredients in it work as a nourishment for the metabolism system to work and flush out toxins out of the body.

Lemons are energizers which keep the body hydrated and detoxified. It provides oxygen to the skin with balancing PH and keeps the skin clears too. It can work to keep the digestive system smooth and to lose weight. It helps to treat casual diseases such as colds, asthma, coughs, flu, heartburn and fevers. The ingredient of cucumber helps to provide Vitamin C with helping you improve eyesight as well. It helps you get rid of wrinkled skin and soothes the immune system where the food is easily digested.

The component of Vitamin K helps you strengthen bones with making the blood flow smooth. Vitamin A improves the cells growth with lowering cholesterol. If you have any cardiovascular diseases, the vitamins reduces the risk of any diseases. This drink provides you calcium to make the bones stronger with enough water for the body. The combination of ingredients in this drink provides fiber which flushes out bacteria and toxins from the body helping you to lose weight.

Drink this water either after food or by the end of the day every day to get positive results. Make sure you do not take any break in between so you are able to lose weight within 2 weeks. Know that the results will be shown after 2 weeks so do not hurry and be patient.

It is recommended that along with having this water, you practice exercise too. It helps you shed off extra fat in a healthier way. Once you sweat, it helps you take away fat and with the help of this minty drink, you will see that how fresh you will start looking without compromising on your favorite foods.

 People think that by eating less, they would be able to lose weight but it leaves the body with lack of nutrients so do not adopt that way. Keep your lifestyle healthy with maintaining your weight with the help of this awesome drink!



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