Some Effective Home Remedies for Treating Warts Suggested By People Who Actually Used Them

home remedies for discoid eczema

To know the effectiveness or otherwise of particular remedy, the best way is that you either use it yourself or you learn from the experience of another user. The natural and home remedies are a great way to remove warts.

The big question, however, is that what works and what does not. Since we started to publish a couple of post regarding warts, we received a good amount of feedback from our readers.

We thought it would be useful to sift through the feedback and publish it here for the benefit our readers.

These ideas were received through emails, comments and other feedback. We did not edit them and published them here as originally written.

Remove your warts naturally
1. Butter and Vitamin E Oil

I had several growing under my toes. These have been here around for four months. I tried so many home remedies but all in vain. I read it that coca butter and Vitamin E Oil work.

I bought the oil and cocoa butter cream from a local pharmacy. I would wash the warts under my toes and dry them with a soft and clean tissue paper. I would then mix the butter and the oil in equal amount and apply it to the warts.

Although, the process was slow, it really helped a lot. Most disappeared and the skin is improving every day. I also the love smell of the coca butter cream.

 William, London

2. Homeopathic Formula

I don’t know how I attracted them. But I had many all around my body. The idea of freezing them was horrible. Used a couple of over the counter cream which I bought locally but did not work. There is a lot of support for apple cider vinegar but it does not work for everyone.

I tried a homeopathic formula called H-wart by amoils healing natural oil. It does not smell terrible and works wonder. Yes, it does cost a couple of bucks, but who cares when it comes to health.

Sonia, New York

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

I will tell you ACV works. Do not use any vinegar. The one sold in the super market does not work because that is highly processed and does not contain the beneficial ingredients called mother. You must use organic apple cider vinegar such as Bragg.

I had some on my face a. I would mix a table spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and wash my face with it. I would dry my face with a soft towel. Then take a Q tip and soak it in the acv. Make sure you do not use the same Q tip for each warts

Within a few days, the warts started dwindling. In around six weeks’ time my condition was eighty percent better than before. After around three months, my skin is all smooth, soft and wart free completely.

Jack, San Deigo

4. Dr Scholl Kit

I had one under my feet right in the middle of the sole. It was very painful to walk on. I went to see the doctor and every time he would deeply cut and scratch with a sharp blade. He also gave me a blade to cut it myself. No results, except the pain.

Simple thing I bought the Dr Scholl’s kit and it worked great.

Khan, Bradford UK

5. Get to the Doctor

Guys, forget about home remedies. These so called home remedies are mostly old wives tales. They do not work. They may even have some adverse reaction. See you doctor and get them removed professionally.

Lassy, Los Angeles

6. Try Your Best

True that some of the home remedies do not work. But that does not mean they are all ineffective. Different people react to these remedies differently. Many people find them very useful for a variety of conditions. They are low cost, natural and even safer than what your doctor will do. No offence, just my 2 cents.

Jess, Washington

It looks like this site promotes h-wart formula. Although, I am not against it because I have not tried it. There are cheaper alternatives available.

Bruce, Swizerland

You are right, there are several other alternatives available which are cheaper. But trust me, this H-wart formula works. I have used it myself. It is natural and safe. It is a homeopathic formula and is amazing.

Liz, New York

What is the homeopathic formula you are talking about? Where can you buy it?

Joan, Brazil

Hi, here is more information about the formula. You can buy it here.


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