Six Best Home Remedies for Age Spots

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What are Age Spots?

These are black (brown) marks or pigments that usually appear at the back of the hands (even arms) and face caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. These are also known as liver spots.

Are these caused by age?

No. They are called age spots not because they are caused by age. They may come quite early like in the early twenties or later in life. These are called age spots most probably because it takes ages to appear after being exposed to sunlight. The causes are exposure to sunlight and it takes a lot of time for the damage to appear. Simply it takes ages to appear and people may only notice them later in their life, hence the name age spots. These are also called liver spots. They have nothing to do with liver and, most probably, are called so because of its similarity in color with that of the liver.
Where do they appear?

They affect those parts of the body which are exposed to the sunlight most. Face and back of the hands are generally most affected. They can also appear on forearms, shoulders, foreheads and legs depending on its direct contact with sunlight.

Home Remedies for Age Spots

1. Over the Counter Cream

If you have noticed the age spots just recently, then an over the counter cream may do the job. Creams like Fade Out can lighten the stains as it contains a bleaching agent called hydroquinone. The bleaching is only 2 percent and may work well on light stains. In case of deep marks, it may not work unless a cream with a stronger solution is applied. In that case, it is best to see a dermatologist and obtain a prescription for the cream.

2. Buttermilk and Age Spots

Buttermilk contains the properties to naturally heal skin especially when damaged by the sun. Take a little buttermilk and apply to the spots and other pigmented areas. The reason that butter milk works as a natural treatment for skin problems is it contains lactic acid which is known to cure pigments and spots.

3. Aloe Vera Gel, the Natural Treatment

No need to expand on the benefits of the Aloe Vera Gel as it is widely known among the general people since ancient times.
Take fresh gel from the plant and spread it over the affected area. Repeat the process twice a day. Aloe Vera gel contains natural chemicals to heal the damaged skin by replacing the dead cells with new and healthy ones.

4. Treat it with Honey

Honey is a great handy home healer for several common ailments. It has anti-septic properties and is used for several skin conditions such as age and acne spots. When mixed with yoghurt, it forms a perfect cream for making the skin soft, clean and healthy.

5. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is acidic and rich in vitamin C. It is very effective in treating skin ailments. Best is to cut a fresh lemon into pieces and rub gently over the affected areas. You can also use lemon juice using a cotton ball to apply directly to the pigments and spots.

6. Prevention is better than cure

We have noticed above that exposure to sunlight is the main cause of age spots, it is best to avoid excessive exposure to the sunlight. Use of sunscreen, sun cream, sunhat and remaining indoor when the sun is hot are some of the best preventative measures.


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