Rosacea Natural Treatment With Tea Tree Oil: Myth or Reality

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There is so much information out there when it comes to treating health problems or even skin conditions. One such issue comes about when you deal with rosacea for it can be an issue for those that live with it. A very common way of treating it can be using tea tree oil—but is this right for everyone?

Is it possible to turn to such a natural treatment and get the help that you need? This can be a wonderful way of working through rosacea, but it may not be best for everyone. Before you turn to this common remedy, be sure that you do your homework and know if you are the right candidate for this treatment. You may also have a look at this natural solution that works.

Consider the affected area and start slowly

The first thing to keep in mind is where the rosacea tends to occur in your body. If it’s on the cheeks or the chin then this may work just fine. If however the rosacea is within the nose then this can be a much more sensitive area to treat. You want to start slowly no matter what, but there may be instances where it may not work out that well. You want to try to avoid using tea tree oil at the worst part of the flare up too. If not done properly then it can add to the irritation and cause a more adverse reaction.

 Start slowly on the affected area and just apply a very little bit of tea tree oil to just one small spot to begin with. If that goes over okay then you can start getting a bit more liberal with your application. Try to use tea tree oil early on when the symptoms start to flare up or even after the worst of the flare up for best effects. Knowing where you are at with your rosacea and then starting the application out very slowly can really help you as you move forward.

If you have extremely sensitive skin then this may not be wise

Healing natural tea tree oilsThis is where knowing your skin can be so important to your well being. The same goes for your health, but in this case you have to get a hold on your skin type and other factors. If you have extremely sensitive skin then tea tree oil may not be your best choice. The same goes for the fact that if you have extremely dry skin then perhaps tea tree oil may not be your best option. What you need to know is that tea tree oil can be very effective, but it can also be very drying.

Be in control of your health in this capacity and be aware of the fact that if you dry out the skin too much you may have other problems. Rosacea is like acne but much more involved and related to other conditions within the body. Therefore know your body, understand your health, be in tune with your skin type, and search for the best possible options. Tea tree oil truly can be effective, but not if you have overly sensitive or extremely dry skin.

Look for wipes or a gentler treatment featuring this oil

Searching out for an alternative that may be a bit gentler on the skin can be a wise choice. While some people may apply natural and pure tea tree oil directly on the skin, this may not be the best cure for everyone. You may want to search out something like a tea tree oil wipe as a great way of treating the skin without having any of the side effects.

This is a diluted form of tea tree oil that can still offer you the same benefits but without the drawbacks. Consider this to be a great alternative that can still treat the rosacea in a safe and gentle way. You may have to do your research to find a product such as this, but in the end it’s worth the time that you put into it. If it helps you to avoid flare ups or work past them at the time, then that’s what it’s all about.

Be sure that you are always considering your trigger in determining the best treatment

This is always an important point to consider believe it or not. Say that your rosacea started to really flare up after you changed to a different soap or skin care product. If that is the case and the redness and inflammation occurs after that time, then perhaps an oil will not be the best cure for you. This is why being your own best advocate and treating the problem early on and being in tune to it matters greatly.

You need to recognize what your body is telling you something and be able to react accordingly. If your body is reacting to an outside stimulus such as a particular cleaner or skin care product or cosmetic, then perhaps tea tree oil isn’t the best option for you. If however it is reacting due to stress or something like spicy foods or alcohol, then that’s quite different.

Getting in touch with the reason for the inflammation can help you tremendously in determining the very best treatment. You don’t want to try something like tea tree oil without knowing your body first. If you know what works for you and what does not then you can decide if it’s the best possible treatment. This is true with tea tree oil and really any other rosacea treatment out there as well.

This is not a “one size fits all” type of skin condition and that’s important to note. The way that it develops, the type of rosacea that you get, where it appears, and how the flare ups occur all factor in here. Though you may very well consider the fact that tea tree oil has been known to be an excellent cure, it may not be the best one for you specifically.

Understand your body and more importantly what the cause or contributing factors are to this skin condition. You may find that you can stay ahead of the problem or turn to a natural method—but you first have to get to know your body and the reason that this skin condition came about in the first place.

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