Removing Stretch Marks On and Around Hips

hips stretch marks treatmentYou never want to see reminders on your body of a time when you gained weight. You never want to show evidence that your body changed and not in a positive way. Though you may be trying to turn your life around, if you gained weight in a substantial amount then you may find yourself battling something like stretch marks.

Though many people think that this is something just designated for pregnant women, you just might be surprised at how many other people suffer from this problem. When it comes to stretch marks around the hips and in that general area, this is a problem that may affect more people than you ever thought possible.

This Is a Tough Area To Work Through But You Truly Can Get Rid of Them

The thing to remember is that stretch marks around the hips or even on them is often due to significant weight gain or health problems. Men and women alike can develop these and it is usually a response to a substantial amount of weight that the person may gain.

They may find that they developed them and that over the course of time they only got worse. They may find that if they did nothing to try to help them, that even with some weight loss they are there for keeps. This doesn’t have to be your reality, but you do have to know how to remove stretch marks from this area.
How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturall
The biggest problem with stretch marks on and around the hips is that they are in a very vulnerable place. They are often hard to target and even harder to remove. You may feel as though you are running in place to try to combat this problem or that nothing will ever work.

This is a tough area to tone through exercise, much less to get rid of stretch marks across. Though you may think that nothing will ever work, there is some hope—if you are open to new methods and willing to try anything out then you can make these stretch marks a thing of the past! You can work through the problem and at the very least lessen their overall appearance.

You Might Be Surprised At How Well You Can Work With This Problem Area

You have to go into this process knowing that there are some wonderful ways to work past stretch marks in and around the hip area. This is a common problem in the first place when it comes to weight gain. Therefore if you have developed stretch marks over time, survey the extent of the damage and be ready to work through them with the right method. This may take some practice, but you will find that one of these tried and true methods can be a lifesaver for you.

Try essential oils

You just never know how well the right oil can work until you try it for yourself. There are some excellent essential oils out there which go much further than just aromatherapy. You want to find the right one such as lavender or even lemon oil and then rub it directly onto the tight where the stretch marks developed. This is a great one to try with other methods but these oils are pure and very potent in working through skin problems such as this. Test it out first to be sure it works well for you but then see for yourself just how well this can work in combating the unsightly stretch marks that you have developed.

You can try to get rid of them by exercising more

Many health experts will tell you that spot training doesn’t work. The thing to remember here though is that squats and lunges and exercises like them will help to add more muscle to the site of the problem. You want to blast away fat with cardio, but then strength training exercises may in turn add muscle to your physique. That being said, you want a good exercise regimen that incorporates cardio and strength training to sort of retrain the area. If you truly burn away fat but also introduce muscle, then you may naturally get rid of the stretch marks for good.

Try glycolic acid

What this does is help with the overall elasticity of the skin. This is particularly key here because weight gain in this area can be hard to work through. If you have developed stretch marks in and around the hips, then you want to try to get the skin to be more elastic so that you can work through them. Try this topical treatment and you just might find that this helps the skin to get a bit stretchier and this can be a great first step towards getting rid of the marks. You may need to partner this method with something else, but it’s a wonderful starting point for this common problem area.

Laser treatment or other surgeries may be worth considering in extreme cases

You might try home remedies, creams, or any other number of treatments. The biggest problem for people who suffer with this problem is that nothing seems to work because it’s often a stubborn type of fat and body part to deal with overall. Understanding that you may need to turn to a more extreme measure in some instances. Though laser treatment or surgeries may not be for everyone, they may be worth considering if you have tried everything. It can offer great results to those who have done a lot on their own and simply aren’t getting results otherwise.

There are some wonderful ways of coping with stretch marks in and around the thighs, but you have to know what you are doing. If you are willing to retrain the area or try to work through the problem then you may have good luck. The extreme measures are only a fit if you have extensive marks or you have found that nothing else is doing the trick—but everyone is different and it’s all worth a try!

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