5 Self-Help Pain Relief Measures for Interstitial Cystitis Flares

sound sleepIf you suffer from a particular health problem then you want to get yourself relief as quickly as possible. If this is further complicated with pain and discomfort then you may feel as though relief will never be found. This can be even more frustrating if this pain or discomfort is misunderstood by your doctor. Though it may not necessarily be their fault, you want your doctor to provide you with relief. When you suffer from something such as interstitial cystitis though, this is a very difficult condition to understand and often to diagnose as well.

This is the type of pain that is often hard to describe and even hard to talk about. It’s that type of pain that comes about during the most unmentionable times of your life. You may be moving about your day and then suddenly you find that the pain gets worse. You may feel as though you are running to the bathroom constantly, and that alone can be quite frustrating. You may feel as though you will never get relief, and it’s made even worse if you have sexual intercourse which may further complicate the issue. You may have a lot of discomfort associated with this condition, and therefore you want to know how to get some relief.

Getting It Under Control and Working Through The Flare Ups Will Be Key

natures way marshmallowThe problem that many patients with interstitial cystitis is that just getting the right diagnosis seems nearly impossible at times. You may find that you are going through the motions and even keeping track of your symptoms and your flare ups, but when you go to the doctor they tell you that it’s “just another bladder infection”. You know deep down that this is not the case, but at that point in time you will do whatever you can to get rid of the pain and discomfort and so you take the medication that they prescribe. Over time though you often find that this does nothing but give you temporary relief—you need help in the here and now and you need it to help you in the long term and understanding must be found!

You know that you can’t go on like this and you want help with the pain so that it doesn’t rule your life. This may sound dramatic to some, but if you suffer from interstitial cystitis then you know firsthand that this is not at all exaggerated. This is a very real condition with very painful flare ups and so getting these symptoms under control will forever prove to be important. The good news is that you may very well find that there is help to be found, and that you can get back to normal if you put your mind to it and work through the issue in a proactive and protective manner.

There Is Help To Be Found But You Have To Know How To Get It and Take Control Over It

You want to understand some good long term strategies that can help you to minimize the onset and the duration of this condition. Here we look at just a few methods and tactics for working through interstitial cystitis. You can take control over it and ensure that this does not interfere with your life any longer. Here are some great ideas for staying ahead of the condition and learning to manage the painful flare ups.

1. Know your triggers and try to stay ahead of the problem

This is a very proactive measure that can help you to live with this condition. This truly is a treatment method and you must view it as such. If you feel the flare up coming on or if you are in the thick of it then by all means work through your triggers and your issues overall. It may be trying to urinate frequently, getting up at night to urinate, not allowing yourself to hold it too long, or even urinating after sex. There are different triggers for everyone and the sooner that you get in touch with yours, the more that you will come to find a solution that works best for you!

2. Alternate cold and heat on the area as best as you can

There is nothing that an ice pack or a heating pad can’t help, and interstitial cystitis is no different. In this instance you want to alternate a good heating method and then a good cooling method to try to alleviate the pain and discomfort. These can provide temporary relief and work through the issues that come about due to this condition. It may sound simplistic but it really does work for you if you give it a try, and also be sure to stay ahead of it.

3. Drink more water to try to dilute the urine to a certain extent

Though this may not necessarily be a cause of the problem, drinking more water can help with the painful flare ups. In this case you want to turn to a greater water intake day after day, as it can help to dilute the urine and may help to relieve the pain in the process. You should be drinking more water anyhow, and this is a great time to try it and see for yourself how this can work.

4. Take a warm sits bath to relieve the pain and discomfort

Along with the direct heat that you apply and the cold methods too, you may find that a nice warm sitz bath can provide so much comfort. It can help you to feel relief and ensure that the pain is at least temporarily put off if you make this a regular habit.

5. Take pain medications to manage the condition at least in the short term

When you are suffering from an IC flare up, this is not a time to try to be brave. Take your pain medication, even if it’s over the counter type of relief. It can work wonders in helping you to return to everyday life and ensure that the pain is not too much that you can’t function.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by having these proactive methods, and managing the pain is at the heart of making this all work for you in the end! You don’t have to constantly suffer with the flare ups of interstitial cystitis and these are all great tactics to help you along the way.

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