Onion Under Socks: Chinese Experts New Discovery

the power of onionAccording to Beijing News Desk, Chinese experts think that our feet are very powerful organs and all the blood vessels spread from here to strengthen the whole body. It is because of these blood vessels that our body remains balanced to carry on all its functions.

That is the reason that they experimented to put onion under feet and see its powerful health benefits.

The Chinese experts further state that onion and garlic are natural anti-bacterial. Onion consists of phosphoric acid, it cleanses the blood by eliminating toxic waste and so you feel fresh, active and energetic.

The Chinese health expert say that we have powerful electric circuits in our feet but because of our shoes, they do not perform its function properly. It is, therefore, very important to take off our shoes and stay bare feet for some time. This ensures that the electric circuit work properly and our bodies derive maximum benefits from it.

According to these experts, one of the ways to make these circuits even more active, is to apply onion to our feet before going to bed at night. All you need is to cut onion to thin slices and apply them to the soles of your feet and put your socks on.

This is one of the most effective methods to activate the body circuits and feel a lot fresher, active and more energetic. This will also help you to relax after the day’s hard work.
Source: dailypakistan.com.pk

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