My Personal Story of Using Wartin for Treating my Genital Warts

I had warts around my anus and some inside. First I did not realize what these were. When I visited GUM, they diagnosed them as genital warts. They prescribed podophyllotoxin. I used it for around a month but it made no difference. In fact, my condition became worse and worse.
get rid of it within 48 hoursI made several visits to the docs at GUM but no real benefit. It was so much embarrassing that every time I had to put my trousers down, I would literally melt in shame. Each time they would ask me if I had any sex with multiple people. They would even ask if I had anal sex!

Everything was embarrassing! So embarrassing! It was so shameful for me. I know they had to do it that way. But it was a big burden on me. And trust me I never had any sexual relation with multiple partners nor I had any anal sex in my life. How did these bloody warts appear there? I have, absolutely, no idea.
2 days treatment
I asked them if I could treat themselves using some alternative methods. They strictly advised not to use any self treatment as it may worsen my problem.

I did a lot of research. Read about dermatologists, cryotherapy, freezing, home remedies and all that stuff. I also read about so many topical and over the counter cream each one screaming to buy them for effective and successful treatment.

I just selected Wartin only to give it a shot. I just knew that it had some FDA recommended ingredients and that many people had used them with great success. There was also a money back guarantee. I thought to myself, hey, why not give it a shot. After all, it is far better than putting my trousers in front of the docs and they examining my anus with magnifying glasses, akh!

Guess what? The thing worked. And it worked so fast! And It worked without any pain! and it worked without any embarrassment.

If you really share the same experience, I would honestly suggest give it a go. After all, you are not losing anything except warts!

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