Best Diet Plan 2017 for 7 Pounds Weight Loss 7 Days

7 days diet plan for weight loss

I am not a big fan of crash or extreme diets. However, there are times that I do use some of the simplest methods to lose weight quickly.

The method I use is not only quick and simple, it is safe and easy to follow.

If you want to shed some of the extra baggage for an occasion, here is a great and simple method to do that. This diet plan is the best 2017 diet plan.

Before I show you the actual method, let me make it clear that I am not a dietician, medical expert or nutritionist. If you have any concerns regarding your health, you better ask your doc.

In the beginning of tthe year 2017 my weight crossed the mark of 161 pounds. I am a short size of 5 feet and 1 inch. According to BMI calculators, I should be no more than 154 pounds. So I had to burn 7 pounds of fat to get in to my healthy weight range. And that means one pound a day!

I never tried my chances on new year resolution, but this year i.e. 2017, it just conceded with my 7 day diet plan, I took it as an opportunity for an extra kick of motivation.

 The Liver Cleanse

I once purchased the Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles Livingston and read through the whole system. Honestly speaking, I never put it into practice unless I revisited it just before starting my 7 day diet in January, 2017.

the master cleanse program The most amazing thing I found in the Dr Charles Livingston book was the Liver Cleanse or the master cleanse as Charles calls it. The liver or master cleanse program not only helped me to get in shape very quickly, I experienced tons of other health benefits including, more energy, clear mind, improved eyesight, better memory and great digestive system.

If you did not have a chance to grab Dr Charles Livingston’s book, I highly recommend to grab it here. It is amazing and may change your health life forever.

My 7 day diet plan is simply divided into two phases. The first phase is called the master cleanse and the second is phase is called the VegFruit phase. The first phase consists of 3 days while the second consists of 4 days, that is, 7 days in total.

 First Phase, the Master Cleanse

The master cleanse is a program where you try to cleanse your liver of all the toxins. It improves the functions of the liver by eliminating toxic substances. Its improves digestive system and prepares your system for burring fats on auto pilot.

For the first three days, you eat nothing except a drink made of lemon juice and maple syrup B grade.

Day 1: Maple Syrup and Lemon Juice of the Best Diet Plan 2017

I started to drink the maple and lemon juice right in the morning without taking any breakfast.

In order to make the juice you will have to squeeze 2 fresh lemons in a 2 liters of water. Mix 3 tablespoons of B grade maple syrup. Keep drinking throughout the day.

My first day was ok except a little bit of craving and light headedness in the evening. I went to sleep early as I felt a bit tired.

By night I had finished my 2 liters of the juice.

Day 2 of the Best Diet Plan 2017

The second day continued with maple syrup and lemon. I had mild headache in the afternoon which continued till bed time. I did not feel hungry and the craving was substantially gone.

Day 3 of the Best Diet Plan 2017

The third day was not different. The only problem I faced was my headache.

On the 4th day morning, I weighed myself on the machine and guess what, I had lost 4 pounds!

Day 4 of the Best Diet Plan 2017

Start on Raw Veg and Fruit.

On day 4, I was absolutely fantastic, I was full of energy.

I ate raw vegetables the whole day.

There was a further loss of one pound.

 Day 5 of the Best Diet Plan 2017

On the 5th day, I felt more energy and more active. Total weight loss 6 pounds.

Day 6 of the Best Diet Plan 2017

Added Fruit to Veg.

On the sixth day, I added fruit to raw veg. As fruit are more sugary, I tried to avoid them the first two days of veg.

Another one pound lost. Total loss 7  pounds.

Day 7 of the Best Diet Plan 2017

Added Soup

On day 7, I felt lighter and more energized. I added vegetable soup to my diet and continued eating more fresh and veg.

The total weight loss was 7 and half pounds!

After 7 days, I slowly returned to my normal eating habits.

It has been more than six months now and I am still maintaining the same weight.

 Do I need Exercise?

I received a couple of questions about the diet. The most frequently asked question was whether you will need exercise or not.

I love to walk and run. I go to gym three days a week. I also walk in the nearby public park almost on a daily basis.

But… all this is not a part of my 7 day diet plan for weight loss in 2017. I have been doing it on regular basis for a long time.

Let me make it clear, if you are not exercising, please start doing so even if you do not lose weight by exercising. Apart from weight loss, you will get tons of other health benefits.

You do not have to go to gym, run or jog. Well, if you can do that, that is great. But if you can’t, do whatever you can. Walking kids to school, riding a bike, commuting to work or to the supermarket, taking the stairs etc. are some of the simplest and easiest, yet the most effective ways.

What About Supplements?

Dr Charles mentions several supplements which can boost or speed up your weight loss. However, it depends upon your target weight and how much do you need to lose. Personally, I had to just lose 7 pounds, I did not feel the need to take any supplements. Enjoy the best 7 day diet plan in 2017.

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