Knowing Skin Tags, What Are They?

Skin tags are small pieces of skin flesh which form a tumor to hang off the skin. These primarily grow in the areas where the skin may form creases like the armpits, necks, groins etc.

They may also grow on other parts of the body such as forearms, face, under breasts, under the folds of buttocks and mostly commonly on eyelids. Other names for skin tag are acrochordon, cutaneous, fibroma molluscum, papilloma colli, and fibroepithelial polyp.

They are flesh colored or brown and look like somewhat similar to warts. They are normally benign, harmless and do not change overtime.
Skin Tag Removal by Amoils

Skin tags may develop at any age, but they are more common in older and overweight people. It is thought that the most common cause of skin tags is rubbing of the skin against skin and clothing. This is why that overweight people are more vulnerable to them than slim people.

They are non-cancerous tumors and do not cause any health problems. They do not hurt when touched or gently rubbed. If they are repeatedly rubbed or scratched they may irritate. They may also hurt and bleed when cut while shaving.

Some people may get them and have never realized and they may have fallen off. In most cases, they do not fall off themselves unless treated.

They may be very small like a tiny grain of rice or as a big as a good sized grape. In rare cases, they may grow as big as a half an inch.

Some users report that when the sugar levels go up, skin tags may appear and when the level goes down they may disappear. It is suggested that if a huge number of skin tags appear, it may be a warning of diabetes. This statement, however, needs to be supported by evidence.

In most cases, you may not need to remove the skin tags. However, if they grow on places like face, eyelids or any other visible part of the area; they definitely look ugly and affect the beauty. They may also not look nice on breasts, chest or neck. So, cosmetic reasons may be the only reasons that you want to get rid off them.

If you live in the US, your health insurance company may not cover them. If you live in the UK, NHS treatment does not cover them too. You will have to either consult a private doctor by paying him fees or look for alternative methods.

You can go to your doctor to remove them surgically. The procedure is normally easy and does not take long. The doctor may numb the area and then cut the tags off. It may bleed a little in the beginning but bandaging the cut will stop bleeding. There are several alternative methods available to treat skin tags.

Skin tags can also be treated using some home remedies like using acv, using hair knots, cotton thread, nail polish etc. Before using any home remedies for skin tags, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the stuff you will use.

There are many creams available online which claim to cure skin tags painlessly and effectively. Amolis Natual Healing Oil is the most popular and very high success rate among the users.

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