Is There Any Cure For Genital Warts?


I have heard and read that there is no cure for warts or genitile warts? Then what is that the doctors prescribe and what about all the claims by different products manufacturer?


Yes, you are right that there is no cure for HPV. The problem is that once this virus enters the human body it is always there. So, you cannot get rid of the wart causing virus.

However, there is a way that makes warts disappear! Looks contradictory? Yes, it appears so.

When HPV enters the body it remains active and causes those bumps on the skin known as Remove your warts naturallywarts. These warts appear as long as the HPV is active. But there are ways and means that can turn the virus inactive. Once the virus is inactive it will not cause warts though it will still remain inside the body.

So that means there is no cure for warts, yet these can be treated simply by turning the virus inactive.

As long as the virus remains inactive, you will be wart free. But it can become active again once it finds that the body immune system has gone weaker.

So, warts will re-appear. That is the reason that we hear people saying their warts disappear but they keeping coming back.

Such warts are termed as stubborn or recurring warts simply because they keep coming back.

Please note this question has not been answered by any doctor or qualified professional health. The answer is based on the information gathered from various resources.


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