Is The Fat Loss Factor Program by Dr Charles Livingston a Scam? An Objective Review

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lose weight in one weekI do not review any product myself unless I have used it personally. As you can see I used the word “objective” here although what I am going to relate to you is mostly subjective i.e. personal experience. But what I mean is that I will not let my own personal bias affect the evaluation of the book in any way.

The problem is that we have million of reviews about products on the internet. Most of them, if not all of them, are fake, exaggerated or highly biased. To find an honest, unprejudiced, real and genuine review is almost an impossible task. It is like finding a tiny gem lost in the billions specks of sands.

I absolutely do not believe in any review unless someone has actually used the product and relate their own personal experience. The reason is simple, the product either works or it does not work. There are no guesses!

To begin with the Fat Loss Factor Program by Dr Charles Livingston, I have read the book personally, digested the instructions and followed the program to the letter. Here are my thoughts.

The Program Simply Works

The program works if followed as per instructions. There is no reason that one should not succeed in losing fat and getting in perfect shape. The only bit is you must act. You may buy diet plans after diet plans, and still not lose weight. In addition to many other reasons, one of the primary reasons that people fail to lose weight or fat is inaction. So, if you want to achieve success, get the book, read it and act upon it. SIMPLE!
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Suited to Individual Requirements i.e. Customized Programs

Dr Charles Livingston has designed the plan to cater to the needs of different types of people. May be you want to lose just a few pounds? May be you want to shed a lot of weight? Or May be you want to lose it quickly. The book provides three plans which will suit the requirements of different people.

  1. Steady Weight Loss Plan: Lose one to two pounds a week on average.
  2. Quick Weight Loss Plan: Lose 3 to 4 pounds a week on average.
  3. Turbo Weight Loss Plan: Lose 5 to 6 pounds a week on average.

As you can see from the above, the diet plan provides for all types of people. If you are in no rush and wants to take the relax route follow the steady plan. If you want to look great on an occasion and want to expedite the fat loss process, follow the Quick weight loss plan. If you really want to surprise other at your first appearance, then you might go for the Turbo Weight loss plan.

 Eat Whatever You Like and Still Lose Weight!

“But that is a slogan of every fad diet”, I hear you saying. I agree. True, every single diet says that. But remember I said in the beginning seeing is believing. Let me make it clear that it does not mean that you can eat whatever you like at any time and any quantity. No, but you have time for indulgence. Yes, the author calls them cheat days. Although, the recommended cheat day is once a week, I had even two a week. I ate all that I wanted i.e. burgers, fries, ice-cream, donuts, cakes, biscuits and what not and what not.

However, the more I followed the program, the less I felt like eating such junk. Not that I had any feelings of deprivation, but it was a natural withdrawal progress. Within three weeks, my body had adjusted to the new system. I do not have cravings for these foods any more. I still cheat myself on an occasional day.

The Plan is Healthy. It is a Life Style Change

Losing weight is not the primary concern of the program. The main purpose of the book is to put you on a healthy life style and then put your body on auto to get into perfect shape. The biggest difference you will find that you will not simply lose weight but also gain enormous health benefits.

Practical and Down to Earth Advice

The book contains principles of healthy life style. The first principle will set the way for success taking you all the way to the last step.

The author asks you to take some basic statistic such as your body weight, fat percentage in your body, thighs measurements and size of your waist. You are also advised to check your clothing, note your weight and even take photographs. As you go along with the program, you will see your progress and compare your new measurements against the old ones. Within a week, you will start wearing clothes which you might have abandoned because they were over tight. The before and after photographs is real motivating boost to stick to the plan. I have several such photos and will be shortly uploading a gallery of all these pictures.

No Miracle Approach

The Fat Loss Factor Program does not take a miracle approach of promising to lose your weight overnight. It teaches you how to practically get a lean and healthy body. A body that you can be really proud of. You attain all these goals by following the principles consistently at your own pace.

Eating Habits and Auto Loss

Once you change your eating habits, your metabolism is supercharged. Coupled with some useful exercise technique, you will put your body as an auto fat burning furnace.

Lose Weight Gain Muscles

This is another great way to make your body burn the fat on auto pilot. Building muscle to burn the fat is an essential principle. Once you build fairly strong muscle, your muscle tissues will burn more fat even when you’re are not exercising or doing a work out. You do not have to join the gym and do hard weight lifting to build your muscles. All you need to do is follow some simple but super sets exercise and gain heavy mass muscle tissues.

The Hardest Part and the Boring Bits

Any program is not without hard parts and boring bits. Which bits are hard and boring shall depend on each individual. For some a boring bit may be the most enjoyable for others and vice versa. However, I felt the following parts to boring and found myself to be consciously resisting temptation.

The Master Cleanse

In this part you fast from 3 to 10 days with drinking a lot of lemon water and herbal teas. That is it. You will feel dizziness, headaches, mood swings, tiredness and some other symptoms.

The good news is that the master cleanse phase is optional. You do not have to do it if you do not have the guts. Although, it is very useful as it cleanses the body of all the toxins which helps it burn the fat quickly.

I personally did not take continue it for more than 24 hours. I know someone who could do it for 10 days! Personally, I could not do it for more than 24 hours. Initially, I thought I will do it for 10 days, and then dropped to 7 days, then to 3 days, then to 48 hours and finally to 24 hours!

Also, you can do it intermittently and still get some benefits. I do it once a week for only 24 hours over the weekends. I find it helping me a lot in many ways.

The Raw Food Diet Phase

I hate limiting myself to eating whole tomatoes, carrots, vegetables, grass etc. I am neither a cow nor a goat, lol. I love meat. I am a meat lover and you cannot eat meat raw.

I found it hard to survive on raw food. Many people do it successfully, but not me. However, again I tried to strike a balance. I incorporated raw food into my overall diet and did not make it my only food.

Eating Supplements

Dr Charles Livingston mentions so many supplements in his book mentioning the benefits of each. There are several recommended supplements and I was wondering if I take one pills of each supplement that would alone fill my stomach. 🙂

Again, eating supplement is completely optional. I personally, take one multivitamins and one fish oil supplement daily.

My Recommendation

If you are in need of finding a permanent solution to your weight problem, I highly recommend reading the Fat Loss Factor Book. Good news is that the author is so confident that he offers 60 days complete money back guarantee without any question. Just in case you do not like the program after reading it, you still do not lose anything. You will, on the other hand, get a lot of useful and firsthand information about how to live a healthier, slimmer and happier life. It is not a scam. It works.

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