I Had a Skin Tag on Vagina and Now It is Gone Forever – So Happy

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The author requested not to disclose their name and this article be published only  anonymously.  So, to respect the privacy of the author, we did not disclose their name.

I am neither an expert writer nor have any knowledge of medical field. I came across this site by chance and while reading an article, I found solution for my tag on the lip of my vagina. It was here that I found H-skin Tag Formula by Healing Oils that helped me get rid of the problem.

After I successfully got rid of that “emotionally hurting” bit of hanging flesh in around 2 weeks time, I wanted to share my experience with others on the condition of anonymity. I emailed the website editor and got permission to share the experience with others without my name being published.

skin on the  vaginal lipHow did the skin tag appear on the lip of my vagina? I have absolutely no idea. I only felt it when it was very small and I thought it might be a kind of acne, spot or a pimple. I did not bother much because I would feel it only when I would clean or wash myself. After that I would totally forget it.

A few weeks later I found that it had significantly grown and would feel the touch immediately during vaginal cleaning or washing. It would even swell, itch and was painful especially during menstruation.

When I mentioned it to my partner, he was shocked and suspected me of genital warts. I, too, was scared. After much discussion, we decided to see the docs.

Ha! To see the docs for that? The very idea was so alarming! However, we decided that I would consult a female doctor and he would consider a male one, lol. This would, in our minds, lessen the shame of being checked for the parts never shown to others….aaaaaaaaa…!!!!

The worst shock came when the docs said that we could have some STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and that we need to be sent to GUM. Those of you who do not know what is GUM then they are genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics in the UK which provide services on the sexual health. Patients are checked in a friendly environment and all records are kept confidentially and not shared with your own GPs unless a consent is given. (sorry if I don’t remember correctly)

Anyway, several tests were conducted at the GUM clinic and we were both cleared of any STDs. A great sigh of relief, indeed.

Although, cleared of any STDs including genital warts, the doctors at GUM still gave us some solutions for warts to be applied to the affected area!

Another surprising thing was that my partner was also given the solution as very small tags had been spotted on his penis.

Although, we knew that we did not have genital warts, we still had to go by the book and follow the docs advice as my partner always says, “just in case, honey”.

(He stopped me calling honey till I was cleared)

We applied the solution for a month and nothing happened. My partner was ok as his were too small and it did not itch or swell. So he did not care if it worked or not. Mine would become itchy especially after washing, cleaning or taking a shower.

skin on the  vaginal lipAlthough, cleared by the docs for anything serious, I still wanted a solution. So I saw my GP again and informed her of the results in GUM clinic. It was only then that she said it could be the bloody (pun) skin tag! She explained that

It was harmless and if I wanted she could cut it in a single session!

What, cut it? I was about to scream imagining the horrors of scissors, knives and sharp tools working there while my legs were wide open.

No, absolutely, No! I refused firmly.

This was then I started to search on the internet and landed on this site. I understood that mine could be something called a skin tag. As I had already confirmed at with my doctor, I knew it was not something serious and could be a harmless vaginal skin tag.

I saw the banner for H-skin Tag Formula and decided to give it a go. I had read that it was homeopathic solution and completely safe. However, I was still not sure whether it will be safe for parts like vagina. So I contacted the company through their online chat and asked them whether the product was safe for use on vagina. Here is the response I got.

 ” Hi,

Thanks for question and interest in our product. All our formulas are 100% natural. We do not use any harmful chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or additives in our formulas, they are once again 100% natural!

Many people have had success with the product even on their eyelids provided it is not too close to the eye as you do not want to get the formula into the eye.”

After fully satisfying myself, I ordered the “thing”. As I live in the UK, it took sometime to arrive from the US which was still earlier than expected.

I used the solution regularly as directed and within a week, the skin tag had turned dark and smaller in size. After two weeks, it fell off in the form of a tiny black grain. I did not feel any pain during the whole period. The only thing that bothered me was the tea tree oil like smell of the solution.

My partner did not like the smell either. I told him to ignore the smell and focus on….lol, you know what I mean.

Conclusion: I had a skin tag on the vagina, now it is gone!

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