How to Stop Skin Moles from Coming Back After You Removed Them

Removing moles

Do skin moles come back? They usually do not, but like skin tags, sometimes, they are recurring. However, there are some steps which when taken can prevent their coming back.

If you have removed your skin mole surgically, it is always good practice to follow the advice of your doctor. Nurturing good habits and sticking to the right health standards prevent a lot of hassle. Although, no single formula in this case will work 100%, but following the advice of your qualified health professional and nurturing some healthy habits may not only prevent your moles from coming back, but also improve your overall health.

homeopathic treatment for moles

Skin moles have been linked with exposure of skin to sunlight for extended period of time. It has been found that long exposure to sunlight may cause skin wrinkles, moles and even cancer in some cases.

The sun light contains two different kind of rays: ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B. It has been suggested that even tanning beds use ultraviolet A rays which may cause cancer. Even it takes longer for these rays to show damage, yet these are harmful.

It is, therefore, very important to take precautions if you are exposed to sun for longer hours. According to NHS UK, it is not always possible to avoid melanoma, yet there are some protective measures that can prevent chances of developing it. Here is a summary of the precautionary steps recommended  by health experts.

Stay in the shade

The sun is strongest between 11am and 3pm and in some hot countries between 10 am and 5 pm. It is advised to stay in the shade during these hours as much as possible.

 Cover up

If you do have to go out in the sun, it is useful to cover up with clothes. Wearing a hat and sunglasses is a good step to protect your head, face and eyes.

Use Sunscreen

High factor sunscreen is recommended especially after swimming. Water washes away any creams applied so you have to reapply after washing yourself, taking shower or swimming.

No use of sunlamps or sun beds

Some people mistakenly think that sun beds and tanning beds are safe. It is not so. They contain UV rays and may be harmful. In the UK it is illegal for under 18 to use sun tanning beds.

Avoid using cheap sunscreen with low SPF (sun protective factor). Cheap sunscreen may not be very effective against the harmful UV rays. The minimum SPF should be 30. Good quality sunscreen last longer and provide better protection than the cheap low quality ones.

Be generous while applying the sunscreen as these can be ineffective even simply by sweating or the sunlight after sometime. If you work outside continuously, it is generally advised to reapply sunscreen after every hour.

The sun can also penetrate into clothing. It is good practice to wear protective clothes such as clothes with tight weave. Tight weave clothes offer much better protection than loose or elastic type.

The sun is also very harmful to children. During summer holidays, most children play outside for longer hours. Always keep them indoors during peak hours and use sunscreen on their bodies.

Apart from all these precautionary measures, it is also wise to use creams and lotions which contain only natural ingredients. If you have moles or skin tags and want to treat them naturally and safely, consider buying natural treatments. There are many over the counter or online solutions available which contain only natural ingredients and are safe to use.

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