How to Remove Skin Tags on Your Penis Without Being Embarrassed?

embarrassing skin tags on penisPenile skin tags are fleshy outgrowths on the above surface of the penis. These are attached to the shaft of the penis through a stalk which acts as a blood supply pipe to the outgrowth.

Most of these fleshy bits above or under the penis shaft are harmless just like the tags on other parts of the body. However, caution must be exercised before you try to remove them yourself using the DIY or home based methods.

Extra special care must be taken if they appear above the head of the penis or under it near the opening. The reason being these areas are more sensitive and in more frequent contact with the clothes, toilet paper, water, urine etc.

Apart from the penile area, you can also get them on scrotum, perineum and other private areas.

Most people find them embarrassing especially if you in a relationship. Some people also find them embarrassing to show it to their doctors.

Although, they are benign, some people report feeling of discomfort during sexual intercourse, contact with clothes, wiping or washing.

If you feel too embarrassed, try something like H-skin Tag Homeopathic formula on your own. The benefit of using such formula is that it contains natural ingredients and are relatively safer than other over the counter solutions.

Make Sure These are Only Skin Tags

Before any self-treatment, it is very important to find out that they are actually benign tags. Look out for the following conditions which often are mistaken for tags.

Genital Warts

These are caused by HPV virus and are highly contagious. If the bumps have been spreading too fast to the surrounding areas and other parts, then these should be checked for genital warts.


Moles are small brown or black shape bumps on the skin. Moles are generally benign; some moles can be cancerous and should be referred to the doctor.

When Should You Check with the Doctor?

It is always wise to check any condition with your doctor to ensure proper medical attention if needed.

If you see any of the following conditions in your penile skin tags, you should consult your qualified medical practitioner.All natural treatment for skin tag removal

  • The tags change their color
  • They increase in size
  • They bleed
  • They are itchy in normal situation
  • They are just on the head of the penis
  • They are near the opening of the penis

If you do not see any above of the condition then you are generally safe to use your own methods of removal.

Home Remedies

Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, nail polish, duct tape and baking powder are some of the most commonly used methods for the removal of skin tags penis. These remedies may be ok if they appear on neck, elbows, under the armpits etc.

However, I do not recommend using them on the penis. The penis skin is sensitive and may easily get irritated.

Some people may react to these remedies and thus create further complications.

Warning About the Dental Floss Method

Penis skin tag removal remedyThe dental floss methods is much talked about to get rid of the skin tags on penis. In this method you tie the dental floss string or hair in on the stalk between the tag and the skin.

This constricts the flow of blood to the bump which eventually dies.

Here are few things you must know before you try the dental floss method for the removal of skin tags on your penis.

It is Painful

This method is very painful. There are many stories around the web on the severe pain of the dental floss method. Many people have just untied it after they were unable to bear the excruciating pain.

May Not Work

If you tie it too tight it may cut the stalk and start bleeding. This will add to the horrible pain.

If you tie it too lose, the blood flow will not stop and hence the tag will stay on.

Risk of Infection

When the string cuts through the shaft of the tag, it may bleed. The wound may attract bacteria and thus develop into an infection.

Too Small for the String

These tags on the penis are generally very small and it is not practical to tie floss around it even if you get somebody’s help.

Too Sensitive Area

The penis shaft and head are sensitive areas. They easily get inflamed during sex, washing or wiping. Tying a dental floss around can make it even more sensitive.

What Can Doctors Do?

Professional and qualified medical experts such as skin specialist or dermatologist can remove the skin tags using several clinical methods.

Excision, freezing, cutting and simple surgical procedures are the most commonly methods used by medical professionals.

It is always recommended to seek medical advice especially when you have problem on such sensitive areas.

However, there are a couple of problems people often complain when they take the professional medical route for the removal for penile tags.

It is Embarrassing

Most people would not like to show their private parts to be inspected by others. Although, there is nothing wrong when you have a medical reason, some people are naturally shy to do so.

It is Expensive

Medical insurance generally do not cover these treatments. You may need to pay more than one visit to the clinic depending upon your situation. So, you may incur a considerable amount of fees for the treatment.

It is Painful

Generally, the dermatologists will administer local anaesthesia before the treatment. This will numb the area to eliminate pain.

People, however, report that once the anasthetic effect is gone, the pain returns. You may be prescribed some pain killers to reduce the pain. There is also a risk of infection and you may be put on some antibiotic.

Try a Homeopathic Over the Counter Solution

Homeopathic over the counter creams are relatively safer as they contain only natural ingredients.

They are a better alternative than OTCs that contain harsh chemicals.

H-Skin tag formula by Amoils (Natural Healing Oils) is a homeopathic formula which contains only natural ingredient. Click here to visit the official site.

In our previous review of skin tags on anus, many users left positive reviews for the formula.


Mufassa Says:

I had them on my neck and just twisted them around and they are gone.


Jeff Says:

Do not ever try to twist them if they are on your dick. You will add to your misery. Try some medication.


Drew Says:

O, man! I have them on my dick and they are ok. But when I masturbate, they are so horrible afterwards. I hate them.


Gary Says:

Yes, this post is right about the dental floss method. I tried on one under the armpit and it is horrible. Only try if you are ready for the pain.


Jay Says:

Why is it embrassing to check with the doctor? Just go and let the doc sort it out.


Sloppy Says:

It is really embarrassing. Yeah, I know not for everyone. I will try the H-Skin Tag Formula and report back.


Agar Says:

For any homeopathic product to work you should have patience. It takes longer than other solutions.


Susan Says:

Are they contagious? Do you get them while you have unprotected sex?


Khan Says:

@Agar, you are right. It takes a lot longer. I had an online chat with the Amoils of H-Skin Tag Formula and they told me that it takes longer. However, it they suggested it was safer and natural so worth the wait.

@Susan, No they are not contagious as far as I know. They are not viral and you do not attract them from others.


Levi888 Says:

Thanks for the post. Good to know they are not contagious. Also good idea of using homeopathic and natural remedies.


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