How to Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days: My Genuine Review of Fat Loss Factor Diet and Real Life Experience

Shayring smithWARNING: Most weight loss reviews online are either fake or exaggerated. The following lines contain a real account for the weight loss diet program called Fat Loss Factor.

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This is a real review, a real account of how I was finally successful to shed my pounds with a simple life style change with minimum efforts.

My name is Shayrin and I have followed many fad diets and programs over the years. I admit that I lost weight while following some of these programs, but these were 100 percent short term. The biggest difference between Fat Loss Factor and other system is that FLF is a permanent solution to being overweight.

 Ok, Shayrin, So How Much Fat Did You lose in the First Two Weeks of the FLF System Diet?

I lost a little less than half of the total weight in the first 10 days i.e 13 pounds which was followed by 3 more founds in the following three days. When I started I weighed 135 (and I am only 160 cm tall) and by the end of day thirty I was exactly 105.5 lbs.

 Did You Use Any Diet Pills or Any Other Expensive Supplements?

 pills and tabletsYou do not have to use any sort of diet pills or supplements. As for the diet pills, I truly hate them. I consider diet pills a scam. Don’t get me wrong, may be there are some which works. But…Not for me and many others. And they may not be safe. The author of the Fat Loss Factor does not recommend any sort of diet pills.

Regarding supplements, again you do not need any. I have been taking one multivitamin a day. But that was not part of the regime.

I did drink a lot of green tea with lemon which not only helped me cleanse my liver but also expedited the fat melting. A friend of mine used Garcinia Cambogia and she endorsed that the supplement helped her a lot. Personally, I did not use it.

What About Junk Eat? Is There Any Room for That?

burgerJunk food gives you junk health and junk results. But listen, who does not want to enjoy the taste of many types of mouth watering tasty food? Are you going to lose that too? No, you have your cheat days. And trust me when you eat junk on cheat days, it is a lost tastier!

I had only one cheat day (and my friend had two) a week! May be Garcinia Cambogia was compensating it for her.

Best thing, now after many months, I even don’t crave for any junk food. The Fat Loss Factor actually reprograms your mind and then you simply do not want any Junk food. All your cravings are directed towards healthier food. Not only that you will feel the healthier tastier.

What About Exercise? Did You Do Lots of Exercise While Following the Fat Loss Factor Diet?

RunningLet me be honest with you. I a mom of five girls! Yes, five girls! I have very less time for any working out. I take care of the girls, their school, homework. I also do all sorts of house work and a lovely husband to care for.

The youngest one is just 16 months old and she stays with me the whole day. I also do not like the idea of keeping children with nannies, sitters etc. So, a lot of exercise is not for me. Apart from the usual home chores, I take the youngest in the push chair and have a 20 minute walk around the block.

I love walking anyway and when time permits, I love to walk longer. But that is not a part of my weight loss program. What I mean to say is reasonable exercise like 20 minutes is all that will take care of the system.

Can You Drink Alcohol & Still Lose Weight With The System?

I personally do not drink alcohol at all. Dr Livingston, the author of the program, does not recommend it. Zero is the best.

As Dr. Charles Livingston states in the book:

“Alcohol actually suppresses fat burning. When you drink alcohol, your liver has to detoxify it immediately. This takes priority over carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Since fat is the hardest to metabolize and break down, it gets pushed down the chain.”

What is The Fat Loss Factor Master Cleanse About?

lemon and limeI know it sounds like something scary? Trust me it is not! Although the master cleanse in the program is totally optional, I enjoyed this part a lot. It is amazing in many ways.

First, it is not only helpful in melting the hard fat around belly and thighs, it has so many health benefits too. It detoxifies the liver and the digestive system which gets you rid of so many diseases. I had some minor symptoms of other illnesses and they disappeared amazingly after the master cleanse.

Secondly, When you look into the mirror during the cleanse days, you find yourself a lot slimmer and this keeps you motivated.

Thirdly, it really prepares your body for the right functioning. It improves your health a lot and you feel more energized afterwards.

Lastly, as I said earlier it is completely optional. I love it so much that I have incorporated now every month in my life style. I just do it for three days. I know some people even extend for 7 to 10 days!

Here is what Dr Livingston says about the Master Cleanse. Let me quote his own words.

“First we do a cleanse that lasts three to ten days (this step is optional and for advanced users).”

“When functioning correctly, the liver breaks down and assists in burning fat for the body. That is, when working correctly, it will keep us slim. Toxins, on the other hand, get stored in fatty tissue and block the actions of fat-burning enzymes, hormones and nutrients.”

“Therefore, not only do toxins cause the liver to become fatty, but they are also stored within the liver with the fat. The problem with this is obvious. The liver is the primary organ that eliminates toxins. If it is overburdened due to fatty contents, it must work harder to carry out its day-to-day responsibilities.”

“Thus a gentle cleanse is super effective in removing the body of toxins and allowing the normal processes of the liver to clear and burn fat.”

What is the Raw Foods Phase About? Is That Part of the Program Enjoyable?

Raw saladsI am cooked meat lover. Thinking of eating raw veg and fruit was something impossible for me! I would even shriek at the idea of sticking to such “horrible” meal. How can one eat them when they are far from being delicious?

But that is all an attitude! The Raw food phase is really enjoyable and the way your dress it will make them a lot more delicious. Once you reprogram your mind, you will love eating healthy and yet enjoy your food to max at the same time. Let me quote Dr Livingston here.

“Why Raw Foods?”

“The Raw Foods Diet consists of one to two weeks of RAW food, primarily alkaline. Our body is designed to stay alkaline, which means the blood needs to be less acidic, and the body will try to keep its alkalinity.”

“When we consume acidic foods and drinks, stop exercising, and have negative emotions, our body is overrun with acids. This causes major dysfunctions and leads to obesity and a host of other illnesses.”

“When the body is acidic, it also holds onto fat. When the liver is sluggish, these acids and toxins are shuttled to fat cells, where they are stored. (Can you see why it would be hard to get rid of this stubborn fat?)”

“Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are all chock full of nutrients. What specifically sets them apart is the fact that they have live enzymes in them that naturally heal and repair the body. When you cook food, you start to kill off the nutrition and the enzymes.”

“This is where the term ‘enriched”’ comes in. Whenever you see that word on a food label, it means that they’ve taken the nutrition out of the food and then put it back in, hence they have “enriched” it.

“So what makes a food acid or alkaline? Well If a food is high in alkaline minerals including magnesium, potassium, calcium or sodium, it is likely to be alkaline to the body.”

“BUT – regardless of its alkaline mineral content, if any of the following are true, then it will be acidifying: Contains sugar, contains yeast, is fermented (like soy sauce), contains fungi (like mushrooms), and is refined, microwaved, or processed.”

 I love Meat, Can You Eat Lots of Meat with the System?

Raw meatAs mentioned above, I am also a meat lover. I love chops, karahi, chicken and fish. Dr Livingston says about eating meat.

Here is what Dr. Livingston has to say about meat:

“Proteins are basic components needed to build strong muscles, ligaments, and bone. They are the second most abundant substance next to water and are used by the body to heal, repair, and grow”

“Animal meat is the best source of protein because it contains the complete line of amino acids as well as Vitamin B-12.”

“Protein consumption does not change your blood sugar levels. Good protein sources are: Free-Range Organic Chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna, and red meats such as buffalo, beef and deer (lean, hormone-free, grass-fed).”

But don’t get too excited – stay away from the bad proteins:

“Bad protein sources are: lunch meat, hot dogs, store-bought chicken, turkey beef, farm-raised salmon and tuna. All of these are grain fed, (too many omega 6 fats that we ingest and that turn into saturated fats in our body), full of growth hormone and antibiotics. They are very unhealthy animals due to the way they are raised.”

Is the Fat Loss Factor a Scam? How Does it Work?

The inchesAs for the scam, some people, the skeptical who never tried the program, call it a scam. I am talking from personal experience. I have read the program, followed it and got results.

Simple, it works.

The program is not a short term success. It is aimed at life time weight and fat loss. You not only lose weight and get into perfect shape, you learn how to lead a healthier, smarter and happier life.

The program does not contain any bombardment of expensive supplements or pills. It is simple to the core. It is practical. It is all sense.

I ignored all the comments of the people who did not use it. I took action. I grew slimmer, healthier and happier.

The Fat Loss Factor is not a program that will cost your hundreds of pounds on pills which may not work and are even harmful. This program really changed my life. I know how to stay healthier, smarter, slimmer and even happier.

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