How To Keep Your Beard Clean of Food During Eating

how to keep the beard cleanWhen you have a beard there are certainly things that you have to think about that would never cross the minds of others. You have to consider a good cleaning and hygiene regimen for your beard as you would for anything else. You need to consider what will help you to look your best, and also ensure that the beard remains as clean and well kept as possible. Though it may sound like an easy task, the reality of the situation is that if you aren’t careful then you may very well end up with a dirty beard. This is never more true than after a big meal, particularly one that has the potential to be messy.

The reality is that even the simple act of eating can cause you to have to think through your approach. If you are a very tidy eater then this more than likely isn’t a problem, but even then there are some foods that are just more messy than others. You have to be mindful of the fact that sometimes food particles are left behind, much in the same way that you might expect in your teeth. Except in this case you may find that the beard makes for a much more visible target for which the food may gather, and so cleaning it out is so very important.

A beard can be a wonderful way to accent your face, and so the last thing you want is for it to be dirty and full of crumbs. It’s not enough to just wipe your mouth gently with the back of your hand when you have a beard, and so thinking through your best methods will prove to be important. There are some wonderful ways to keep your beard clean and looking great even after a big meal, and it’s time to focus on those and use the once and for all.

Try to gather the hair together and pull it back in a way

Soften your beard with All Natural Beard Oil ConditionerIf you happen to have a longer and thicker beard then this may work out well for you. It’s a matter of gathering the hair of the beard as well as you can and then putting it into a hair tie. It may not be ideal or look that elegant at the time, but it’s a surefire way to keep the food out of your beard. This of course depends upon the type of beard you have and how much hair you actually have to pull back. If you have a beard that is conducive to this, then it’s a worthwhile method to try if you are in need of some clean ways of eating.

Use your napkin throughout the meal

It sounds silly and rather obvious but far too many men don’t do this as they are eating. As you eat, particularly if it’s a really messy meal, then by all means use your napkin throughout. Wipe it down, keep the food away from your mouth, and wipe your mouth often as you would if you were eating something messy. Yes it’s simple and sure it’s easy but if you are struggling with the food particles being left behind, then this is a great way to get the cleanest beard no matter what foods you might eat.

Try wiping it down with a washcloth or even baby wipes at the end of the meal

When all else fails then really give the beard a good wipe down after your meal is over. This will become an important part of your regimen and really ensure that no food particles are left behind. The napkin during the meal helps, but if you can keep a damp wash cloth nearby or even turn to baby wipes then these will help you in the long run. These will help your beard to look great, shine, and remain free of any of those horrible food particles that can mess it up. Try it and see for yourself just how well this works!

Brush it out and wipe it down if necessary post meal to ensure there are no food particles left behind

Sometimes the food can hide on you, particularly the small food particles. When you brush out the beard and give it a good wipe down then this is one good final measure. You may not need to do this after every single meal, but it serves as a great basis for ensuring that you get rid of any food that you may worry about after a big and messy meal. It’s good to be proactive and a nice beard can always benefit from a good brushing, particularly after a meal when the food particles are nearly everywhere.

Use a nice oil to help smooth it out after you eat just in case

There may be times where food gets into the beard no matter how hard you try. You need to get into the habit of cleaning the beard properly and a big part of that is using a nice oil or related product. One that works quite well is H-Beard by It’s a natural healing oil that you can rub onto the beard directly, and it works great after eating. It can keep the crumbs out, smooth out the area, and ensure that any food particles that may have gotten in are moved away. This is a great way to nurture the beard, keep it clean and smooth, and ensure that it always looks its best no matter what type of meal you have taken on.

Beards are a great way to frame the face and help you to look your best. They are a wonderful masculine accessory but it’s important to try to keep them clean, and now you know how. The time when most men get their beards dirty is during eating, so if you can keep these tips in mind then you can surely be your best. If you want to maintain that sexy beard then keep it clean and free of any food particles, and you will be just fine and look amazing!
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