How To Grow a Long Thick Beard

All Natural Beard OilMany people used to believe that a beard was a thing of the past. Though beard used to be all the rage, they sort of went away for awhile and they become passé for a bit. That has all changed! The beard is back and it’s alive and well, and so you see more and more men trying to grow their own and making it look its best. Though you might not realize it, there is a lot that goes into growing and even caring for a beard, and that’s why you have to do your part to make it look good and continue to grow effectively.

We’ve all seen the beard that is sort of piece meal or that has a lot of gaping holes in it so that it appears to be lacking something. We’ve also seen the beards that are too bushy and therefore seem to take over the man’s face—neither of these scenarios are good and therefore the way that you take care of it will prove to be quite important. This is an extension of yourself and a part of your face and you want to make it look its best when you move forward with this true commitment. This is how people will see you and so you want to put thought into how to grow a long thick beard that actually looks good and complements your face.

It’s not as easy as you might thing, but it just requires some effort. If you want your beard to shine and help you to look even better, then you have to put some care into it. That’s not a lot to ask for before you know it you will have this as a part of your regimen and you won’t even have to think about it. This boils down to good hygiene, proper care, and doing your part to help this part of your face look its best. Here are some effective ways to grow a beard that looks good and to keep it looking that way.

Have the right tools on hand and use them

You can’t just get by with a razor if you are going for a full fledged beard, and that’s an important thing to remember. You need some trimmers and other such tools to help you in keeping it looking fresh and trimmed. You need some oils, shampoo, and even a conditioner. You may find that a good fine toothed comb can help you to brush it out each and every day and therefore works well this part of the skin. If you put the right thought into it and you have the right tools on hand then growing out that beard won’t be a problem, and helping it to shine and look its best will be easier than you might have ever realized.

Do trim the beard for this will help it to come in fuller

Many men think that if they want a long thick beard that they have to stop trimming it, but this is simply not the case. If you want it to come in thick and look good then you need to trim it from time to time. This will help to shape it and will also ensure that it doesn’t get too busy or thick in the wrong way. You may find that brushing it daily works and that trimming it every few days is ideal. You will get a feel for this as you move forward, but work with your hair type and how this beard frames your face and it will help you in the long run. Do know though that trimming it is key!

Shampoo it and keep it clean so it shines as it comes in

You would never go without shampooing your hair on top of your head, and your beard should be treated the same. You want to shampoo and even condition it to help it look its best. You may want to get a specialized type of shampoo or simply use what you have for your hair. Just know that when you go to shampoo your hair that you need to shampoo your beard too. This will help it to stay clean and looking shiny rather than getting overgrown and getting food particles stuck in it which really can happen.

Commit to it and help to nurture it as with anything else

There is no “half in” when it comes to growing a long thick beard, so don’t go in thinking that. It is absolutely essential to go in ready to take care of it and stick with it, even when it comes in strange or is itchy. You do take a little while to get used to it, but if you make the commitment and really learn to take care of it then it can come in looking better than ever. This is how to make the beard shine and ensure that it comes in long and thick, and stays that way too!

Use a good topical treatment to keep it looking good

Though there are a growing number of products out there that are sure to help your beard look its best, the reality is that you may find the help that you need through a natural treatment that’s easily accessible. One such product is H-Beard by If you’ve never heard of it, this is actually a healing natural oil that you can apply directly to the beard which helps it to shine and look its best.

Not only that but it can ensure that the hair and even the skin around this very sensitive area of the face is always treated and doesn’t get any irritation from the beard as it grows. This may take some getting used to but try using an oil like this directly on the beard a little it at a time and then build up your usage as you move forward. It will prove to be an easy but excellent part of your hygiene regimen.

You may have experience with growing a long thick beard or this may be new to you, but now you have all the best tips and tricks. It’s a lot of upkeep but if you learn to make this a part of your foundation then it will always help you with getting that lush beard that you’ve been dreaming of. So long as you take good care of your beard you will find that it helps to accentuate your face and ensure that you look your best with it, and that’s why we grow it in the first place so make it look fantastic.
All Natural Beard Oil

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