How to Get Ride of the Crazy Insane Female Vaginal Jock Itch

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Tinea cruris is a form of superficial fungal infection that mostly affects the groin area. It is, however, not limited to the groin area and can spread to other parts of the body such as vagina, buttocks, anus, thighs and the areas surround the genitals.

According to ZocDoc, it is more common in men than women. The common name for Tinea cruris is jock itch.

Some people swear by this natural Jock Itch Formula.

Jock itch natural formulaMale and female jock itch equally occurs most in areas where there is a lot of sweating. As groins are sweaty parts of the body, these are the favorite places for the fungal infection.

Female jock itch generally refers to vaginal itch that obviously happens to women. This condition is often confused with yeast infection and hence many women find it difficult to get it rightly diagnosed and treated.

Women who wear tight fitting clothes are more prone to the infection. It is important to wear loose garments to keep the areas dry. In case of female vaginal jock itch, women should wear cotton underwear under the loose garments.

Some people think that jock itch affects only athletes or weekend warriors. According to WebMD, the infection can affect sedentary people as likely as active people.

Women who are overweight have relatively higher risk of jock itch because of extra folds of the skin where heat and moist can build up.

Preventing Jock Itch in Women

The following preventative measures apply to both male and female jock itch sufferers, but women with vaginal jock itch may find it helpful.

Wash and Dry

After exercise or just after a sweating moment, wash the area with water and natural soap. After washing, use clean towels and gently tap the area to keep it dry. Alternatively, you can also a hair dryer for the purpose.

Frequently Change Your Undergarments

Washing and keeping it dry won’t work if you wear the same undergarments before washing. It is very important to change the underwear especially after every wash.

Use Cotton Under Wear

They are non-itchy and absorbs the sweat more than other materials.

Avoid Tight Fits

Tightfitting clothes rub against the skin making it more inflammatory. Wearing boxer shorts of cotton will keep the area ventilated and somewhat dry.

Use Natural Counter Cream

Jock itch can be self-treated at home by simply applying some over the counter cream or solution.

In case of mild jock itch, the above preventative measures might do the job. However, if you have moderate to severe infection, you may need to use some effective over the counter cream or even see your doctor.

The Homeopathic Treatment

Most homeopathic treatments contain only natural ingredients which are gentle on the skin and safer to use.

Homeopathic treatments also targets to kill the bacteria causing the itch and eliminate chances of recurring.

H-Jock Itch Homeopathic formula is a popular formula by Natural Healing Oils which contains only natural ingredients.

It works by targeting the infection and heal the condition naturally.

Past customers experience shows that the formula is high effective. The company also offers 90 days money back guarantee in case it does not work.

For more information on H-Jock itch formula visit its official site.

Jock itch is Contagious

The infection can grow to other parts of the body or even other people around you. It is, therefore, absolutely important not to share your personal items.

If you have any infection like athlete’s foot etc. make sure you control it so that it does no spread to other areas.


Tina Says:

The biggest problem I faced was the misdiagnosis of the female jock itch. I think it not happened with me but with most women. My doctor misdiagnosed it as yeast infection. After prescribing a few creams, it would not go. It was right over the vagina lips on both side.

The strangest thing that my doctor carried even a microscopic examination and still insisted that it was a yeast infection. After 7 days of horrible itching, I doubted it that it was a jock itch. I searched the internet for the possible treatments. The apple cider vinegar treatment did the trick and the soothing effect was immediate. However, it keep recurring and this hide seek continued for another 12 weeks!

When I saw the doctor last time, I insisted that it was possibly a female jock itch. He prescribed me clotrimazole and betamethasone. It is a lot better since then. I do not know if the jock itch formula mentioned above works or not. But I like natural treatments. I may buy it keep it just in case the horrible thing returns.

Kelly Says:

Yes, you are very right. when you have any vaginal itch, the doctor will immediately call it yeast infection.I had similar problem. The itch was right over the lips and hairy area of the vagina. It was crazy and insane amount of itching.I bought a homeopathic solution from a local store and it worked.The bottle does not say anything but it contains a crystal solution inside.Three applications a day worked and within a week everything looks ok.

Tresh Says:

If you are not covered by your insurance, it is expensive to get some of these creams. The best thing is to buy them online.

I have not tried the H-jock itch formula mentioned here. However, I have tried the other products by Natural Healing Oils and they are great. They work.

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