How to Get Rid of Turkey and Scraggy Neck without Surgery

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One of the signs of aging is the loosening of the skin in some parts of the body due to deterioration of skin elasticity. As it loosens, it sags, making the person look like having a neck similar to that of a turkey.  Some people get rid of the sagging skin in their neck through surgery. Neck surgery, just like any surgical procedures, have its risks and if you are unhealthy, you might be advised not to have neck lift or neck surgery.

Risks of Neck Surgery

There are risks that you have to face if you decide to get rid of your turtle neck through surgery.  You might have unsightly scars after the surgery. They result from cutting the excess skin and suturing it afterwards. In some people, sutures heal well and may not be visible but others may experience skin irritation.

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Another danger of having scraggy neck lift is that the procedure might not go well and you might need to undergo another surgery to fix the problem.  The hair in areas reached by the incision might not grow back. The wound caused by the incision might not heal right away, resulting to discomfort. In other cases, facial symmetry is destroyed, making the person look worse.  Bleeding while surgery is going on can have serious repercussions.  Discoloration of the skin on areas near the incision can also result. Hence, as much as possible, neck surgery should be avoided.

 Get Rid of Turkey Neck without Surgery

If you do not want to expose yourself to the danger of having surgery to remove the loose skin on your scraggy neck, you can opt for natural means to do it. Aside from being non-risky, natural treatment will save you a lot of money. Here are natural ways to get rid of turkey neck. Here are top 12 tips and tricks to get rid of scraggy neck.

12. Exercise your neck

homeopathic neck oilMake it a habit to stretch your neck every day. Stretching your neck can keep the skin taut. Do this every day so that you can prevent the skin from sagging. When standing up, put your chin up and when sitting down, always hold your head high. When sleeping, just use one pillow and lie flat to prevent the skin on your neck from hanging. Another way to exercise your neck is by sitting down on a chair with your back straight. Then lean your head backwards until you are looking up.  This will help make your neck skin taut.

11. Protect your skin from too much sunlight

You can wear turtleneck sweater so that your neck will be covered. Wearing a scarf is another way of protecting your neck. Apply skin moisturizer or lotion on your neck to keep it moisturized and smooth at all times.

10. Use a facial roller to massage your facial skin and neck

This improves blood flow on your face and skin and prevents puffing and wrinkling of your skin. Do this once a day every day for the best results.

9. Radio Frequency Energy to Tighten Skin

Radio Frequency energy is used to tighten skin on the face, neck, and other parts of the body.   Radio Frequency devices are used for the treatment which applies gentle heat on the area to be treated. The collagen under the skin layers tighten as a reaction to the heat. In addition, the treatment stimulates the production of more collagen, resulting to a tighter, younger looking skin.

8. Keep the neck on your skin clean and moisturized at all times

Clean the neck skin using a toner. When rubbing the skin, move upward to prevent skin from going down and loosening. Then apply moisturizing creams.

7. Eat healthy foods

One reason that the skin on the neck sags is because your body lacks protein. Include in your diet foods rich in protein such as milk, cottage cheese, beans, nuts, legumes and fish, which helps produce collagen and elastin, two components that keep the skin tight and young looking at all times. In addition, eat foods that are considered antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables.

6. Clean your face before going to bed. If you wear makeup during day time, be sure to remove it from your face before sleeping. Washing your face and neck and applying moisturizer will keep the skin firm and smooth at all times.

5. Always have the right amount of rest and sleep. You might have noticed how your facial skin look puffy after staying late at night. It is while you are asleep that the body produces hormones that can help your skin become firm and elastic.

4. Avoid taking hot baths or hot showers because they dehydrate the skin and make it wrinkle. Bathe in warm water using mild soap and shampoo with natural ingredients. This will keep your skin firm and elastic.

3. Avoid sweet or sugary foods because they can harm the collagen and elastin in your body. Once you have very low collagen and elastin, you will have wrinkled and sagging skin.

You can use home-made facial and neck masks from aloe vera and cucumber. They can have a tightening effect on the skin and remove wrinkles as well.

2. Lemon juice and cabbage leaf juice are good to use as toners and facial cleansers. , cucumber, cabbage leaves juice with honey. Massage the juice to your face and around the eyes as well as on the neck. Apply every night and after a few days of continuous use, you will see that your skin has become firm and smooth.

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You can prevent having that ugly-looking sagging skin by taking extra care of your skin. Surgery should be your last option. The most important thing to do is to take good care of your skin, exercise your face and neck regularly, eat a healthy diet, avoid too much exposure to sunlight, and have enough rest and sleep always. Do not wait for your skin to sag before taking action. Always remember that precaution is always better than cure.

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