How to Get Rid of the Embarrassing Skin Tags on Vagina at Home

The worst side effect of the tags on the skin is social embarrassment, especially when they appear on places like face, chin, eyelids and other obvious parts of the body. Some people do not care and live on their life without bothering what other say or feel about them. However, there are many people who are very sensitive to such issues and would like to find out a solution to this emotionally embarrassing problem.

The problem is even at worst when someone has a skin tag on places like vagina, around anus, buttocks, penis or somewhere around the private parts. Although, such parts obviously do not cause social embarrassment, they may highly affect relationship. It is either the partner who would not want to see the fleshy bit hanging off the vagina or  there may be a feeling of self-embarrassment.

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Apart from personal embarrassment and the likely effect on relationship, vagina skin tags are also itchy, swollen and even painful.

skin on the vaginal lipThe good news is that if is just a skin tag, it is not harmful whether is around vagina or any part of the body. The temporary itching or swelling may occur due to rubbing, washing or wiping of the vaginal area.

Again, being non-cancerous or harmless does not mean to live with the shame hanging around your private parts. There are ways and means that can get you rid of the situation.

One way to remove them is to consult a surgeon or a gynecologist. They will normally cut it using local anesthetics to reduce the pain. Although, you will not feel the pain during the procedure, but you may feel post-operative pain. You may also be prescribed anti-biotic to fight any infections. For the pain, you may be advised to take some pain killers like paracetamol or ibuprofen.

However, if you are shy and would feel  very embarrassing to be seen by a gynecologist for the procedure, you might consider alternative treatments such using a natural and herbal or a homeopathic solution.

Although, there are high chances that the inflammation or itching is just temporary because of the reasons described above, it is not always hundred percent the case. You must observe the tag regularly to make sure that it is not cancerous. If you have any of the following symptoms, it is best to see your doctor as soon as possible.

Sudden change of color
Change in size
Constant Pain

If you see that your skin tag on the vagina swells during menstruation, you do not need to worry as it happens because of the hormonal changes. They will return to normal once the menstrual period is over. As long as you do not see the above symptoms, there is nothing to worry about.

Some people may think skin tags on their vagina or penis as genital warts. They are not genital warts. Genital warts are contagious while skin tags are not. There is no connection between the two. Unfortunately, some doctors may be over cautious and wrongly identify these tags as genital warts. I am saying this from my own personal experience. I was seen by a doctor in the STDs department and prescribed a wart treatment which later on was confirmed to by only a small skin tag just on the lip of the vagina.

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