How to Get Rid of Embarrassing Vaginal Itching at Home

If you have ever suffered from it then you know firsthand just how difficult it can be—vaginal itching can be an embarrassing and very frustrating medical condition to live with. Though you may not necessarily be doing anything wrong to cause the problem, you do want to be aware of the conditions that can make it more likely to develop. The problem is that if you are blissfully unaware, you may very well be doing things that put you at greater risk and thus suffer from this time and time again.

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When vaginal itching becomes a chronic problem or even when it becomes completely unbearable you want to do something to try to help the problem on your own. The good news is that you may be able to get rid of embarrassing vaginal itching at home. Though this may not necessarily work for everyone, it’s well worth a try if you find yourself in this uncomfortable and even unbearable position.

Learn To Listen To Your Body and Figure Out What Works Best

VagiSoothe  The first thing to remember is that there are some things that you do or don’t do that may make you more prone to vaginal itching. Not only that but if you aren’t aware of it or try to take care of it quickly, then you may very well put yourself at greater risk moving forward. If you don’t work to solve the problem then you may put yourself at greater risk in the future. If you are somebody who happens to be more prone to this condition, then you want to know how to solve it and work through it whenever it may strike.

It is quite important to note though that just because you suffer from some vaginal itching doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a yeast infection. Far too many women try to treat for a yeast infection improperly and therefore use medication, products, and solutions that may not be necessary at all. You don’t to do this for after awhile it may make you immune to these solutions if you ever truly need them. If you’re in doubt then talk to your doctor to find out what’s going on and rule out a yeast infection. As you get used to these and you master the types of cures that work for you, then you may be able to help yourself at home when you get the first signs of vaginal itching.

This is great news for women who don’t want to rush into the doctor’s office every time they suffer from this. So apply what you learn here and know that you may find a cure that best works for you and then use this time and time again. The following are all home remedies that may help you to get rid of vaginal itching, all from the comfort of your own home which is of course ideal. Try one or a few to see what works for you, and then turn to them if the problem plagues you moving forward. Virtually every woman will suffer from this at some point in time or another, so see what your best bet is and then perfect the solution for your own needs if it strikes again.

 These Are Great Solutions To Try At Home

Some of these may work directly and some in a more indirect fashion, but the point is that they all offer some sort of natural help for vaginal itching. Try them out and see for yourself and they may be your new best aid in getting relief from vaginal itching once and for all.

Apple Cider Vinegar

  This can be a very potent substance but it can also work wonders. You may find that simply taking a tablespoon by mouth a couple of times per day does the trick. Some women however swear by the fact that mixing it with water can stop itching on contact. Do be sure to really water it down for the powerful part of apple cider vinegar can work well, even when mixed with water. If you go for the direct concentration then put the watered down mixture directly into the vagina for instant relief. Try it just before bedtime and then a couple of times per day as needed.

 Cold Compress

You may feel silly in doing this, but it may offer you all the help that you need. Depending on the actual cause or reason for the vaginal itching, you may find that it feels hot or burns. Try to apply a cold compress directly on the vaginal area and let it rest there for a couple of minutes. This may calm the itching and burning and therefore cause the problem to subside in a very natural and effective way.


Some women are brave and will apply a couple of garlic cloves directly to the vagina, but it does give off a smell. If you wish you can just chew up and swallow a few garlic cloves raw and get the same effect. Garlic has antibacterial and antiseptic properties and so it may easily cure the source of the vaginal itching within a few hours.


You may find that the vaginal itching comes about due to an imbalance within your system. You may need more “good bacteria” or you may simply need to neutralize the area. Eating yogurt helps as it is high in probiotics which is the type of bacteria that you really need. You may also wish to apply yogurt to the source of the vaginal itching and it may cool and comfort almost immediately upon impact.


Place a couple of basil leaves into some warm water and then drink. It has natural antibacterial properties that may soothe the itching and help to give you relief. You may not want to put it directly on the area, but consuming it will help enough. Always keep the area cool and comfortable and these remedies will offer the most help and ensure that vaginal itching is a thing of the past!

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