How to Get Rid of Embarrassing Skin Tags Around the Anus?

Rectal tag

Anal skin tags are no different from those around other parts of the body. However, sometimes people may mistakenly think them to be either piles (hemorrhoids) or warts. They are also known as rectal tags or skin , perianal tags around anus or anal area. Where do they grow exactly?

They may grow right on or around the outer part of rectum or just in the folds of buttocks. They, may even, grow over the buttocks due to the large sizes of buttocks because they easily fold and form creases.

Like tags on other parts of the body such as face, neck, underarms etcperineal or anal skin tags are normally harmless and may not pose any medical problem or risk.

However, it might be difficult to properly diagnose them yourselves and it should be a good idea to discuss it with your doctor, especially if you find a large number of them, or find them bleeding, irritating or inflammatory.

As long as they are not cancerous, there is nothing much to worry. According to, these are just benign growth of tissues and when they grow around anus, they are mistaken for hemorrhoids.

How to remove skin tags around anusPeople, especially those in relationship or married, would still not like to have them on hidden places like under arms, back, bottom, anus, groins and vigina etc. Some partners simply do not like to see them while others may feel embarrassed having them at such parts of the body.

Another reasons for their removal is difficulty maintaining proper hygiene. Sometimes, it is difficult to properly maintain proper hygiene around the area as some fecal debris stick to it.

Best thing is to always wash yourself with warm water after cleaning the area with a toilet paper and then wipe it off gently with a soft tissue paper.

Causes of Anal Skin Tags

If you suffer from chronic constipation, you may develop some anal tags caused from a fissure. The stool becomes hard during constipation so while relieving yourself, you may apply too much pressure. This may cause anal fissure, tear, or swelling.

Some sources also suggest that people who are overweight or obese may get them more often than people who have normal weight.

The reason is that in case of being overweight or obese the butts forms folds and creases. As a result the skin surfaces rub against each other and tags may appear on the area.

Some people may also get them during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. These may temporarily develop and may go away once the body returns to its normal state.

How to Remove Anal Skin Tags?

Just like other tags these can be removed by your doctor by using local surgery, freezing or burning. If you live in the US, these may not be covered by your health insurance and you may have to pay the dermatologist.

If you live in the UK, GPs may not remove them under NHS cover as it is classed cosmetic procedure unless you have some problem associated with which may affecting your general health. It is always best to check with your GPs for a possible covered solution.

It is not recommended to cut it yourself as some people suggest. First, the pain may be severe and you may find it difficult to bear it.

Secondly, it may bleed a lot.

Thirdly, it might get infected and create additional problems. Lastly, these fleshy bits around the anus comes in frequent contact with tissue paper (or water if you wash yourself) and do not heal properly.

Some people use medical tap for the treatment. Twist the tag as much as you can and then apply the tap over it so it stays twisted for a few days. It will turn black and fall down.

The twist cuts the blood supply and it withers away. This method is great for places like under the armpits, neck etc. but may not work very well for the area around the anus. One has to clean the area frequently using toilet tissues or water and hence the medical tap wont stay in place.

Home remedies or DIY methods are also an option. Care must be taken if the tags grow right inside the anal passage and no cream or any other solution should be applied unless you are completely sure that it is safe to do so. Those outside the rectum such as on the anal edges, or between the folds should be treated as normal.

Although, surgical and home remedies are good options, sometimes a simple ready made solution or cream can work wonder to get rid of the problem easily and safely.

Are there any over the counter creams available?

There are several over the counter creams available as skin tag removers. One must exercise care before selecting one. Some of them may contain harmful chemicals which adversely affect the skin. The best route is to go for cream which contains natural, organic and herbal ingredients.

H-Skin Tag Homeopathic formula works effectively and all the ingredients are natural with no harmful chemical.

This is the most embarrassing thing I ever had it in my life. Every time, we had some love, my partner would always talk about it. I was so sooooo sick of it. I hated it. I asked him to tie it with the dental floss for me. He would not do as he is so skeptical about health issues. Despite his insistence to see my doctor, I would hate it to show my bum to the doctor. I gave

a go. It worked! Perfect. It takes a bit longer. But the big thing is it is natural and safe. It is homeopathic and they say it has no side effects at all.


I had them exactly on that embarrassing part. I asked my partner to tie the dental floss around them. Once we tied them off, they started to turn grey, then black and then came off in a week time. This method is easy and can be done at home. This is not pain free though. The first three days I felt a lot of stinging and excruciating painful sensation.


The dental floss method is horrible. I tied a loop around it for a day but then untied it as I could not bear the pain. It was so swelling. I might try another method.


I know going to the doctor is embarrassing but it is important, you must make sure that it is just harmless tag and nothing else.


I had them and used derms to freeze them. It was not successful. Some of them died but came back. I tried


I tried castor oil and baking soda as suggested somewhere else and am still waiting for results. Mine are under the armpits. But to use them on private parts may be very difficult.


Over the counter creams are best options for perineal  skin tags. Make sure they are safe and contain natural ingredients. Yes, homeopathic is a better option. They are slow but work and are safer comparatively.



@Sarah, Did you find h-skin tag application easy? I mean what I understand is that it is a solution not a cream. How does it stick and how do you secure it to the area.



Hi Louise, I used it myself. You do not have to secure it. After application, it dries out quicky. So no band aids etc. to secure it.



Hi Maina, thanks for your reply and help. That is great. I am looking into it. 🙂



I had one just there. I asked my partner to tie a dental floss around it. It came off within four days. The burn and inflammation was not too sever.



The dental floss method works. There are, however, some downsides. If you have a few there, it is difficult to tie to bear the pain of all of them. If you tie it loose, it won’t come off, if you tie it too tight it may become very inflammatory.

Cutting is not a good route, too. It may be bleed a lot and then there is also a risk of infection. It also takes a lot of time for the wound to heal because you either wipe it or wash it after going to the toilet.

In my opinion the best options is over the counter medication. Sorry for the long comment.



@Louise. You just apply a few drops to a small piece of cotton and then apply the cotton to the skin tag. It is very simply and easy to use it. It also comes with an instructions booklet which explains how to use it.


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