How to Beat Facial Eczema Without Using Steroid Creams?

Facial eczema is no different from the dermatitis on other parts of the body. The biggest problem is that it on the most obviocure for eczema on faceus part. Face is the part of the body we take the maximum care of. It also represents our personality in many ways and is often the reflection of our inner selves.

Due to such emotional factors, facial eczema may bring social embarrassment.

Although, it may cause embarrassment, it is neither dangerous nor contagious. Then, there are ways that can help you control or prevent it by taking some simple measures.

The National Eczema Society also confirms that facial eczema can be distressing particularly because face is part of the body for all to see. Thus physical suffering like itching and appearance issues also add to the suffering. The Society further correctly states that if the condition lasts long, it can even affect confidence “and interfere significantly with daily life.”

How to Get Rid of Facial Eczema?

Face is a sensitive area. It is more exposed to external irritants. It is, therefore, very important to conduct a proper diagnosis of the condition. Following are some of the natural remedies that help reduce the flare ups and possibly eliminate facial eczema. Beware of creams that contain steroids unless absolutely advised by your doctor.

Consider Homeopathy

reat Eczema Symptoms Gently - Topical Homeopathic Eczema Remedy For All AgesDr Weil states that homeopathy therapies have been proved effective for many skin conditions and it is worth to explore these therapies for finding treatment of the eczema on face.

Homeopathic solutions do not contain steroids or harsh chemicals and are safe to use on sensitive skin. It is essential that you buy only well-known homeopathic products. These products are manufactured in the right combination and formula to make them effective. H-eczema homeopathic formula has been found to be very effective against all type of eczema.

Do Not Use What You Do Not Put into Your Mouth

Does it sound too crazy? No, I am sure it is not. This will save you from going crazy when you scratch skin. All soaps, bathing liquids, detergents containing harsh chemicals are the top enemies of a healthy skin. Replace them with products that are organic, herbal and natural.

Use Natural Moisturizers

Avoid moisturisers that contain ingredients which are harmful for the skin. Many so called beauty oils are harsh on the skin. Products which claim to have olive oil, coco butter and other natural moisturisers may actually be not effective. These products include ingredients which are highly processed and are void of the beneficial micronutrients. Instead use them in their natural form. You may also mix these oils at home to make your own perfect solution.

According to Mayo clinic, primrose oil, witch hazel extract and borage seed oil helps to keep the skin moisturized naturally.

Say No to Stress

Stress has been associated with some skin disorders including facial eczema. High stress levels cause increased production of oil and sweating. People with stressful lives have been observed to have more flare ups than those with relatively calmer life style.

Try some stress reducing techniques. Enough sleep, healthy eating, mild exercise and positive thinking are simple and easy ways to reduce your stress levels.

Understand Garbage in Garbage Out (GIGO)

This is a phrase used with reference to the computers. If you input an invalid data, the output will be invalid. Our body works under the same principles. The more junk food you shovel into your system, the worse health issues will result. Eating healthy and the right type of food is a great life style change. It is making prudent choices. Simply replace your junk with more fruit and vegetables. Eliminate sugar altogether, even in its natural form. Say no to processed and canned foods.

Dr Weil recommends to eliminate milk and milk related products because they irritate the immune system. He further aloe Vera gel, calendula lotion or cream help to eliminate the condition.

Eczema on face is common among all ages including adults, children, infants, babies and toddlers. It affects full face, cheeks, under eyes and around the mouth. If it is a part of the overall condition of dermatitis on the whole body, it may spread even to behind the ears and neck.

Types of Facial Eczema

According to the National Society for Eczema, there are five types of eczema that can affect face. Below is a brief description of each type.

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is the most common cause. Adults and children both can suffer from AD. It lasts for many years. Cheeks and foreheads are the most affected areas.

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

Like atopic dermatitis, it also affects children and adults. Scalp, inner eyebrows and creases at the sides of the nose are the most commonly affected areas. It is an allergic reaction of the skin towards a yeast. The yeast is found in the more greasy areas such as face and scalp.

In children, it most commonly affects the scalp which becomes itchy and flaky. This condition is sometimes called cradle crap.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis

This can be caused by external irritant when they come in contact with skin. Detergents, soaps and washing liquids are the main culprits causing contact dermatitis.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

It is caused when the face comes in direct contact with sensitizing chemicals such as:

  • Cosmetics
  • Airborne substances
  • Nail Varnish

Light Sensitive Dermatitis

Face is the most exposed area to sunlight. Some people develop high sensitivity to sunlight which cause an allergic reaction called photo allergy. In this case areas of the face which are shielded from the light are usually not affected. These include areas:




Sadye Says:

Processed foods, some dairy products and sugar are the No 1 enemies. Eliminate them and you will see results.

Try to use tea tree oil diluted with some other oils like olive or castor oils.

Vania Says:

Tea tree oil stinks. It has a horrible odor. It does not work. I tried it. If you use it on the affected area it gives you a horrible burning sensation.

I use homeopathic solutions.

Cecile Says:

I have been suffering from dermatitis for the last 10 years. It is all around my face, forehead, neck and even behind my ears. Tried and tested many creams and solutions. Some of them work but temporarily.

Did anybody use any of the homeopathic creams? Are they effective?

Seymour Says:

Homeopathic creams are a far better option. As mentioned in the article many well-known doctors, like Dr Weil, support it. I have a close friend who is a homeopath. He swears by the homeopathic formula. I have used a few products from his homeopathy store. My experience says some work some do not. It also depends on the product you buy. Try to use some reputable brands.

Tarra Says:

I read it in the Readers Digest that 75% people report that homeopathy works.

Zona Says:

The best cream that I buy myself are homeopathic. I use two online sites. They have some amazing products. They are all natural and work best.

Shawana Says:

This article mentions H-eczema, did anybody use that?

Zona Says:

Sorry forgot to mention the names of the websites. Here they are:

 Ella Says:

H-eczema formula is the best formula. I used it myself and it works great. It is not too expensive and one bottle lasts a lot longer. Also, they have a very great customer service and 24 hours online chat. They also offer 90 days money back guarantee.

Kendrick Says:

But where do you buy this bloody H-eczema?

 Deede Says:

You can buy it here.

Blake Says:

Oh, thanks for posting the link.

 Julieann Says:

It is good to use some natural or homeopathic product, but it is essential that you bring some life-style changes, especially with regard to diet. Find out the triggers. Maintain a food diary and detecting the culprit food is a great way to help you fight against the condition.

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