How To Avoid Frequent Urination At Night and Enjoy Sound Sleep

sound sleepIf you have ever had a restless night and run to the bathroom even a couple of nights then you know how frustrating this can be. The very nature of frequent urination can be hard enough to deal with during the day, but when you then capture it in a night time environment, it can be ten times worse. You might feel as if you will never get a good night of sleep again, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The reality is that there are some simple and effective ways to manage your frequent urination at night and make it a thing of the past.

You have to really learn to listen to your body here, for that’s an important factor in all of this. If you are struggling with this problem then you want to start to pay attention to your behaviors, your eating and drinking patterns, and therefore what tends to trigger the problem. If you are somebody who just goes about your day without any focus on what you may be doing to contribute to the problem, it’s time to change that for good. This is the time to take control of the problem, and in many cases it may mean changing your ways too.

Here we look at some of the best ways to avoid frequent urination at night. You don’t have to get up multiple times per night nor do you have to let urination run your life at all. This can be much easier than you think, but it may mean some serious lifestyle changes. If nothing else you will have a good awareness of the problem and learn to make it through without suffering with a challenging problem anymore, and that’s really what it’s all about.

Avoid drinking for a period of time before bed

bladder wellSure this may sound rather obvious, but you might be surprised at how many of us actually drink liquids up until bed time. It may be that you need to cut it off an hour before bed time, or it may ultimately be longer than that. The only way to know for sure is to test it out and listen to your body to see what works and what doesn’t. Many people who suffer from frequent urination find that cutting off all liquid consumption at least 1-3 hours before bedtime does the trick. Though this is an obvious step, be in control of it and test out what works best for YOU as an individual.

Go to the bathroom just before bed to try and minimize the need to run

Yes it’s another obvious one but that doesn’t mean that it’s something you can just ignore. Make a bathroom run part of your nightly routine, and perhaps even try to go a couple of times so that your bladder can fully release. Even if you don’t feel as though you have to go, recognize that urinating before bed is imperative to managing the need at night. Just make it part of the routine so that you don’t even have to think about it anymore, and then you will stay ahead of the problem and ensure that it no longer rules your life. That’s a true win win!

Know what foods or drinks to avoid well before bed time

For some this might come as a huge surprise, but there are certain foods or drinks that can make night time urination much more frequent. In some cases you may need to avoid these at all costs, and in other instances you may be able to just avoid them closer to bed time. Either way you have to at least be aware that there are problems that contribute to this problem and many of us are engaging in them without even realizing it.

Here are the foods and drinks that we so commonly consume which could be causing us to get up and urinate more times than we can count.


Yes you know that caffeine can make you urinate more frequently throughout the day. For some people though you may find that drinking any amount of caffeine during the day may contribute to night time urination and therefore it must be avoided at all costs.


This is the one that nobody wants to hear but the truth is that alcohol will almost always cause you to run to the bathroom. You may want to avoid it altogether or at the very least you need to limit it, particularly before bed time.

Citrus Fruits and Citrus Juices

They are great for you and they can contribute to better health, but they may also contribute to more frequent urination. They are loaded with water and that means that you are running to the bathroom which is of course counterintuitive to your problem.

Cranberry Juice

Taking this for bladder problems is natural, but it will almost always make you urinate more. If you are trying to manage your problem then this is something that you avoid for it will contribute to the problem.

Try not to take medications before bed to manage the problem

We know that diuretics are a problem, but taking certain medications earlier in the day may be essential. The problem is that so many of these have the side effect of urination or related problems, and so if you can try to take them earlier in the day whenever possible it may help. Avoiding diuretics at all costs is essential for they will make you urinate often by nature of how they work.

Take homeopathic remedies to help lessen your likelihood of going at night

There are some great products out there and by going for something more natural you can avoid all of the side effects that are often associated. One product that has great reviews and offers fantastic results is the BladderWell Pellets by Native Remedies. Though you can turn to over the counter or even prescribed medications, going for something like this that’s actually natural helps you to avoid the often troublesome side effects.

So if you are tired of running around in circles with the medications that don’t offer you help at night, try something natural or homeopathic like this and see how much it can help. When you don’t have the side effects such as frequent urination then you can make it through the night and actually get a good night of sleep in the process.

Frequent urination at night is something that so many of us deal with, but it doesn’t have to take over our life. If you’re tired of getting up to run to the bathroom then focus on these tips and tricks that can minimize your risks and ensure that you get control over the problem. Running to the bathroom multiple times a night isn’t normal and it doesn’t need to be in control of your life. Now you know how to work through this problem and ensure that it’s a thing of the past!

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