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change baby diapers

It is important to change the baby’s diaper several times a day because the accumulation of urine and the presence of bacteria in the stool can irritate the skin and cause rashes. Some materials like Baby Changing Mat is a part not only of diaper changes but in maintaining the hygiene of your baby, because accidents happen all the time when you have a baby at home.

The rule is to make the switch to each feeding, before or after it, depending on what works best for you, and whenever the baby has done poop.

Newborn babies poop several times a day and urinate once every one to three hours. It means that the diaper needs to be changed from 8 to 10  per day. Moisture does not bother most babies so do not expect it to cry every time you need a change. With a clean finger, feel the diaper moisture more or less every two hours.

If your child is of those who regurgitates enough, or you have gastroesophageal reflux, try not to change the diaper soon after feeding, because all movement can increase regurgitation.

In this case, use a good portion of diaper rash ointment and wait a while to change it, even if the baby poops.

Babies do poop several times a day, and pee hourly, or at intervals of no more than three hours. Not every child complains when it’s wet, so do not expect the baby to complain to exchange it.

Disposable diapers usually absorb moisture well, so it ‘s hard to assess whether they are full of pee or not. Try placing the (clean) finger inside the diaper more or less every two hours to see if it is not too wet. Or feel the diaper looks “full.”

What I need every diaper change?

Before you begin, wash your hands and see if you have provided everything you will need:

  •  A safe place to make the change, with a waterproof changing mat, easy to clean, or an extra Baby Changing Mat available for exchange in case of dirt.
  • A clean diaper
  • A bag or a trash can throw the dirty diaper
  • Cotton and warm water or baby wipes
  • Ointment against diaper rash
  • An exchange of clean clothes by hand in the case of the diaper have leaked, or happen some “accident” in the middle of the exchange
  • A toy to attract baby’s attention
  • If your child is a boy, a folded cloth diaper for use as a “shield” against any bathing pee in the range where his penis gets discovered.




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